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Are Retro Games A Good Investment

Are Retro Games Good Investment: A Comprehensive Guide

Retro gaming is surely getting hype again, maybe because of the nostalgic factor or people getting bored in their houses due to lockdown. Whatever the reason is, we are observing a sudden surge in the demand for retro games in these recent months.

Looking at these circumstances, everyone has this one question in mind that are retro games a good investment. In today’s blog we are going to cover why retro games are a viable investment, what are the factors that affect their value, and some other key points. So, stick with us, and we will go through it all.

Investors are Buying Share of Retro Games

For the people who are thinking of investing in retro gaming, here is some surprising news for you. There are some companies that are allowing investors to buy shares of old classic games. The real question is will they increase in value?

The factor of rarity is driving the prices of retro games higher, and getting the attention of the investors. Looking at the speed people are investing in retro games, after some time you won’t be able to find the retro games and gaming consoles on the market. It’s about time you start thinking about investing in them and get in on the hot market.

3 Reasons Why Retro Games Are A Good Investment

Here are three main reasons that will help you decide why are retro games a good investment.

They are Our Cultural Artifacts

Retro games are this unique combination of nostalgia, pop culture, and technological history. They really depict how our taste in gaming has influenced the evolution of gaming technology. That’s the reason they are an important part of our history. 

Obviously, investing in these valuable games is not the same as investing in stocks, bonds, or commodities. But the people who have an interest in human history, look at these games as our cultural artifacts.

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Collection for the Future

As we can see, how fast our gaming industry is becoming digital. The examples of PlayStation Network and Nintendo Direct are in front of us. Gone were the days when owning a physical game was something to brag about.

So, while many of them still love to play these games, people are looking at these beautiful creations of the past as a collection for the future. From 5 to 10 years from now, the young generation will look at them, and think how far we have come.

Retro Games are Here to Stay

For anyone who is thinking that this rise in demand and prices of retro games is temporary, really needs to think about it again. Even though we have seen a major surge in the sales of retro games in the past 1.5 years, they were in demand before that too.

Investing in video games isn’t like investing in any other product which will have high risks. Retro games will surely hold their value for a long period.

What Defines the Price and Value of Retro Games?

From the number of units produced to the region in which it was most successful to the condition it is available, there are many factors that dictate the value of retro games. But the following are some general factors that are more influential. 

The Story and Gameplay

One of the most important factors that determine the success of any retro game is its story and gameplay. This is what attracts the games the most. Games that tell an in-depth story will create a unique bond with its player.

The same goes for the gameplay, games that give their players a novel experience in terms of gameplay, are likely to have a unique emotional attachment with them. So, the value these retro games are going to have in the future highly depends on these two things.

Title and Franchise

It’s been observed that instead of the games with limited production runs, the games with classic titles and from well-known franchises attract the collectors more. This may be because people are more willing to invest in well-known games to appeal to their sense of nostalgia. That’s why you will often hear the names like Pokémon, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda from them. 

These popular games, from well-established franchises, are also selling at higher prices than any of their counterparts.


Well, here a simple supply and demand rule can be applied. The lower the availability of the product is in the market, the higher will be its price, and vice versa. As retro games have very limited copies in the market, they tend to fetch high prices. For the people with the question, are vintage games a good investment, it’s time to invest in them immediately before it’s too late. 

Gamers Themselves

When you look at the different platforms for gamers, you will see them recommending what games are classics and must-plays. When a whole bunch of gamers considers an old game a must-play, people following them will definitely go for this game. This in return skyrockets the price and value of that game.

How to Buy the Right Retro Games?

Retro game prices are rising already. It is important that you invest in the right type of games. It is not a complicated task, you just have to keep following things in mind.

  • You should go for the games which you think will have demand in the future.
  • Game should have a popular title and should be from a well-known franchise.
  • It should be technically or functionally unique, which will make it the first priority for the collectors.
  • If the game has a limited supply of hard copies, it can be a big plus for you.

Just keep in mind to buy the original vintage games. We recommend you to buy them from Retro vGames at very reasonable prices.

FAQs— Are Retro Games a Good Investment?

Here are some frequently asked questions about our retro games as a good investment.

Do video games hold their value?

Anyone who is investing in retro games has this question: will retro games increase in value & will they hold their value. Let us tell you something: video games do not decrease their value overnight. You can see its prices skyrocketing in a few days, but you will never see them coming down that quickly. So, yes they hold their value and their value will increase in the future.

Do game collectors play their games?

It’s mostly a matter of preference and varies from collector to collector. Some people consider these retro games untouchable and never let anyone play them. While some collectors enjoy these games and make memories for themselves.

Why are old video games so hard?

People who have played retro games will tell you how hard they were. The simple reason for this was the type of gameplay those games had. The features like single hit death, no progress save, the evil architecture of the game were there to make our life difficult. Not just this, the clunky controls at that time were also playing their part in making the game hard for anyone.

What is the most expensive video game ever sold?

One can not imagine how much a copy of a rare retro game is worth. Not so long ago, we saw record-breaking auctions of these vintage games. In July 2020, an old copy of Super Mario Bros was sold for a whopping $114,000. Another copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 went even further and was sold for $156,000. And they are not stopping here, retro game prices are getting higher day by day.


Many people are wondering: are retro games a good investment, the simple answer is yes. If you have come this far, you will have a good idea of how retro games increase in value.

Even though retro game prices are rising at great speed, you still have time to invest in this hot market. The only thing you need to take care of is to select the right games, which will promise you high benefits in the future.

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