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Top 10 Games on the Nintendo GameCube To Play Today

Nintendo’s lesser-known yet absolute heart-winning console, the Nintendo GameCube, is a piece of retro-tech that’s still loved by fanatics like you and me.

But I think it’s about time we settled this great debate now.

It’s about time we settled on what are the top 10 games on the Nintendo GameCube, right?

This is gonna be a fun ride, you gotta keep your eyes and ears open.

Come, let’s get the joystick scrolling!

1. Metroid Prime

When I say that I can’t stress enough, then I CAN’T.

Simply the most popular and most played game on the GameCube, Metroid Prime promises the true classic Nintendo GameCube experience.

Although the fanbase wasn’t welcoming it initially, Metroid made it through the ranks just after a few hours of launch as it revolutionized the first-person shooting experience in the 3D world.

Today, with lovers around the world, the Metroid franchise continues to grow upon their best production ever: the Metroid Prime, the undisputed must-have.


2. Star Wars Rogue Leader

I’ve played games, but none like the Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader – and I mean it.

The nostalgic cosmic arena with the iconic Star Wars score and feel, all packed up in a videogame in 2001 was surely ahead of its time.

Once you start playing it, you’ll get lost in the sci-fi aura developed by Factor 5 too deeply that you’ll hardly want to come out.

And if you’re a Star Wars fan already … well, you should tell these guys about this game.


3. Super Smash Bros. Melee

I say sheer chaos is what makes SSBM the best GameCube game to play with friends.

There’s no way you’d want to miss this violent but not gore, chaotic but not confusing, addictive but not damaging gaming experience – one of the most coveted of the GameCube games.

It was released back in November 2001, exactly 21 years ago, shortly after the launch of the original GameCube. Since then, it has bought people of all age groups to the same page.

YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT because every GameCube fanatic knows … the GC experience is incomplete without this OG masterpiece!


4. F-Zero GX

Who would not like to buy one of the bestselling Nintendo GameCube games?

It’s a title that if you add it to your inventory and let other GameCube fanatics know you possess it is only gonna win you their love.

The exquisite story mode that Sega AM incorporated into this racing game back in 2003 was a step into the future truly.

As you explore it, you’ll realize that the miniature details in the game from the speed effect to the character detail are commendable. 

Boys … Get it. Now. It’s running low on stock.


5. Resident Evil 4

I wanted a scary game but got this absolutely terrifying graphic development from 2005 that still makes me wanna play it in the sunlight.

The game starts off as an intense thriller, where the main character is being terrorized by a dark creature. As it progresses, action adds up to the thrill, and the game then resembles The Last of Us, somewhat.

An absolute arty piece of game design and story.

BTW, it’s so scary, I was even afraid to put it on the list! XD


6. Mario Kart Double Dash

Mario Kart Double Dash swears that it’s one of the best GameCube games to buy and here’s why.

The fun-filled racing game offers more than just a racing experience – it touches down to a friendly competition where you substitute yourself with the character’s fantastic feels.

This GameCube game from 2003 is rated E (for ‘everyone’), with about 20 different Mario characters to play with. Plus, the VS Mode (vs. mode) is one of the lesser multiplayer modes that offer up to space for four players!

So yeah, the next retro-gamer huddle is gonna be lit, yeah?


7. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 

If you’re planning on missing this game out already, here’s a tip: DO NOT LET THE BOYS KNOW.

In the gaming world, your respect is from the games you’ve played … and the ones who haven’t played Sands of Time?

Be ready to be disowned by the OGs.

For me, this game is the inception of the Prince of Persia’s beautifully fluid and brutal gameplay. Definitely not a title you’d ever want to miss out on!


8. Viewtiful Joe

Those of you who already know about this exotic retro game, accept the 21-Gun salute from me.

Those of you who don’t … let’s talk after you’ve played it.

Viewtiful Joe is one of the best action games on the GameCube, a game that embodies classic Japanese and American superheroes.

Fiery action, emotionally intensive storyline, and yeah, the perfect rating.

And re-read the second line of this section, please?


9. Skies of Arcadia Legends

Are you into RPGs, by the way?

If you ain’t, then you gotta be.

Skies of Arcadia Legends was the missing part of GameCube’s diverse gaming experience until its release in 2003.

Currently, it’s rated as the best RPG for GameCube and one of the best GameCube games frequently.

It’s all about brutal battles, epic storylines, and thrilling action—gets the best out of GameCube, trust me.


10. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem 

Another psychological thriller that intoxicates the very essence of horror-gaming inside you.

Every sound effect is gratification, every detail is satisfaction.

Releasing in June 2002, Eternal Darkness immediately gained its own spot in the industry for being an extremely versatile game in supernatural thriller sequences.

To date, it remains the favorite of most ‘GameCubers’ and horror-lovers alike.



When I was choosing games for this list, I only had one thing in mind: the best GameCube games.

So, these really are the best of the best, the finest pieces of game development put to the table by the awesome and creative developers who were clearly ahead of their time in the early 2000s.

These games complete your GameCube experience, and if you’ve played them all, you can really call yourself an Elite Gamer.

If you haven’t … well I don’t want to send you into an existential crisis again, GET YOUR HANDS ON ‘EM BEFORE THE STOCK RUNS OUT!

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