GameCube Vs PS2: Which Classic Console Is Better?

GameCube vs PS2

GameCube Vs PS2: Which Classic Console Is Better?

Are you looking to buy a new console between the GameCube and PS2 but are confused about which one to get? If yes, we understand your problem, and we can also fix it.

The market is filled with different consoles, therefore it can be difficult finding your way through them. Each of these consoles has a massive library behind them but is that the only thing gamers are looking for? This might not be entirely true.

In this guide, we will put Nintendo GameCube vs PlayStation 2 and see:

  • A little about their each console
  • The reasons which make one better than the other
  • Some of the popular games from each console
  • Finally, we will answer some FAQs Regarding GameCube and PS2

Let’s get started.

A Little About Each Console

The video game consoles started emerging back in 1970 and have seen a massive improvement to this current day. The gaming industry has witnessed the arrival of many top-notch consoles, and in fact we are about to learn a little about two of them down below before we start the heated conversation of the GameCube Vs PS2.

Nintendo GameCube

The Nintendo GameCube was a video games console designed for the home. It was also a part of the sixth generation of video game consoles and infact was released in Japan first on September 14, 2001. 

It provided many features that were new to the market and popular at the time. These included:

  • Compact and Simplistic Design – Its design is made to be minor, cute, and desirable
  • Broadband Adaptor for Network – It comes equipped with network capabilities to connect with the online world.
  • Massive Playable Titles – The console contains one of the most extensive libraries of its time.
  • Ability to Connect with Game Boy Advance – The GameCube can be connected with the Game Boy advance letting you use it as an input device, swap data, unlock new game levels, etc.
  • Sleek Controller – It comes with one of the most precise and comfortable controllers of its time.
  • Amazing Visuals and Audio – It co-developed its processor through IBM and ATI to create stunning graphics and visuals.
  • Game Discs –  it uses a small disc that can hold a massive amount of data and information.

Sony’s PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on March 4, 2000, and it is also the successor of the original PlayStation console. 

It took the market by storm as soon as it got released, and the reason behind that was the massive functionalities that it provided. Moreover, some of its features included:

  • Lightweight – The PS2 was one of the first lightweight consoles. It was small, slim, and easily movable.
  • Vibration Function – The PlayStation 2 introduced DualShock Controllers that could provide vibrational feedback according to an event in the game.
  • USB technology – It came with some of the newest technologies, including USB and IEEE1394 expansion ports.
  • DVD and CD Playback – The PS2 could play CDs and DVDs.
  • Network Gaming – It had a designated port for internet connectivity that players could use for online gaming.

The Reasons Which Make One Better Than the Other

The following are the list of reasons which make one console better than the other:

1.  The Overwhelming Library of the PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 beats every other console from the same generation when it comes to the gaming library. Besides that, It has one of the most extensive libraries of officially licensed games. In addition, Just this console alone has more than 3800 playable games at your disposal. 

The library contains a large number of AAA titles, and it may be because the games were still being released by 3rd party publishers for a long time, even after the PlayStation 3 was out of the market. This is one of the reasons why many gamers inclined towards Sony when it came to the GameCube Vs PS2 debate.

2. Exclusive Titles of GameCube

Even though the GameCube could not beat the PlayStation 2 when it came to the game library, some exclusive titles on the GameCube in fact beat the games on the PS2. 

This included some of the massive exclusives from new and returning Nintendo franchises, including games like the Super Mario Strikers, Super Mario Sunshine, etc. These exclusive games received nothing but love and were also the favorites of many retro gamers, therefore making them loyal to the Nintendo family. 

3. The Near Perfect Controller of PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 introduced the DualShock 2 controller with its console, one of the most notable and memorable from its timeline. The players felt great holding the controller in their hands, and it was also far less confusing and uncomfortable than the GameCube controller.

The DualShock 2 is considered the best of all time, and this might be the reason why the PlayStation has made minimal changes to its controllers. Additionally, the vibrational feedback gave the players more immersion into the games.

4. Massive Franchises of the GameCube

Nintendo started their GameCube console line with some of the best exclusive franchises. Besides that, It had the best library of sequels and the well-loved and well-received games from the past consoles and franchises.

Even though these old franchises had stopped giving updates for these games, these games have deeply rooted their memories in retro gamers. Moreover, the devoted fans of these franchises loved this step which made the GameCube gain even more popularity than it ever had before. This also played a huge role in turning favors when it came to GameCube Vs PS2 debate.

5. Additional Peripherals of PlayStation 2

The PlayStation had the DualShock 2 increasing its popularity. Sony was aware of what was working and therefore released a bunch of additional accessories for the PlayStation 2 as well.

Some of these included:

  • Arcade Sticks – for fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc.
  • Microphones – for rhythm games like Singstar, Harmonix’s Rock Band, etc.
  • Dance Mats/Pads – for dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Buzz! Buzzer – for quiz games.
  • DVD Remote Control – for controlling and playing CD’s and DVD’s.
  • And many more.

6. Home Gameboy Dock for GameCube

As soon as the GameCube came out, it ended the days when players would use their Game Boy Advance family of consoles. Additionally, It also provided a new linking cable connecting the Game Boy Advance SP or the Game Boy Advance to the GameCube. 

The cable would project the display onto the TV, and the players would use their Game Boy consoles as the controller.

7. Exclusive Titles of PlayStation 2

Like the GameCube, PlayStation 2 has an extensive exclusive library of its own. Also, the PS2 exclusives contain some of the greatest games in the market, which makes it unique amongst its peers. Moreover. some of the most popular PS2 exclusive titles include Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted series, etc.

8. Better Media Center

Unlike the Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation 2 came a generation later, and Sony knew how to create and lead using an all-around media center. The PS3 was the only console that could play Blu-Ray Discs, and similarly, the PS2 was the only gaming console of its generation that could play the DVD Discs.

Popular Games from GameCube Vs PS2

Some of the popular games from the GameCube vs PS2 consoles are as follows:



FAQs Regarding GameCube Vs PS2

Was GameCube better than PS2?

If we count all the features, libraries, and sales, the PS2 beats the GameCube significantly. Yet when you compare the same game on both platforms, the difference in graphics is pretty visible. The GameCube provides more clearer and sharper gameplay compared to the PS2.

Can you play GameCube games on PS2?

No, both the consoles belong to different companies, and hence you can’t play any GameCube games on PS2 and vice versa.

Is a Wii better than a GameCube?

The Wii can accept the GameCube discs and play all of its games. This backward compatibility makes the Wii far better than the GameCube.

What is the Z button on GameCube?

The “Z” button on the GameCube and the Classic controller grab opponents in the fighting games.

What replaced the Nintendo GameCube?

The Wii came and replaced the old GameCube. It came and provided new titles and backward compatibility, which could run all the games from the Nintendo GameCube.


After going through the complete article, it should be apparent to you that the PlayStation 2 beats the GameCube in almost every aspect. But regardless, at the end of the day, you can decide which console works better for you.

Regardless of what you end up picking, we at Retro vGames will always have your back and give you games that you love to play.

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