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will nintendo ds go up in value

Expert Opinion: Will Nintendo DS Go Up In Value?

Since the pandemic, the Nintendo DS value has seen a sudden surge. People have been trying to feel comforted by the nostalgic vibes of retro gaming during these uncertain times. But is this value surge a one-time thing, or will it keep going up?

In this article, we will discuss:

  • if Nintendo DS games go up in value,
  • when to sell Nintendo DS,
  • and lastly, we’ll answer some FAQs.

So, let’s dig in.

Will Nintendo DS Go Up In Value?

Nintendo DS was released in 2004, and it is considered the best-selling handheld and the second best-selling console of all time. As of 2014, this highly played handheld gaming console has been officially discontinued by Nintendo. It means the ~154 million-selling console is no longer mass-produced.

During the pandemic, when the entire world was isolated and locked away in their homes, the lonely individuals found solace in video gaming – especially retro gaming. Verizon recorded a 75% increase in video gaming, and Twitch recorded a 57% increase in activity within the first four weeks of lockdown. While the new gaming platforms attracted traction, retro games did not fall back. For instance, Nintendo also gathered about 41% increased profits with its Animal Crossing.

With that said, a question arises: will Nintendo DS games go up in value? There is no one objective answer as several factors (known and unknown at the moment) may contribute to the Nintendo DS rise or fall.

Let’s see what these factors may be.

Why Does a Game’s Price Increase?

Usually, any retro game goes up in value for three reasons:

  • Collectors Value
  • Rarity
  • Nostalgic Attachments

As far as Nintendo DS is concerned, it does not have any collector value for the time being since it was discontinued not that long ago. We can easily find these handheld consoles from several online stores, such as Retro vGames, at reasonable rates. So, collectors don’t usually collect these (yet).

Nintendo DS is also not a rare video game as they were produced in abundance. So, it means they are easily found over the internet and local video game stores for reasonable prices. However, some of their games are hard to find, making them a rarity and raising their prices.

When it comes to nostalgic attachments, it can be a factor for raising Nintendo DS’s value in the coming future but not right now.

Why Are Nintendo DS Games So Expensive Now?

The primary reason for the rising prices of Nintendo DS games is the shortage of brand new DS consoles in the market. Since they are becoming limited due to a lack of mass production, their prices are skyrocketing on online marketplaces.

Besides scarcity, another factor contributing to higher costs of Nintendo DS games is a higher demand among retro games collectors. Although Nintendo DS is not considered a collectors console yet, it may become one in the coming times.

In recent times, another factor for crazy high prices for Nintendo devices is the pandemic. People enjoyed connecting to other players and their friends over a familiar pastime. As a result, the Nintendo DS value saw a significant spike.

Most Expensive Nintendo DS Games

While the console may not be a rarity yet, some Nintendo DS games are rare and sold at high prices. Some of the most expensive and rarest Nintendo DS games are:

  • Shepherd’s Crossing 2
  • Solatorobo: Red The Hunter
  • Jewel Time Deluxe
  • Pokémon HeartGold [With Pokéwalker]
  • Pokémon SoulSilver [With Pokéwalker]
  • Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation
  • Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ
  • Commando: Steel Disaster
  • Mega Man Star Force 3: Red Joker
  • Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

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How Much is a Nintendo DS Worth in 2022?

The Nintendo DS console made a comeback in 2020 amid the Corona outbreak. The early days of Covid saw high rates for these old-school games, but typically, they are sold anywhere between $14 and $250.

In recent times, Nintendo DS games are getting expensive due to scarcity. You can get a Nintendo DS Original Console at a reasonable price here.

Will Nintendo DS Increase in Value in 10 years?

The world is advancing rapidly, and there is no sure way to predict the future of retro games among other things. Moreover, the times are very uncertain due to the pandemic, so who knows where Nintendo DS will be in 10 years.

But we cannot say that Nintendo DS value will never increase because we live in a world where our old Disney VHS tapes could be worth more than $9,000. So, fingers crossed!

Given the current trends, the video gaming culture will keep progressing, especially with the emergence of futuristic concepts, like metaverse. It provides an excellent solution for isolated days. However, the retro gamers may surprise us by making Nintendo DS popular in the coming days by drawing on the mutual feelings of nostalgia and familiarity.

Is it the Right Time to Sell Your Nintendo DS?

So, that leads us to another important question of when to sell Nintendo DS?

Well, there is no sure way to answer whether Nintendo DS prices will go up or not. But if you want to sell your old Nintendo DS console, you can sell us your games at Retro vGames.

FAQs – Nintendo DS Value

If you’re still wondering whether Nintendo DS prices will rise or fall, read the FAQs and find what you’re looking for.

How much is an original Nintendo DS worth?

Although the introductory price of the Nintendo DS was $149.99, it can be found at varying prices online. Nowadays, most online sellers sell it at relatively high prices due to increased demand and lack of production. While most retro gamers spend lavishly on this hobby, some reliable websites, like Retro vGames are selling Nintendo DS at half its original price. 

Is the Nintendo DS rare?

Nintendo DS cannot be considered a rarity yet, because old consoles are easily available online and in-stores. However, some Nintendo DS editions and games that were produced in a limited quantity are considered rare. These editions and games are sold at relatively higher prices than commonly found consoles and games.

Is the Nintendo DS still worth it?

Retro gamers and collectors look for old-school and retro games to add to their collections. During the pandemic, when these retro gaming devices became popular once again, the prices of Nintendo DS skyrocketed. So, besides feeding your nostalgia, such retro gaming devices can also be a valuable monetary asset.

Is the Nintendo DS worth buying in 2022?

Although retro Nintendo games cost too much, they can also be a valuable asset. Retro gaming devices are rare; therefore, highly valuable for collectors. So, Nintendo DS can be a worthwhile purchase in 2022 as it offers the pleasure of retro gaming along with an opportunity to make money by selling it to collectors.


Retro games are a really enjoyable way of connecting with friends and family. These games, including Nintendo DS, have been a significant part of thousands of people’s lives. Due to this, they are still relevant and can be found easily.

During the Corona Virus outbreak, retro games and consoles saw a record increase in their purchase. It was mainly due to the fact that most people were stuck at home and wanted to feel connected in uncertain times. However, there can be no 100% guarantee about Nintendo DS value rising in the coming years. Although it has its nostalgic elements, it cannot be the only factor for making it a collector’s item just yet.

However, nobody knows what the future of retro gaming holds. So, you might want to keep holding on to your Nintendo DS console. Who knows, in 20 or 30 years, it may be sold for thousands of dollars. But in case you are running out of attic space, you can easily sell it online and earn a good amount even today.

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