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Which Nintendo DS To Buy

Can’t Decide Which Nintendo DS To Buy? Let Us Help

Even after all these years, the Nintendo DS is still as charming and popular among gamers, as it was when it was first rolled out back in 2004. This handheld gaming machine is quite versatile and comes in several models to meet the different needs of all kinds of gamers.  However, with so many different […]

why was nintendo ds discontinued

Why Was Nintendo DS Discontinued?

Even after so many years, Nintendo consoles are still dominating the retro gaming market. This is due to the risk they take by being innovative and proactively planning ahead of time.  The first-ever revelation of the DS’s console at a conference, they faced a lot of criticism. But their hard work did not go in […]

best nintendo ds games

5 Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Looking for the best games to play on the Nintendo DS console? Then let’s look into our top picks for this second top-seller handheld. Back in 2004, Nintendo set the standards for today’s handheld gaming systems. And adopting their famous and iconic games for this modern design console worked like a charm with the public. […]

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