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Best Game Boy Retro Games

8 Best Game Boy Retro Games Recommended By Expert

The best Game Boy retro games are the ones that fans have created the most memories with. April 21, 1989, will always be a special date for gamers. By launching the Game Boy, Nintendo created a new frontier of portable gaming.

From the day of launching till the day they were no longer available in the market, the hype of these games was unmatched. At that time, there were numerous Game Boy games, but only a few names are worthy of being called the greatest Game Boy games. 

So, let’s talk about them today.

Best Game Boy Retro Games

Here we have enlisted some of the most popular and best Game Boy retro games of all time.

1. Tetris

The fact that Tetris was made for almost every electronic device in existence is enough to enlighten on how much of a success it was as a game. But its Game Boy version was unmatched and arguably the most loved and popular version of all. The reason for the success of the Game Boy version is its clear visuals and responsive controls.

This addictive puzzler was introduced in the US by Nintendo, but from that day, console gaming was never the same in that region. If you are a Game Boy enthusiast, you should definitely get your hands on this one of the best Game Boy classic games.

2. The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Well, the name of this game speaks for itself, and we don’t think it needs any introduction. It’s arguably the most successful Game Boy retro game of all time.

A special addition to it, which is entirely different from its initial counterparts, is the feature to swap the sword with another weapon, a shield, or even a magical feather. The game was also the first in the series to make musical instruments a key element of the quest

While the Zelda series is known for two things: adventure and weird stuff, Zelda: Link’s Awakening has them both.

3. Kirby’s Dream Land Series – Best Adventure Game Boy Retro Game

The first chapter of the Kirby’s Dream Land series came on the scene on April 27, 1992, and gained popularity eventually. The game was responsible for the breakthrough of Hal Laboratory.

Our hero in this game is a tiny star who lives far away in a place called Dream Land. The game is all about the struggles of the hero for reaching a goal by jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies.

The journey in the game is addictive, and since it’s one of the best-selling Game Boy video games, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

4. Donkey Kong

For the people who are still into arcade gaming, the Donkey Kong game is to live your memories again. The best thing about the game is despite having many additional features, it still manages to keep the old arcadey feel of the original game. That’s why this being one of the best arcade retro games is also one of the best Game Boy games.

And if you are thinking this Game Boy game was simply a reissue of its namesake arcade game, you are wrong. While the first four stages may be the same as the original arcade game, beyond that there are dozens upon dozens of puzzle platform stages.

Well, it’s high time you get these masterpieces of a game before it’s too late.

5. Space Invaders

Compiling the best video games list without including shooting games just doesn’t feel right, and when we are talking about the best Game Boy retro games, how can we forget about the Space Invaders. To be honest, the childhood of every 90s born isn’t complete without this legendary game.

If we talk more specifically, the US exclusive release of this game was the best one. Talk about the gameplay, the goal in the game is to defeat the waves of aliens with the help of laser cannons, which in result give us points.

This is another one of the best-selling Game Boy video games and is worthy of your money.

6. Metroid II: Return Of Samus

Nintendo released this game back in November 1991. While Metroid is arguably the weakest game in all the Metroid games, but when it comes to Game Boy games, the Metroid II is still a heck of a game. Cavernous corridors, ancient ruins, and alien traps are all there to make the game more interesting for you.

The story of the game is all about exterminating the Metroids by the Aran. The world in Metroid is bigger than that of other sequels, and that’s why the heroine has to get more and more equipment to battle with Metroids. If you are in quest of the best Game Boy classic games, you should definitely add this one into your collection.

7. Super Mario Series

Another series that fans consider to be one of the greatest Game Boy games and the best-selling Game Boy video game is Super Mario.

The main character of the series is Mario, who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. We occasionally see other characters in the game too. The goal of the main character here is to run and jump across the enemies without letting them kill you. There are multiple items that give power to Mario, and help him in his battle with enemies.

Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2 are only sequels of the Mario series which are available on Game Boy. You should definitely check them out.

8. Pokémon Series

The game which gave a second life to the Game Boy systems is Pokémon. The Pokémon series is very popular among the masses due to its successful attempt to create a special connection between humans and digital critters. The story of the game is the adventurous journey of a kid to capture the weird creatures. When the kid captures a new creature, it becomes a part of the player’s battle arsenal.

Don’t you dare consider the gameplay of this one of the greatest Game Boy games as simple, because it’s not? If you want to train your team to pixel-powered perfection, you will need to explore a considerable amount of complexities.

FAQs About Best Game Boy Retro Games

Below we have gathered and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the best Game Boy retro games.

8 Best Game Boy Retro Games Recommended By Expert
Game Boy Retro Games

What is the rarest Game Boy game?


It’s been years since the last Game Boy game was launched, but we can still get our hands on the best Game Boy classic game by one means or another. But there are some Game Boy games that are very rare and almost impossible to find. But the rarest Game Boy Game is Spud’s Adventure.
If you want to get the best original Game Boy games, you can get them from Retro vGames. Not only does the site have all the greatest Game Boy games available to it, but the rates are also very reasonable.


What is the best-selling Game Boy video game?

During the 90s, the popularity of Game Boy games was at its peak. Some of them were so addictive. Above we have discussed all the best Game Boy classic games which you should add to your collection. But the Game Boy game which is known to be the best-selling is Tetris.
If you have this game in mind, you can buy it from Retro vGames.
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Why are Game Boy games so expensive?

As you would know, the gaming companies are not developing Game Boy games anymore. There are very few Game Boy games left in the world. Due to the pandemic and nostalgic factor, everyone these days wants to get his hands on these antique games.
Due to high demand and limited availability, the prices of these games are getting higher and higher these days. But you can get the best deals from RetrovGames.
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Will there be a new Game Boy classic?

Unfortunately, there is no plan by the gaming console company to make Game Boy Classic in the near future. But as the hype of Game Boy games is getting higher and higher every passing day, we can only hope that there will be a Game Boy Classic someday.

Final Words

After going through our list of best Game Boy retro games, we have your journey of finding the best Game Boy games that will come to an end. Although it’s quite a difficult task these days to find the best original Game Boy games, we have helped you with that too.

With that being said, you are all good to get the best Game Boy classic games and take a trip back to your childhood.

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