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SNES Games Like Zelda

6 Best SNES Games Like Zelda

Let’s face it; The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is one of the best Nintendo SNES games. People have been playing it crazily since its release in 1991. But are there any other SNES games like Zelda? We can help you find out.

Playing a popular retro game, like Zelda on your SNES can be exciting, but playing the same game, again and again, can become boring, too. To avoid boredom, you can try different Zelda clones for SNES. These games are similar to the original Zelda, and players enjoy them.

Take a quick glance at our picked Zelda like SNES games:

  • Illusion of Gaia
  • Secret of Mana
  • Secret of Evermore
  • Goof Troop
  • Soul Blazer
  • Young Merlin

So, if you were wondering: are there any games like Zelda? Here’s your answer. Now, let’s discuss these games and how they are similar to Zelda.

1. Illusion of Gaia

The Illusion of Gaia is one of the most popular SNES games like Zelda that was released by Nintendo in 1993 in Japan. It is also popular as the Illusion of Time in Europe and Australia.

This action role-playing game allows players to enjoy a fantasy-based historical version of the earth. It has a large character cast, but only Will, Freedan, and Shadow are the playable ones. Will is the protagonist of the game, who is a lone survivor from an expedition of ancient ruins and treasures.

By the end of the game, Will saves the world, preserving it to its normal state, but losing all the memories of the adventure. However, the last scene shows Will and his friends in a modern-world school, depicting their friendship is still the same even though their memories of the adventures are in the past.

It is a single-player game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $65.22 at Retro vGames.

2. Secret of Mana

The Secret of Mana is another popular title in SNES Zelda game that got its release by Nintendo in 1993 in Japan, where it is known as Seiken Densetsu 2.

It is among the best adventure SNES games. This action role-playing game sets in a high fantasy world. The storyline follows three protagonists, trying to stop an empire from misusing the powers of an ancient flying fortress to conquer the world.

The hero joins a girl and a sprite in his journey to kill a beast using the Mana sword. When the beast attacks the fortress, the hero attacks it with the sword. By the end of the game, the beast is killed, the spirit vanishes to the astral plane, the girl returns home, and the hero is welcomed back.

It is a single and multiplayer game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $64.86 at Retro vGames.

3. Secret of Evermore

The next in our list of SNES games like Zelda is the Secret of Evermore, released in 1995 in North America.

In this action role-playing game, a boy and his pet dog accidentally transport to the fantasy world of Evermore. Evermore represents different eras of the real world in separate realms. The player will pass through all four realms, including Prehistoria, Antiqua, Gothica, and Omnitopia, with his shape-shifting dog. By the end of the game, they avert the destruction of the Evermore world and return to their real-life home.

It is a single-player game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $57.58 at Retro vGames.

4. Goof Troop

Goof Troop is an action-adventure game, released by Nintendo in 1993 in North America. It was later released in Japan in 1994.

If you are looking for SNES games to play like Zelda, it may not be your first choice, since it is not set in a fantasy world like Zelda. However, even if it is not a Zelda clone in the true sense, it has similar elements. For instance, it also includes traveling to another location (the pirate’s island), rescuing a friend, defeating the bad guy, and returning to their homes.

It is a single and co-op player game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $56.36 at Retro vGames.

5. Soul Blazer

Soul Blazer is another one of the SNES games like Zelda. It was released by Nintendo in 1992 in Japan, where it is known as Soul Blader.

This action role-playing game allows players to take the role of the Master’s servant, defeat monsters, and rescue the captured souls. The souls reincarnate as they release. While they usually reincarnate into a human, they can be anything from a dog to a volcano. This game is also referred to in Illusion of Gaia.

Soul Blazer resembles Zelda the most because the hero also returns to his real life after restoring the fantasy world. Moreover, he doesn’t have any memory of the adventures in his real-life either, just like Will, the protagonist of Illusion of Gaia.

It is a single-player game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $190.00 at Retro vGames.

6. Young Merlin

Young Merlin is another Zelda-like game for the SNES. It was initial release was in 1994 in the USA and later in Europe.

The storyline follows a young Merlin who is on a mission to defeat the evil Shadow King with the help of the Lady of the Lake. On this magical journey, players complete many quests and overcome many challenges until they defeat the evil king.

Young Merlin, has the powers of a sorcerer, which he is going to test at several points in the game. He learns to use his powers to fight demons by casting spells. By the end of the game, he defeats the evil Shadow King and returns home.

It is a single-player game, and you can get it at a discounted rate of $41.26 at Retro vGames.

FAQs Related to SNES Games

Continue reading to find the answers to some of the FAQs about SNES games:

What is the best game on SNES?

Nintendo SNES experienced widely positive reviews for its wide variety of games. So, no single game can be labeled as the best one. However, some of the most popular SNES games of all time are as follows:
1. Chrono Trigger
2. Earthbound
3. Final Fantasy III
4. Final Fantasy IV (Final Fantasy II)
5. Street Fighter 2: Turbo
6. Super Mario World
7. Super Metroid
8. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

What is the most underrated SNES game?

Although the Nintendo SNES console has an excellent game collection, some of its games are also underrated. Some of the best SNES games that are underrated are as follows:
1. Aero the Acrobat
2. Breath of Fire II
3. Goof Troop
4. Harvest Moon
5. Terranigma
6. The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
7. UniRacers

How many SNES classic games are there?

Nintendo officially released 1757 games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). 1448 of them were released in Japan, 717 in North America, 521 in Europe, 231 on Satellaview, and 13 on Sufami Turbo.

Was the SNES successful?

Nintendo’s SNES was a global success, receiving largely positive reviews worldwide. It became a bestselling console of the 16-bit era even though it was released quite later than its competitors. Moreover, it faced intense competition from the Sega Genesis console in Europe and North America.

Is SNES better than NES?

There can be no objective answer to this question as both SNES and NES have been an integral part of several people’s childhoods. People associate these consoles with simpler and happier times, so whoever had whichever console during their childhood will like that best.

Is Super Metroid the best SNES game?

Super Metroid is considered one of the greatest games to ever be released for the SNES. It became an international hit immediately after its release.


Is Zelda the best SNES game? The answer is probably yes, given its global popularity. It is one of the most influential adventure games for home consoles. The magical kingdom that needs to be exploration and the princess who needs saving gives retro gamers an experience of a lifetime. However, luckily, we also have some other SNES games like Zelda that are among the Zelda clones in their true sense.

So, if you want to try some of the Zelda-like retro games, you can always get them at the Retro vGames store. Moreover, we also offer amazing discounts on most of the popular titles.

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