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Best N64 Retro Games

5 Best N64 Retro Games To Get Addicted To

Looking for the best 5 nostalgic retro games to play on Nintendo 64? Then let’s check out our collection of the best N64 retro games here!

Nintendo has, indeed, given us awesome childhood memories and will last for a lifetime. While some of them gave us the most innovative experiences in gaming history. And yet, you may want to get back to those games from time to time.

But Nintendo games being classic and old, have too many games to play. So, which of them are the best 5 games to get the fullest N64 gaming experience? Let’s find that out in our collection of best N64 games here.

Best N64 Retro Games – Reviewed

After going through tons of Nintendo 64 games, we have put up the best in our list that would definitely let you revisit the classic retro gaming experience. So let’s dig in!

1. Resident Evil 2

Even being released on PS1, Capcom still decided to put the whole game of Resident Evil 2 into the cartridge of Nintendo 64. At the time, it faced lots of criticism and even “the impossible horror experience” remark. But guess what? It took the horror genre gaming experience on N64 to a whole new level. 

This sequel includes two protagonists, Claire Redfield (a college student) and Leon Kennedy (a rookie officer). You’ll get to play as one of them, exploring the T-virus virus-infected city. Fighting off Zombie-like people while looking for other survivors in the game. In the end, the story unfolds the events connecting dots of the previous and future series of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 2 is a great living example of the best sound design, controls scheme, and gameplay on N64. While the transition of the storyline keeps you at the edge. So if you are looking into the downright horror genre, then Resident Evil 2 is just the right game for you.

Best Known For: Sound Design, Controls Scheme, Gameplay, Horror.

2. Banjo Kazooie N64

Banjo Kazooie is one of the all-day playing games – a light-hearted and cheerful adventure. It belongs to the adventure category, encouraging the gamers to explore and collect different items.

The game begins with bright visuals and a bunch of cheerful fantasy characters enjoying their day. But one day, Banjo’s younger sister, Tooty, gets kidnapped by an evil witch living in another world. So Banjo sets out on a quest with Kazooie to rescue Tooty. You’ll go through different worlds by collecting jigsaw puzzle pieces and meeting other intriguing characters, like Mumbo Jumbo, Bottles, etc.

The gameplay of Banjo Kazooie is charming and yet challenging. It is the best choice for gamers who are looking to enjoy retro adventure games on Nintendo 64.

Best Known For: Light-hearted, Cheerful, Exploration, Adventure, Bright Visuals, Unique Enemies.

3. Pokemon Stadium N64

Pokemon Stadium is all about the arcade-style battles among the mythical creatures in a tournament. Nintendo used the N64 Transfer Pak, which made the game very much close to its anime concept, Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Besides catching Pokemons, you’ll have to experience the game as an actual trainer. That is, train your Pokemon through mini-games, check their health stats, and take them to the gym for workouts. Another WOW factor of the game is, that you can play with your friends. Plus, if you score up to certain points, you’ll unlock more battles. And not to forget the variety of Pokemons that you can upload on your N64.

That’s why Pokemon Stadium is considered the best game for Nintendo 64. Because of its innovative idea, gaming experience, and unique battle system. If you are a Pokemon fan and fighting tournaments games, then this is just the game for you.  

Best Known For: Single and Multiplayer, Arcade Battle System, Variety of Mini-Games.

4. Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is one of the successful first-person shooting games that have a sensible storyline. It certainly meets the expectation of being a successor to the GoldenEye 007 – a sci-fi story of an agent. 

This game has a top-class agent named Johanna Dark. Since she is a perfect killer, that’s why her code name becomes Perfect Dark. Once the game starts, you’ll head straight to the mission. However, things become twisted when an organization’s dirty secret is discovered, and they are a threat to mankind. You’ll have to use every weapon, even the alien ones, to put an end to this mess. Also, you can team up with your friends and defeat the enemy. 

Aside from the storyline, Perfect Dark allows you to face off with your friends, go into training modes and other missions. It’s a full-packed shooting game with lots of weapons to explore. Making it the best choice for people loving first-person shooting N64 games.

Best Known For: Successor to GoldenEye 007, Single-Player and Multiplayer, Intriguing Storyline, Sheer Shooting, Specialized Weapons, Training Mode.

5. Wave Race 64

As the name suggests, Wave Race 64 is sure to provide an excellent and exciting racing experience on the waves. This game has the reputation of being an excellent addition to the racing games on Nintendo 64.

Wave Race 64 lets you select your very own Kawasaki jet ski and race through the beautiful water track on the beach. The graphics and the mechanics are amazing to the point that it gives you the feel of the pounding and crashing of the waves. Enter into a tournament or challenge a friend. Make the highest score to get first place on the winner’s podium. 

Needless to say, it’s the best N64 game for people looking to whip around and go airborne on the jump ramps at the beach. While enjoying a racing challenge with your friends and family!

Best Known For: Water Racing, Player Customization, Single and Multiplayer, Challenging Tournaments.

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FAQs About Best N64 Retro Games

Some questions in mind? Well, we have answered a few of them here:

Why was the Nintendo 64 so popular?

Besides being notalgia, Nintendo has games that are easy to play with great storylines. Plus, the feature of local multiplayer makes the game fun while enjoying with your loved ones.

What happens when you turn on a Nintendo 64 console without a game?

Without placing the cartridge in the Nintendo, the screen will turn on, but you won’t see any image. However, if you have put the cartridge in the N64 console and you are unable to see anything on the screen. Then, there is a high chance of your game’s cartridge being faulty. It is a common problem for cartridge-based consoles.

Why is the Nintendo 64 so expensive?

Despite being many years old, the demand for Nintendo games is still high. Plus, the cartridges system also makes these games rare, leading them to increase their value even more. Another reason for its spiked price is the game collectors –  people who collect valuable games to preserve their original ideas.

Can you get a Nintendo 64?

You can find new, used, and even refurbished Nintendo 64 consoles via online stores. Lots of varieties are available in different colors. You can also get your hands on the limited edition variants as well.

Are N64 games going up in value?

Because of the pandemic, the demand for Nintendo games has drastically increased. On many online stores, you’ll see prices going up. Further, it seems like people have found a new way to spend their time with easy-to-play games.  

Conclusion On The Best N64 Retro Games

Nintendo 64 has the timeless best retro games that you can play and have fun with. N64 games have a way of involving people, either by multiplayer mode or just sitting beside commenting about the game. Since there are tons of games out there, our list of best Nintendo 64 games certainly would help you to enjoy those moments with your friends and family.

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