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best multiplayer nintendo ds games

9 Best Multiplayer Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Kids from the 1990s can proudly say that they have seen the golden age of gaming. One such classic console they got to play on is the Nintendo DS. As a company, Nintendo has always been focused on family-friendly systems and the best multiplayer Nintendo Ds Games which will bring people together.

With its dual-screen and touch, the Nintendo DS came out in 2004. Nintendo has made changes in this portable device many times, but the amazing gaming experience you get remains the same.

If you’re feeling down and want to slip away in the past, we can help you with that. Let’s look at the list of the best multiplayer Nintendo DS games.

9 Best Multiplayer Nintendo DS Games

Here are the 9 best multiplayer Nintendo games you can enjoy with your friend or partner.

1. WarioWare: D.I.Y.

Well, as you get an idea from its name, WarioWare enables you to “do it yourself”. This game provides you with all the tools you need to design graphics. It produces music, programs, and a collection of quick games. It’s the same as Super Mario Maker in many ways, but quick and strange gameplay is what makes it unique.

If you want to be a creative thinker, the game contains almost 70 pre-made mini-games for that. It has 20 training micro-games to educate you on the fundamentals of micro-game designs.

The best thing about WarioWare is that it can be played by a large group of people, which provides a platform for their bonding.

2. Worms 2 Open Warfare

Worm 2 is one of those games that you can play repeatedly without getting bored. It is the best Nintendo DS game for kids. No matter how many times you and your buddies play it, you guys will never get bored. This is because of the shooter’s random nature. The developers have really taken the phrase “shooting yourself in the foot” very seriously in this game.

Players can compete against each other from any country in multiplayer combat using remote access. They can control their worms in legendary wars from the past and imaginary wars from the future. 

The match modification allowed by Worms is impressive. When you’re bored, all you have to do is to come up with a few new spicy rules to make the game more interesting.

3. Tony Hawk American Skateland

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land is a Tony Hawk series skating computer game. While playing this game, you will discover a vast open area and you will have the option to change players and weapons. The digitizer is in charge of the controls. 

American Sk8land was the first third-party Nintendo DS game to support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network, the Nintendo DS’s internet company. Trick Strike, Score Test, Combo Mambo, and The Price is Wrong are some games available to players. Players may publish and save graffiti, board art, top scores, and recordings and get new tasks regularly.

They deleted the option to get off the skateboard and wander around for the DS edition. However, the ability to stop and adjust the camera helped to balance it.

4. Space Invaders Extreme 2

This is one of the best Nintendo games for kids which offers an amazing gaming experience. A bright, stunning edition of the classic retro gaming was introduced for the Nintendo DD, along with a brand-new multiplayer option where you can compete against your buddy. It also includes new mini-games every couple of rounds, which help to relieve the stress and maintain your interest.

Find new ways of playing the traditional game with your friend or partner, and we are sure you are gonna enjoy it the most.

5. Sonic Rush

Sonic Rush is among the top games in post-Sonic Adventure history. They redesigned the basic side-scrolling race of the main games and the GBA Advance version by adding 3D polygonal characters and high-resolution backdrops. One very positive thing they did was to introduce a strong woman character.

The game’s multiplayer mode allows two players to compete through the group’s stages. The players will try to slow down each other with different attacking tools and physical attacks. Playing it is a lot of fun, and you only need a single card to complete the game. This is one of the best Nintendo DS games for kids.

6. New Super Mario Bros 

If we are talking about the best multiplayer Nintendo DS games, how can we forget about it? There can be multiple Mario games on this list, but New Super Mario Bros is simply the best.

This game was a start of a unique era for Mario while keeping its loyalty to the old Super Mario Bros.

You’ll face an equal number of old and new villains in this edition. To have a unique experience, you can also play along with your friend Mario and Luigi in multiplayer mode by connecting remotely. 

7. Metroid Prime Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunter has stunning visuals and fluidity of the Frame rate gaming after upgrading from the GBA.

It is a game that brings special excitement because of the downloading feature of this game. It is a very addictive game where you can enjoy shooting the living crap. The single-player mode is amazing. However, this game was created with multiplayer in mind. It is the game that keeps you glued to your Nintendo DS no matter what the occasion is.

This game brings some impossible to resist things like the great bounty hunters, maps, and rapid action.

8. Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Ultimate Mortal Kombat is a game that belongs to the Mortal Kombat family. It was launched by Midway in 1995. It is one of the best multiplayer Nintendo DS games because it brings the best Mortal Kombat experience. This thrilling experience also makes it Midway’s best-selling Mortal Kombat as well as one of the best multiplayer games for Nintendo DS.

Players can now take this game everywhere for combat action on the move, thanks to improved file facilities and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection multiplayer.

9. Kirby Super Star Ultra

It is one of the best Nintendo games. The Nintendo DS version elevates to the next stage. KSSU (Kirby Super Star Ultra) results from the merging of multiple smaller versions.

Everything from the original 1996 epic included, as well as changed versions with added difficulty and some specific to the Nintendo DS game. With a single card, you may play several mini-games with your buddies on this stunning adventure.

The Spring Breeze mini-campaign allows cross-through the Download Play feature, however, the rest of the small games need your P2  games loaded.

FAQs About the Best Multiplayer Nintendo DS Games

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions about the best multiplayer Nintendo DS games.

Can you still play multiplayer on DS?

Yes, if you have the right version of the game, you can enjoy playing the multiplayer mode. If you have the same versions of the games for each player, all users must ensure they’re all within 60 feet of each other.

How far can a DS connect?

PictoChat allows you to write words or create images on the touch Interface to talk with up to 15 fellow Nintendo DS players within the area of your DS about 30 feet to 100 feet.
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How does the Nintendo DS connect?

The Nintendo DS Browser connects to your Wi-Fi network, or any allowed hotspot using the Nintendo DS or Super Nintendo Lite’s Area network link. It is essential to get Wi-Fi internet access To play online games.

How do you add friends on DS?

To add your friends to Nintendo DS, first, go to the Main Menu, and choose the friend list button. Now, at the top right of the screen, click Register Friend. Then, press the Internet button. Here, click OK after entering the ID of the user you wish to register. If you haven’t yet joined the other network, you’ll need to give your friend a fake username and then hit OK.


Nintendo DS is the best-selling handheld gaming console. There were many reasons behind its success. Its welcoming interface and dual touch made it something that wasn’t seen before. People are still into Nintendo DS games and get an escape from a hectic life while playing them.

With our guide, your quest for the best Nintendo DS games has come to an end. Just buy these games from Retro games and have a trip back to your childhood.

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