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Nintendo DS Errors To Fix

6 Common Nintendo DS Console Errors To Fix

Are you worried about the possible errors that could pop up on your Nintendo DS console? Then, check out our guide of common errors and their fixes here.

Being an all-time gamer, you might already know that gaming consoles could have potential errors over time. Because they are vintage and rare in the market. So you can expect common errors to pop up. 

But worry not! As you can fix them on your own by following a few easy steps. And enjoy retro gaming for a long time on your DS console. 

So in this article, we’ll talk about Nintendo DS’s common errors for:

  • Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Reading the SD card
  • Finding the access point
  • Reading DS Tiles
  • Loading games
  • Loading software

Let’s look into this guide to fix the common errors of your Nintendo DS console now.

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6 Common Nintendo DS Console Errors And How To Fix Them

This guide lets you fix non-technician and common errors of the Nintendo DS console all by yourself in just a few minutes. So, here are the steps that you need to do to fix each of these errors:

1. Nintendo DS Is Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi

Slow internet connection affects the experience of Nintendo DS, and one wants to fix it as soon as possible. So let us first see quick fixes to connect Nintendo to Wi-Fi:

  • Get closer to the Wi-Fi to get good signals.
  • Ensure that you are not connecting to a restricted internet. 
  • If all fails, then go for the reset settings and enter the Wi-Fi information. 

However, if the problem persists, then you’ll have to go for the following fixes:

Fix 01: Setting Up The Internet

The first method is to set the internet settings and check its compatibility:

  • Make sure that your network has a 2.4GHz frequency and 802.11b/g modes.
  • Go to the settings and check you have entered the correct security keys. 
  • Keep the network name short and avoid using special characters. Because at times, having a long network name can also hinder Wi-Fi connection. 

Fix 02: Setup DNS Settings

The second fix is for the router’s DNS settings: 

  • Select Internet Settings > Connection Settings from the HOME menu > System Settings.
  • Choose the connection file now, then click to Change Settings > DNS.
  • For the Auto-Obtain DNS option, select No > go to Detailed Setup.
  • Delete the old Primary DNS settings, then type into the address bar, choose OK, and return to the DNS panel.
  • Enter in the ‘Secondary DNS’ field, then select OK > Save > OK > Test.

Fix 03: Upgrade the Modem and Firewall

Install the most recent firmware upgrades on your modem/router, and keep the default settings. You should also consider upgrading the modem to ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection.

2. Nintendo DS Is Unable To Read The SD Card

One of the following can make Nintendo unable to read the inserted SD card. So, to resolve this error, you’ll have to:

  • Check that you have turned off the system, then remove the SD Card to check whether the card is compatible. Also, see if the SD Card is locked. Then, insert the SD card and turn on the system.
  • If the system displays the error message indicating that the SD card is full, then delete the unnecessary files to free some memory.

But sometimes, the issues with the SD card in the Nintendo is because of the poor way of inserting the SD cards. So, be sure to properly handle the DS card when putting it in the DS console.

3. Nintendo DS Is Unable To Find The Access Point

Usually, Nintendo DS may not find access points if the power cable is loosely connected or there is any change in the setting of SSID. However, you can easily resolve this issue by trying the explained fixes one by one: 

Fix 01: Power Cycle

You’ll have to check the power cables and ensure that they circulate the electricity evenly and are properly connected.

  • Unplug both the modem and power cables of the wireless router.
  • Reconnect the power cable to your modem after 30 seconds and wait for the lights to remain steady.
  • Reconnect the power cable and wait for the router lights to get stable.

This can also help to keep the connected devices safe from power fluctuations or their overflow. That can damage the device or even burn all of its circuits due to bad/irregular supply of energy.

Fix 02: Manually Setup the SSID

Manually entering your network’s SSID and password may allow the console to correctly locate and connect to your wireless Internet connection. You can visit the detailed setup here.

However, you can check for wireless interference. As it can also cause weak signal strength and prevent the system from locating your wireless router or access point.

4. Nintendo DS Is Unable To Read DS Titles

There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to read games from its DS slot. Some of the errors along with the fixes are:

  • The DS may be dirty. In this case, you’ll have to blow air in the DS title slot to clean it. This may help the console to read the DS titles.
  • The pins in the DS console may have lost their springiness with time and are unable to connect. Insert a sheet of paper behind the cartridge – it should be opposite the side with the pins when inserting. This might help to connect the cartridge pin with the console pin. However, it may make it difficult to remove the cartridge.

At worst, the cartridge could be faulty. Or, your DS could be broken and incapable of reading cartridges anymore. In both cases, you’ll have to purchase a new one.

5. Nintendo DS Is Not Loading Games

The error of not loading games on the Nintendo DS console may occur due to dirt in the pins. Or it could be some other problem with the pins themselves. 

Some of the best ways to keep the pin in good conditions are:

  • Again and again, you should attempt to insert and remove a game title multiple times in a row. It helps to keep the pins clean and tidy.
  • If the first one does not work, you can get it tip-in alcohol and rub it on the pins of the faulty tiles. After it, insert and remove them many times.
  • Another reason could be the bent or pushed-down pins that need to be straightened-up. Take a bright light and something sharp like a dental pick. Then, use the light for viewing the game slot’s pins and raise the moving metal piece using the dental pick.

So, you must clean the pins from time to time to ensure proper connectivity of the titles with the DS console.

6. Nintendo DS Can’t Load The Software

This error often shows up due to improper close of software. You can resolve it with any of the given quick methods below:

  • Hold down the POWER button for three seconds, select Power Options, then Restart your console.
  • Check to see if your console has the most recent system update.
  • Examine the malfunctioning software for any available upgrades.
  • For malfunctioning software, look for any corrupt data.
  • Delete and reinstall the offending software.

After performing these steps, your DS console will definitely be able to load the software.

FAQs About Fixing Common Errors Of Nintendo DS Console

Got some questions in your mind? Let’s look below, maybe, you’ll find the answer that you are looking for:

Why does my Nintendo keep saying error?

Make sure that you have updated software for your DS console. If they are not the latest version, then resolve it by checking for available updates and installing them on your console. Or you can completely remove that software and reinstall it again.

Can Nintendo DS be repaired?

If the casing of your Nintendo DS system has cracked, then you have to replace it by yourself or some third party. Because now Nintendo no longer offers repairs for the Nintendo DS console. So, you’ll have to buy refurbished systems at lower prices in the market.
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Why can my DS console not find an access point?

You might need to enter your SSID or password of the network manually. It will let your console detect the required connection correctly and connect to it using its Wi-Fi connection. But you’ll have to ensure strong signals as it will help your access point or wireless router easily.

Why does my DS say there is no DS card inserted?

If your DS indicates that you did not insert a card, it can be due to your defective cartridge. On the other hand, your DS system may be damaged. Either way, you’ll have to look for new pieces to buy from online retro stores.

And Lastly…

The retro consoles are old and rare. So, it would be difficult for you to find another DS console in the market. And also, they can not be repaired by their company. 

So, you’ll have to either fix it by yourself for minor errors or use a third party for the casing repairs to enjoy the nostalgia games on your DS consoles to their fullest!

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