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why are retro games so popular

Why Are Retro Games So Popular? – Busting The Myth

Curious about retro games still being as popular as ever? Let’s look at some of the reasons for making these games timeless favorites for everyone.

Even after so many years, retro games are still so popular among people. As a gamer of the 80s and 90s, it explains half of the reason for retro games’ popularity. Plus, the recent market trends don’t seem to be just a thing to enjoy BACK IN THE TIME moments anymore. So, we did our thorough research and listed down some reasons, which are:

Let’s look into these reasons in more detail:

Why Are Retro Games So Popular?

There are tons of reasons for gamers to keep retro games alive, aside from enjoying the old times. Also, its rising demand leads to increasing the value of retro games. So, here are some of the top reasons for retro game’s popularity among people:

1. Simple Gameplay

Simple control schemes, the right amount of tutorial pop-ups, and a certain number of actions to perform in the game. It all creates a face-paced and simple gameplay of the games. How is that so? Take Pacman or Mario as an example. They both have extremely simple controls and actions to perform. And, people still play these classic games. That’s proof that people value less cognitive-consuming games.

People play games to amuse themselves and not for draining their brains to the bits. That’s why they really like going back to old games and playing similar designed levels again and again. 

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2. Available For Everyone

The best part of retro games is that these games are now available regardless of people’s location and time. Moreover, many people have started to sell them either on physical stores or online sites. You can visit their sites to search for the exact game or gaming console you want. Then you can place an order to buy these old classic games.

Original retro games are expensive since they are rare in the market. However, they are also reproduced, which is why you’ll see retro games still available. Also, some gamers put their own retro games or gaming consoles for sale. In this way, you might even end up getting your hands on a rare and valuable game from other gamers.

In short, the online world has made it easier for us to get games, even if they’re not in production anymore. So if you are looking for old-school games, you should visit online sites to buy games from anyone and from anywhere.

3. Compelling Storylines

There is no doubt about having great storylines in the retro games. Their content focuses on engaging gamers to play as a part of their games. Forming an emotional bond for the players to come back to play. Whether it is Final Fantasy, Spyro, or Fatal Fury, they all have the element of making an engaging and sensible storyline.

What’s more interesting? Most people are compelled by the originality of retro games. While others look into them to make sense of the sequel series released in the modern era. Such as Star Wars, Zelda, Lord of the Ring, King of Fighters, and many other sequels.

All in all, the storylines of retro games make people come back to them from time to time. Not to forget, gamers also revisit these games as they are quick to understand. It lets them grasp the idea of the upcoming games.

4. Best For Low-End Systems

One of the pleasures of playing old games is, they do not consume too many resources. They do not require tons of memory space to process the game. And luckily, many people can buy retro games and their systems from online sites.

The other best part? These 8-bit to 16-bit games don’t have complicated guides or tutorials to install on the gaming consoles. Nor do they have lengthy procedures to set up a specific system or tons of patches to download. They have a simple way to set up and play the game instantly.

5. Fun Time With Friends And Family 

Retro games are the ones that brought the culture of enjoying video games with lots of people sitting in a room. Many gamers would set schedules to meet at their homes, exchange games, and even snatch each other’s controllers to win the game. 

But by the time this culture faded. Then how is it back again? During the lockdowns, most people have begun to return to past games. So now, people have something to play and have fun with altogether. Indeed, one of the best ways of making cheerful memories with your family and friends is a true gamers way.

6. Rare And Valuable

Gaming has reached the point to have rare items, such as Nintendo cartridges, GBA consoles, and games like Pong – released in the 1970s. So it is fair to say some gamers like the idea of collecting valuable games over the time period.

Another reason is the original ideas and systems developed for gaming. So? Think about keeping original to make something new. Does it ring the bell? Yes, the big names like Capcom’s Resident Evil, Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia, Rocksteady Studios’ Tomb Raider, and many more. All of them are looking at retro games to create something new. To develop good games, they have to play great games – which undeniably retro games are!

FAQs About Why Retro Games Are So Popular

Got some questions in your mind? Don’t worry, cause we have answered some of the commonly asked questions here:

Why do we like old games?

People play retro games to reminisce about old times and also to have fun with others. In general, most retro games that are good, bright, and cheerful are still played by lots of people – even younger generations. Playing such games affects moods in a good way and brings people closer to their friends and family.
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Why are retro games recently becoming so popular?

Many big names have recently released the sequels/prequels, remastered, or remake of old games. So many gamers go back to retro games to understand the storyline and what to expect from the upcoming games. During the revisit, they even might end up choosing to play the old classic games.

Are old video games better?

Frankly, no games are perfect. There is always room for improvement. Also, there were many games released in the past. So, the worst old games might already be buried under the desert. While only good ones have survived this long. It turns out that there is no definite way to compare.

Why are retro games so expensive?

Many consoles and games that were released in the early years of gaming are not in production anymore. So it limits the availability of these games and consoles, making them valuable in the gaming world. Generally, they are almost 10 to 20 years old from their release date.

Where can I play retro games?

Retrogaming involves the original hardware, cartridges, and discs the video games were originally released on. You can find them on the Retro vGames to play and enjoy the old-school games.

To Sum Up…

All of the above reasons account for keeping retro games alive and popular. Even if the old games are remastered (or remake) versions are released, true gamers tend to go and peek into the original game. While others would just go for it to enjoy simple moments of retro gaming.

However, the recent increase in the demands of retro games points to the pandemic. As people are confined in homes, they are finding new ways to spend a cheerful time even with all the troublesome times around us.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask us in the comment section below—we love talking retro!

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