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Best Controller For Playing Games

6 Best Controller For Playing Games On N64

With so many controllers out there, it is pretty challenging to choose the best controller for playing retro games. And not to forget, no matter how awesome the game and the gaming console are, but if the controller is bad. Then it doesn’t take too much to mess up your gameplay.

Fortunately, with our extensive gaming experience, we have rounded up the best controllers for six popular gaming consoles – SNES, PS, Sega Genesis, Xbox, Atari, and N64. This will definitely let you find the right controllers to fully enjoy retro gaming. 

So without any further ado, let get in:

6 Best Controllers For Playing Games

Choosing the right controllers for gaming is extremely important. Since all the gaming experience depends on it. So, here is the list that will help you find the best controllers for retro gaming for each console:

1. Best Retro Game Controller For SNES

When it comes to playing games on SNES, the first thing that you need to do is get a controller that is comfortable for playing classic 2D retro games. Certainly one of the best controllers for retro games.

So, it does not have to be something fancy, but good enough that it does not tire your fingers from hours and hours of playing games on it. And that is the very reason you should go for the Original SNES controller. 

The SNES controller is simple, small in size, and has sharp edges. It lets you get a perfect grip on the controller. While its sturdy and textured surface with the original keypad style, making it the best choice for playing retro games on SNES.

However, it does not have thumbsticks – the only drawback. Other than that, it works perfectly fine with all other games. Whether it is Mario, Tetris, or any collector’s edition games on the SNES console.

Best Feature: Good gaming experience for classic 2D retro games. 

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2. Best Controller For Retro Gaming on PlayStation

There is no doubt that the PS1 controller is still quite valuable for gamers who like to play old retro games. Even more interesting is that it can handle most of the games on PS2 too.

At first glance, the design of the PS1 controller may seem similar to the SNES controller. But in reality, it gives a very different experience to the gamers. In fact, it is super ergonomic due to its curvy shape. It lets you hold the controller with a firm grip while playing the games.

Buttons are the same but the layout is a bit different – just like the way it is arranged on the latest PS controllers. Then again, it lacks the two thumbstick keys. Nonetheless, you can play all PS1 and most PS2 games that do not require two thumbstick keys for their gameplay. 

With that said, this controller lets you enjoy many popular retro games like Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy VII, and many more.

Best Feature: Compatible with PS1 and PS2 console. 

3. Best Gaming Controller For Sega Genesis

For a solid gaming experience with the Sega Genesis gaming console, a 6-Button layout controller does the trick. Another perk is, it is compatible with Mega Drive and Atari. That adds a lot of games to play.

Indeed, the 6-Button layout controller gives you more control over the games that involve more than 3-button action – like Street Fighters or any other arcade game. Plus, you can switch back to 3-buttons by using the mode button (on the right top).

Unlike previous Sega Genesis controllers, it is smaller with additional buttons. Also, the D-pad feels much more flexible. While the upper three buttons have different patterns than the lower buttons. Thinking about how it is useful? It lets you feel the button’s differences without even looking at them during the gameplay. 

So far, the Sega Genesis 6-Button layout controller has proven to be the best option for years now. You can enjoy retro games like Sonic, Megaman, and other action-packed games. One of the best controllers for retro games? Oh yes, no doubt about that.

Best Feature: Compatibility with Mega Drive, Atari, and 3-Buttons games. 

4. Best Retro Gaming Controller For Xbox

Speaking of the best controller for the Original Xbox console, there are two options: Duke and Original Xbox Controller. Among the two, the second one is designed to fit in your hands more comfortably. Since it is much lighter and smaller as compared to the first one.

The Original Xbox controller is much better not just in the sense of its compact design but also the analog and trigger keys are fluid and sensitive. Definitely useful for the immersive experience of racing games

While the revised D-pad surface takes the directional movement response to a whole other level. Plus, smaller grips and a better button layout makes the response time much quicker. That means no slipping off or messing up controls – doesn’t this seem like one of the best controllers for retro games?

In the end, the impressive design of the Original Xbox controller takes the stage. With this controller, you can get a great gaming experience of Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Need for Speed, and many other retro games.

Best Feature: Robust layout of the controller for the enticing gaming experience.

5. Best Controller to Play Retro Games on Atari

Nothing can beat the gaming experience of a single-button-plus-joystick key for playing old-school games on Atari. Among all, the best option is the Atari 2600 Joystick controller. Why do we think that? It is because of its classic Atari controller style.

What’s interesting is, the Atari 2600 Joystick is purposely designed to look classic and minimalistic. A single button to pause and play and an analog joystick for directional movements. Also, its internal components have a longer life span.

Unlike previous Atari controllers, its joystick key is small enough – but bigger than thumbsticks – to place your thumb on it and use it for gameplay. This makes it very convenient for modern gamers, like us, as we use our thumb far more comfortably than holding the joystick key with our whole palms.

Certainly, it’s a hassle-free and the most simplistic controller to enjoy all your favorite childhood games on Atari for hours – Classic Pacman, Space Invaders, Demon Attack, Atlantis, etc.

Best Feature: Durable along with simple plug-in and play for classic retro games.

6. Best Controller for Playing Games on N64

Of all the controllers that Nintendo has released, the original N64 is very cleverly designed. Why is that? Because it allows you to play both – 2D and 3D – games.

The developers merged the original Nintendo controller design with the modern idea to play both dimensions of games. By putting together the standard D-pad and the joystick, creating three hand grips on the N64 controller. Giving freedom to gamers to play games in whichever style they like. While the rest of the layout is similar to what currently is available in the market.

At first, the original N64 controller may seem terrible, but functionally, it could not be better. Because N64 was released when 3D games were coming into the market and the old 2D games were still in the mainstream. And luckily, it did the trick.

What’s more? This controller works on any region’s Nintendo 64 console, adding lots of games to play like Rayman, Blast Corps, and other exciting games.

Best Feature: Unlocked for all N64 and can play all dimension Nintendo games.

FAQs — Best Controllers For Retro Games

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the best controllers for retro games

Are wired controllers better for gaming?

In terms of response time, wired controllers are still ahead of wireless controllers. So even now, some gamers would prefer a wired controller.

Can a Genesis controller work on Atari 2600?

The controller for the Sega Genesis can be used with the Atari 2600 because of its backward compatibility.

Is Nintendo making more SNES controllers?

For now, Nintendo is still sticking to wireless replicas of the original SNES and NES controllers. But if you want one, you’ll have to look into the market to buy a used version.

Is there a wireless PS1 controller?

Up till now, Sony hasn’t made any wireless controller for PS1. So for PS1 games, you’ll have to go for a wired PS1 controller. Or you can try out third-party wireless controllers.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve said earlier, there are lots of controllers for every gaming console in the market, but these are the best controllers that can give you the immersive experience of retro gaming.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for checking out our recommendations for the best controllers for each console.

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