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best nintendo ds console for pokemon

5 Best Nintendo DS Console For Pokémon

Imagine yourself enjoying all-time favorite Pokémon games on a retro console, but with modern handheld features. Such as a touchscreen, retro graphics, online connectivity, and even more. Wouldn’t that be great? If yes, then grab one of Nintendo’s revolutionary handheld DS consoles to play your all-time favorite Pokémon games.

The main unique element of the DS consoles was the Dual Screen. Which gave everyone an extended view of the game. All options were easy to reach – either with the stylus or finger tap.

But among all the best Nintendo DS consoles, which one is right for the Pokémon games? Let’s check that out in the section below.

Best Nintendo DS Console for Pokémon

Each DS line console has a unique style – in terms of its gaming experience. So here is the list of the Pokémon games with the best Nintendo DS consoles to play on:

1. Pokémon HeartGold – DS-Lite

The Pokémon HeartGold uses the same old formula of addictive adventure. That is, catch the Pokémons and defeat the 8 gym leaders. But surprisingly, the developers did not settle down for the less and added their unique ideas to this installment of the Pokémon series. 

The Pokewalker! The device that lets you take one of your Pokémon outside your DS console for a walk. As much as you walk, it adds to your Pokémon’s experience, leading to its speedy growth. But that’s not all! You can also use the device to capture other Pokémons (even the rare ones) or gain items such as potions.

Other than these features, this game has a dual-screen display with 3D structures and touchscreen controls. So it’s the classic Pokémon adventure to enjoy but with the added ideas by developers.

2. Pokémon Black – Nintendo DSi

Explore, discover, and catch Pokémon – this is what Pokémon Black and White are all about. But what will you do if you get the chance to catch the highest number of Pokémons? Being a Pokémon die-heart fan, you are obviously GONNA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

The mechanics of this game are almost the same as its core RPGs. However, the developers added some subtle features to this game to make it the DSi-enhanced version. This means bright colors and much better touch precision. 

What’s more, it also lets you use the camera for in-game Xtransceiver communication with others. The high-performance connectivity helps you to detect and connect to the routers nearby easily. Although DS Lite doesn’t have a GBA slot. But its aesthetic and processor is much better than others in the Nintendo DS console family.

3. Pokémon Conquest – Nintendo DSi

With stellar graphics and fluid animation of Pokémon Conquest, it is a spin-off of the Japanese dynasty and Pokémon. It brings the tactics-style strategy Pokémon game. 

Unlike the main series, you have to conquer the 17 kingdoms with your Pokémon warrior. You can catch more Pokémons, but only a pair with a perfect link can reach their full potential as a warrior. So you’ll have to seriously consider which Pokémons to train for the final battles.

On top of that, each region has its own set of natural challenges and more than 100 dynasty warriors Pokémons to defeat.

Apart from creative in-game features, the Pokémon Conquest was released for the best Nintendo DS console with great animation. That’s why the Pokémon gamers look forward to this game even today.

4. Pokémon Platinum – Nintendo DS

At a glance, you might find Pokémon Platinum very much familiar to Pokémon Diamon and Pearl. But as the story unfolds, you’ll find this installment as an improved version of the predecessor.

This game has almost the same core mechanics since Pokémon doesn’t want to stray from its core RPG style. But it has an edge when it comes to the storyline that makes sense. Each character and the mystery of the legendary Pokémon (Giratina) has a deeper arc than the previous one.

As for the Pokémon collection, they have added the fire type and more areas to explore. The pace of the game has notably improved. And, you’ll get to play a lot of fun mini-games. While the multiplayer capabilities let you battle or trade Pokémons in the virtual amusement park, which is very appealing to all-time Pokémon gamers. Up to 4 players at once can compete in the battle.

5. Pokémon Ranger – Nintendo DS

Pokémon Rangers gives the different sides of the story of the main series. You’ll get to act as rangers rather than trainers running around to capture Pokémon. So, it follows the basic concept of being a ranger in the Pokémon world.

In the game, you’ll start off as the ranger character who is ready to go out and help the Pokémons. And yes, you’ll be catching Pokémons with the 360 aggressive rounds stylus during the game and get to keep five Pokémon at a time. But you are going to release your Pokémons in the wild to preserve the natural cycle throughout the Fiore region as your official mission.

In short, you’ll be helping the Pokémon world to preserve rather than running around catching ‘em all. You can say this game is pretty much for mature gamers who understand the concept of wildlife preservation.

We’ve Got All the Best Nintendo DS Consoles With Pokémon Games!

Pokémon games, being the flagship of the Nintendo consoles, were redesigned for the DS consoles. The DS Original and DS Lite, with their additional GBA slot, allow you to play all GBA Pokémon games. So if you want to play GBA and DS Pokémon games, you can buy either DS Original or DS Lite. 

We have Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Black/White Version 2, Pokémon HeartGold Version, and Pokémon HeartGold Version under a single package with the DS Lite console. Plus, other popular game collections all together at cheaper rates but with good quality conditions. 

With the DS Original console, you can get Pokémon Diamond and other popular games. This includes New Super Mario Bros, Pokémon Diamond, Super Mario 64 DS, and Mario Kart DS. You’ll also get varieties of other games such as Animal Crossing Wild World and Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends. All games are available in a single combo package for just under $80.

But if you are interested in high processing systems, you’ll have to let go of the GBA cartridges slot and rely on the digital GBA games. You can go for the DSi console with Pokémon Diamond and grab other popular games too.

Get Nintendo DS Pokémon Games From Retro vGames

Already have a DS console? Just looking for Pokémon games to play? Then you can purchase the Nintendo DS Pokémon Super Combo having all-time popular Pokémon games only – all of them for just under $100.

This collection will definitely keep you entertained for a long time. Because each of the Pokémon games is based on different regions and has unique Pokémons to catch. Plus, they have great storylines with popular and all-time favorite characters. So, you’ll have to grab the best Nintendo DS console and take the challenge of CATCH ‘EM ALL in every series of Pokémon games released ever.

But if you are interested in high processing systems, then you’ll have to let go of the GBA cartridges slot and rely on the digital GBA games. You can go for the DSi console with Pokémon Diamond and grab other popular games too.

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FAQs — Best Nintendo DS Console for Pokémon

Reading through this article, you might want to ask some questions? So we have rounded up some of the FAQs about the best Nintendo DS console for Pokémon here:

Which Pokémon game has the most catchable Pokémon?

The fifth generation of the Pokémon series, White/Black and White/Black 2, has 156 new Pokémons. While the Pokedex allows you to trade or obtain Pokémons from other trainers. This game has made the record of having the highest capable Pokémons – up till now (January 2022).

Do they still make Pokémon DS games?

Nintendo has discontinued the support for all-time best DS consoles. But if you want to play Pokémon games on the DS console, then you can find them here.

Why are DS Pokémon games so expensive?

Besides Pokémon’s enormous fanbase, the surge of at-home entertainment increased the demand for retro games. Because they have high replay value and quality storylines. But they are officially discontinued by the Nintendo company and are decades old. So, their value has peaked in the market to control demand and supply. But you can find refurbished versions on retro online stores.

Can you play GBA and DS Pokémon games on DSi?

The DSi has the same slot as the DS console, so it supports all DS games. However, the DSi has removed the GBA game slot. So you can not play GBA cartridge-based games. But you can still play GBA games by digitally downloading them from the DSiWare Shop on your DSi console.

To Sum Up

The whole Nintendo DS family is loaded with well and up-to-date functionalities. The design is simple to use and enhances the gaming experience – it meets the expectation of the gamers of today. The dual display, bottom touchscreen, internet connectivity, and even more. Plus, the multiplayer option made it possible to play every game with friends and family.

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