Will Retro Games Increase in Value: All You Should Know

Will Retro Games Increase in Value?

Will Retro Games Increase in Value: All You Should Know

There has been a sudden surge in demand for retro games. Though the increase started gradually, the past year has been dramatic for retro games’ prices. Looking at this scenario, people are wondering: will retro games increase in value? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Even though retro gaming is expensive, many youngsters are still trying to get their hands on these classic games. There are many reasons for this. But what does the future hold for retro games? Let’s talk about that. 

4 Reasons Why Retro Games Increase in Value

There are, majorly, four reasons why we can retro games increase in value and why we can expect an increase in the future as well.

1. Strong Brand Names & Stories of Retro Games

Retro gaming is gaining hype recently, but we cannot say this for every game out there. See, there are many factors such as brand name, story, and the game’s availability.

Games from some well-established franchises such as Super Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc. have more demand and higher prices than other games from small franchises. Such games have minimal copies left and are extremely hard to find.

Furthermore, people, these days are more tempted by the game having a more in-depth story giving the player a more novel experience.

2. Nostalgia Factor

Nostalgia is playing a significant role in attracting the young generation towards classic old games. People born in the 90s have more interest in retro gaming than the generation born after that. The reason is that the 90s era has so many memories attached to these retro games. 

Imagine watching a movie or a TV series based on the story of some old game and getting flashbacks of your childhood. The combination of classic video games with our cultural prestige is a novel experience that new games cannot replicate.

3. Game Collectors

One might be thinking about who decides what game deserves what value. The answer is simple; games themselves. Just go on any gaming platform or website where gamers from around the world interact with each other. You will find them mentioning which games should be considered classics and must-plays.

Just as it is for books, movies, and songs, some people are collecting classic old games, and the number of these people is increasing day by day. That gives you the answer to are retro games a good investment.

4. It is Inevitable

Retro gaming is expensive, yet people keep coming back to it. There are these unique emotions of people attached to retro games. Other collecting mainstays like stamps or sports cards do not have the same value, maybe due to oversaturation or general interest decline. But this is not the case with games because they are interactive.

Role-playing and survival horror games have this unique aspect of creating bonds with us. That’s why it’s not possible for us just to forget them. 

Prices Surge of Retro Games During Pandemic

One of the major reasons behind the recent surge in prices of retro games is this ongoing pandemic. According to a recent study, the value of retro video games has increased by 33%. People are locked in their homes, having nothing to do, worrying about what will happen next. The situation has been challenging for many.

So, people are finding ways to cope with the situation and fight boredom. People looking out for new activities to do at home have come up with the idea to kill their time in retro gaming.

What’s More Valuable: Retro Games or Their Experience?

Well, every game has its pros and cons, but the type of interest it gains from the players is the key factor of how much of a success it’s going to be. The classic old games have this super-unique and unmatchable bond with the people from the 90s. 

Many people argue that you can watch the playthroughs of retro games online, but again, everyone has his way of playing scenario-driven games. So yeah, it’s the experience of the game that matters the most.

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Will Retro Game Prices Go Down in the Future?

Many people from the new generation are interested in retro games out of curiosity. Another primary reason can be the lack of availability and high prices of new gaming consoles such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Right now, retro gaming is expensive. But most of us are wondering: will retro game prices go down. We often see the stock market prices skyrocket one day and crash the very next day. Well, this is not the case with games. They surely can go up overnight, but they won’t come back that quickly.

Should You Sell or Keep Your Retro Games?

If you are looking for an answer to the question, will retro games increase in value? You should have the above-mentioned question in mind? Well, we will advise you to hold these bad boys as long as you can because that time isn’t too far away from us when these games will be more limited in number and in demand. And at that time, you will know the worth of these vintage games.

From Where to Get the Best Deal for Retro Games

First, if you want to get the best deals for retro games, you will need to do some homework. Do your research about what games are going to have more worth in the future. Also, learn about genuine products and,try to explore different marketplaces to get the best deals. One place we can recommend to you is Retro vGames. From here, you can get the original classic old consoles and games at highly reasonable prices.

FAQs About Retro Games Increase in Value 

Below are some frequently asked questions related to will retro games increase in value.

What retro video games are worth money?

Nowadays, retro games are in demand more than ever. Pandemic has caused people to stay at home and look for activities they can perform from the ease of their bedroom. Here are some of the best-selling retro games of all time and are must-plays: Pokémon series, Super Mario series, Donkey Kong, Zelda: Link’s Awakening, & Tetris.

Why are retro games getting expensive?

Some people are still stuck with why retro gaming is expensive. Well, the answer is simple: availability. The worth of anything greatly depends on its availability. As you know, retro games only have limited copies left in the world, so everyone is trying to get their hands on these memorable pieces of beauties. If you are also looking to buy any of those retro games, you can get them from Retro vGames.

Are retro games a good investment?

For the people wondering: are retro games a good investment? We are sure they promise skyrocketing returns in the future. Old gaming consoles such as Playstation One, Playstation 2, and Nintendo consoles are already in demand. You better be looking at these vintage consoles and games because they will be worth more than you can imagine.

What consoles are worth money?

It is a matter of preference, which varies from person to person. Some people are more into new games, while some still prefer retro games on classic old consoles. Some of the best consoles for retro gaming are Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Nintendo NES, Original Xbox, & Gameboy.


We all know that the retro games have already seen their prime. It is not always possible to predict the value of something which has already reached its prime. But in the case of retro games, the scenario is different. 

Thanks to the promising signs we are getting every passing day, we can answer the question: will retro games increase in value. Due to the rarity factor, childhood memories, and many other above-discussed reasons, we can expect an increase in the value of these classic games.

Will retro games increase in value? Yes, and here are 4 good reasons why retro games are expensive & how their price will increase in the future.

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