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Retro Games Like Dark Souls

5 Retro Games Like ‘Dark Souls’ You Will Love

Looking for retro games like Dark Souls? Then here is just the right kind of soul gaming list that you need to check out. Once you’re done with the notoriously challenging Dark Souls series, you might crave to play more soul-like games. Wondering why? Because it, apparently, leaves a void. That is, no other game can give the soul gaming experience like this one.

So we, after going through tons of other games in the Soul genre, have skimmed a few Dark Souls-like games that could give you almost the same buzz and gaming experience to it. The list includes:

In fact, some of them might be even better. So let’s dig into these games to know much more about them.

Retro Games You’ll Like If You Like ‘Dark Souls’

Like we said earlier, there are tons of soul-like games available out there. But here are retro games like Dark Souls that you would definitely enjoy playing:

1. Nioh

Nioh bears similarities to Dark Souls, and its mechanics make it brilliant from start to end. In fact, this game is badass challenging when it comes to its combat style. It is loaded with three different stances to fight with its Ki stamina management system, which makes it even more difficult yet enjoyable.

Besides Nioh’s unique mechanics, you’ll be exploring an open world filled with secrets. Along the way, you’ll be slicing up the mythical creatures with plenty of weapons – kunai, bombs, swords, arrows, and whatnot. With this game, you’ll pretty much feel like a samurai living in the Japanese’s Sengoku period fighting demons to save the world.

Also, the leveling-up system in the game is quite different from others, considering you don’t have to kill enemies over and over. Instead, you’ll have to head to shrines (or saving points) with a certain amount of Amrita to level up. 

Nonetheless, the extra tactical depth in the combat system of Nioh makes it the best choice for the souls gaming players. In fact, gamers who want to play a more unforgiving game than Dark Souls would find Nioh even better.

2. Darksiders

Darksiders, apart from being similar to Dark Souls, has a lot of exciting stuff to uncover. You get to experience the mix of Legend of Zelda for its exploration and God of War for its brutal combat style.

Another intriguing part of this game is the way it begins in the midst of the apocalypse. This lets you explore the events and furious battles during the world’s end, which are still rare to see in other games. Plus, the fight with bulk-sized weapons with killer abilities gives you the experience of keeping the demons at bay. 

While the items, loot, and other gears are spread across the game’s landscape, encouraging gamers to explore more areas. To make it even more interesting, you end up with intriguing puzzles to solve, hidden gears to discover across the open world, and even more.

This game, no doubt, will keep you engaged with its constant rewards and action-packed open-world gameplay. So, Darksiders is a safe bet to buy if you are looking for a Dark Souls-like but a bit easier game to play.

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3. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Lord of Shadows, a part of the Castlevania series, only uses the name of it. Since the whole game has a totally separate identity with lots of upgrades and a different plot with the brotherhood knight, Gabriel Belmont. It is more like the mini version of Dark Souls with the aggressive combat style of God of War.

On the other hand, this game gives you beautiful bright areas to explore linearly and supernatural enemies – werewolves, vampires, and other beasts – to fight. Though its storyline does not fill up the past details of its main character and focuses more on the current events in the game. But still, it keeps you hooked till the end. 

Another interesting fact is, that it offers two battle-style systems. One, is for the enemies on the ground and the other, with huge-sized enemies. So in Lords of Shadow, you’ll find lots of challenging enemies to battle.

It goes without saying, this game of the Castlevania series is the best fit for the people looking for a dark souls-like role-playing game with button smashing combat style.

4. Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, a fantasy story from the lord of the rings, has lots of stuff going on. Because it is not only similar to Dark Souls with the ideas of demons and souls but brings out its own intriguing Nemesis system. An idea is to deploy enemies for you every time you fight one. 

Other than that, it does give the fluid and bit of a relaxed combat style, very much like Batman Arkham. While its stealth mode – silent killing – is in some ways similar to Assassin’s Creed. While the game has fantastic combat moves with two souls, Talion and Celebrimbor, using one body to fight. Which is indeed an appealing and unique add-up to the combat system.

In short, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor has bits of Dark Souls, Batman Arkham, and Assassin’s Creed. And not to forget, its own brilliant ideas such as mind control, enemies ranking, dual soul abilities and you will find even more once you play this game.

5. Onimusha 3 Demon Siege

In the Demon Siege of Onimusha series, just like Dark Souls, you get to fight demons to save the world and absorb their souls to get stronger. But what makes this game different and yet exciting is the time-traveling. With this game, you have to fight off the demons of the present and the past at the same time!

This game lives up to the expectations of Onimusha fans. Its consistency in terms of storyline and great RPG experience is commendable. The slash sword styles, 3D visual upgrade, and character development are impressive. While playing this game, you might feel the essence of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games. Since it’s the same franchise producing this game.

Suffice it to say, the idea of playing back and forth in time using two characters and getting an addition of a modern-day character is definitely a unique addition. Making it one of the best games with a vibe of Dark Souls but with its own innovative concept to make you like this game in its own way.

FAQs About Retro Games Like ‘Dark Souls’

Since you are reading about retro games like Dark Souls, so we have answered some of the possible frequently asked questions that you may have in your mind here:

What are Dark Souls-like games?

Most Soul games have similar stuff, like soul collecting, items to get, and dead enemies to battle. And not to forget, the unique potions or herbs for health recovery, which are needed even if your player is a lifeless person. However, the soul-like games released recently focused a lot on improving the combat styles and battle systems.

Which Dark Souls game is best for beginners?

Dark Souls Remastered is one of the best starting points for playing soul-like games. Because this game is simple and has easier combats than others. Since it is the first game that gained popularity not just for its graphics but for its detailing style for newbies soul gamers.

Is Dark Souls harder than Nioh?

Despite the similarities of Nioh and Dark Souls, the only difference between them is the instant increase in the combat difficulty. You can say, the challenging battle system of Nioh makes it harder and yet different from other souls-like games.

Are there retro games like Dark Souls but easier?

Aside from our list of souls games, you can go for other games like Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and Lords of the Fallen. Since they have similar vibes – the battle system and gaming environment. But if you want the exact same experience, you can also try out Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III.

What is the type of Dark Souls game?

Dark souls series is categorized as role-playing games (RPG) with a third-person view and exploration mechanics. It belongs to the souls gaming genre. Because the whole series consists of lots of death, dead walking enemies, environmental designs, and soul collecting, just like other souls games.

To Sum Up

In all of these Dark Souls-like games, you would notice the combat styles, visuals, and battling systems have tremendously evolved over the past few years. Making them intriguing for soul gamers to play it even more. And, that’s what makes them a better choice to fill in the void, which is left after playing the Dark Souls series. But, if you are looking for more games to play, you might want to check out the best retro games of all time.

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