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Nintendo DS worth

Are Nintendo DS Games Worth Anything?

If you’re thinking about selling the unneeded Nintendo DS games taking your shelf space, then you’ll be needing this guide. Sure, Nintendo DS games are worth something. But how exactly should you price your games before selling them? Let us help you out here.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the value of Nintendo DS games. Be sure to leave your questions in the comments below so that we can answer them later. Let’s begin.

Demand For Nintendo DS Games Is Up Again

You might be surprised to know that the demand for Nintendo games is still up, especially for the Nintendo DS. Even after over one and a half-decade of being there, the games are still high in demand and so is their price.

Nostalgic Factor

One of the biggest reasons for the demand for Nintendo DS games being up is the nostalgic factor. Nintendo DS was launched when the Gen Z kids were at the peak of their childhood. It got popular so some got it immediately. Some got it for their Birthday present, Christmas present, or for other occasions. Interestingly it was not only the first console for most kids. 

Nintendo DS also was the console that most kids grew up with. So, the Nintendo DS works as nostalgic comfort food for such people and it is one of the reasons for the ever-increasing demand. If you are confused that are old Nintendo ds games worth anything then you should consider the nostalgic factor. You will yourself realize the worth these games hold. Read more interesting facts about 


The Coronavirus Pandemic and Lockdown acted as the cherry on the top of the cake for the gamers. People were bound to stay in their homes. There was a surplus of energy, money, and most importantly time. As there was not a lot to do to spend time, people started getting back to their childhood memories. This gave a sudden hike to the demand for these Nintendo DS games. 

With everyone sharing their experience on social media platforms things got even better. There were some individuals who lost their consoles or sold them. This group was all in to get their hands on Nintendo DS. That group of people was searching eagerly for how much is an original Nintendo ds worth. 

If you are also interested in buying the Nintendo DS console, Nintendo DS Games, or looking to know how much an original Nintendo DS is worth then you need to find out all the information.

Collection For Future

Are old Nintendo DS games worth anything? Do you have similar questions popping up in your mind? If yes then think about the time when your parents and elders were spending time with you and you explored their old stuff. That time was a fun experience. Well, one great thing that you can do by buying the Nintendo DS games is to keep a collection for the future. 

This collection can be an amazing asset to show off in your old age days. Spending time with your kids and showing them how you grew up will also be an amazing experience in itself. However, you need to be lucky for your Nintendo DS console to still work after years.

How Much Do Nintendo DS Games Cost?

The question that most people come up with is the cost of Nintendo DS games. Well, these games are a collectible items now and people ask how much is an original Nintendo ds worth and the price of its games as well. Speaking in figures, some games still cost no more than $30 to $40. Those are the common games. 

However, for some games, the prices are out of control. There are Nintendo DS games selling online for $100 all the way up to $500 depending on how much the owner asks. These expensive games include the popular The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon games which are now hard to find. If you want to know if our old Nintendo games are valuable or not, you need to check out your favorite game prices here at Retro vGames. If you are a true Nintendo DS fan and want to know more about the prices and relevant factors about these games then you can dig out all the interesting facts.

Original Nintendo DS Has The Title Of The Bestselling Mobile Console

Technology has seen a lot of advancements but the Nintendo DS still stays on the top. If you are looking for how much the Nintendo ds costs and why it cost so much then you would be surprised to know that Nintendo DS was far ahead of its time in 2004-2005 with a dual-screen design. 

Some even say that the name “DS ” is because of the dual-screen design. Another interesting thing was its touch screen that was present at the bottom. Another reason for it being the best-selling mobile console is its portability. It easily fits in a pocket and backpack and still holds the power to run all its games. The style and functionality were the plus points of the Nintendo DS.

Why Do Gamers Prefer Nintendo DS Games?

The reason why people are still asking how much the Nintendo DS costs and why they love it so much is because of the games. The Nintendo DS games were exclusive for the console and this is what makes people love the Nintendo DS console so much.

Welcoming Interface

The welcoming interface of the Nintendo DS makes it attractive for gamers. It follows the Nintendo DNA in software while the hardware is amazing as well. The way it opens and welcomes you with two separate screens makes it attractive. If you are looking for why old Nintendo games are valuable then this welcoming interface and unique design is the answer to most of your questions.

Ability To Jab At A Screen With A Stylus

An amazing thing that the Nintendo DS brought to the world of portable gaming consoles was the touch screen. There was an option to use the touch screen(bottom half) with a stylus where more precision was needed. It also made the gaming experience better and this is another reason why are old Nintendo games valuable and gamers still love them

Variety Of Content

Are old Nintendo games valuable? Well, yes there are a lot of games and the reason gamers love them is the variety of content available for Nintendo DS. There are games for all the popular things that belonged to that time and this made people of that time love Nintendo DS and its games. It is also the reason for the ever-increasing number of people asking how much Nintendo ds cost.

FAQs About Are Nintendo DS Games Worth Anything?

Here are some frequently asked questions about are Nintendo Ds games worth anything.

Are Nintendo DS games region-locked?

No, the Nintendo DS games are not region-locked. You can buy and play any game irrespective of its region.

Are Nintendo DS discontinued?

Yes, The whole DS lineup was officially discontinued in 2011. However, games and consoles are still available from some sellers online.

Do they still make games for the DS?

No, only the old games are still available on different marketplaces mostly in used conditions. No new games are in the making for the DS. you can find some amazing Nintendo DS games at Retro vGames.

What is the rarest Nintendo DS game in the world?

The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Demo is known as the rarest Nintendo DS game in the world. It is worth more than $450 and only 500 units were made making it the rarest game.


Gamers are all in for their nostalgic values and Nintendo DS appears to be the favorite childhood console for most Gen Z kids. Now that it is discontinued the demand has gone up which brings the price hike. But you can still enjoy the amazing gaming experience of this console.

To get your hands on Nintendo DS, all you have to do is our trustworthy platform Retro vGames. You can buy and sell your old Nintendo DS console here at reasonable prices.

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