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Retro Games Better Than Latest Games

Why Are Retro Games Better Than Latest Games?

Noticing people preferring retro games over modern games? Let’s look into the reasons that still make these games better than the new ones.

Just think for a moment, how many years passed when these games – now referred to as Retro Games – were released. Back then, it was a significant shift in all aspects. Lots of new gadgets, systems, gears, and whatnot. And today, we have so many latest games with much-improved graphics and consoles. 

But still, many gamers return to retro games from time to time. In fact, some even prefer them over the latest games. Out of curiosity, we ended up looking for the reasons that make retro games THAT GOOD. So, let’s dig into the details!

Why Are Retro Games Better Than Latest Games?

Among many reasons, there are a few worth noting, which are: 

Let’s have a closer look into them:

1. Much Better Storylines

Aside from graphics, the retro games have a more impactful and intriguing storyline than the latest games. And frankly, the new games are much more about improving graphics and systems than making an emotional anchor for the players.

Take Contra Returns as an example. Two men, Mad Dog and Scorpion, are sent on a mission to stop the enemies trying to destroy the world – the same old typical plot. When it was developed for classic gaming, it was great for that time period.

But why aren’t they moving to the next part? Or at least improving the existing storyline to make some sense. Sending only two men on such a globally important mission. Shouldn’t they send a whole army to take care of this mess? It seems like they are not even trying to do something new. 

But if we talk about the Zelda series, it has a much better plot developed. A kingdom sends out its four champion knights to save the world from the evil beasts. See? It’s not a one-man army thing. And not just that, it also reveals the pieces of history and connects the dots of the present events in a very progressive way.

Retro games have a knack for creating an emotional connection with the players through their sensible storyline. Making gamers feel more part of the storyline of the game. 

2. Simple Yet Awesome Gaming Experience

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the gamings was more about using simple controls to play the game. But now, it’s kinda more complex. So many actions to remember and tons of keys to perform those actions. Huh… 

Some games even ended up adding actions that can only be performed by multiple keys series. Like Slaves of Armok: God of Blood, there is not a button on the keyboard you won’t use. While other gamers faced crashing Skyrim because they collected almost all the chests in the game. And many others have gadgets that aren’t ever used throughout the entire game. It’s just too many items taking unnecessary space.

On the other hand, the classic games, like Breath of Fire and Super Mario, deliver a fun gaming experience just with a few keys. The items are well placed and are often used at some point in the game. The difficulty increases gradually, depending on the experience or any other logical factor.

Not all but a few of the latest game’s controls are terribly complex. While most retro games have a simple scheme for controlling their character in the game comfortably.

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3. Plug-in and Play Without Constant Updates

Games have always had bugs. The only difference is that now it’s possible to get them fixed with few updates. But if there are continuous pop-ups for the updates, then it is definitely annoying. Because it wastes gamers’ time. The worst? Fills up the system’s memory to the point that you’ll have to uninstall other games.

Most of the consoles, like Xbox, require you to set up an internet connection, register an online account, and finally set up any games. So? Even if you go through this once, you’ll receive updates (or patches) from time to time. Making a 20GB game into a 40GB game – is definitely not good for the gaming console’s memory.

As for the retro games, just get them from an online store, plug it into the gaming system, and play. Just like that, simple and easy. No need to set up online connectivity, and accounts and wait for sluggish updates. Even if the game stops, blow the cartridges and start playing again.

The latest games tend to use up too much memory. While retro games are definitely hassle-free and less memory-consuming to play.

4. Same Thing But Still Amusing

Putting the same content in the modern games really doesn’t make you come back to it – unless you’re a die heart fan. But even then, once you are done with their main missions, most gamers don’t go for the replay.

For instance, the modern Final Fantasy has really long gameplay with lots of cutscenes. Though the storyline is interesting, repetitive battles and slow-motion finishers make it boring. It doesn’t create a compelling experience for most gamers. Only a die-heart fan would go for the replay. And most probably, they’ll go for the side missions but not the main story.

As for the retro games, if you go for the Spyro or any other. It’s still enjoyable, even if it’s the same thing. Another great example is Pacman – a quick and entertaining game that makes you come to it. The Reason? They put the right amount of playtime and cutscenes. Making you play the game instead of just watching it.

To some people, retro games are still the best choice. The same thing doesn’t seem to bore them. Instead, they come back to it again just to enjoy simple retro moments with these games.

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5. Originality and Variety of Retro Games to PLAY!

Today we have too many games to play – be it old or new. Continuation or picking up some past good ideas of those games isn’t a bad thing. But if it’s done constantly, then the chances are you’ll start looking the other way to fill in the void.

In fact, many big names in the gaming industry have run out of ideas. Instead of coming up with a unique plot, the developers overused the concepts. And still, they go for the same old military, zombies, and apocalypse stuff. Just like they have done in Brothers in Arms, Sniper Elite, and Call of Duty. Too many games of the same mechanics and genre.

But when it comes to retro games, whether it’s a quest of the bubble-breathing dragon or an android warrior Mega Man. All of them vary from each other and are original ideas. The originality of a retro game’s plot is still so refreshing and appealing.

More or less, the immersive graphics of the game can’t beat the originality. While the variety of games in different genres lets gamers enjoy a variety of retro games.

FAQs About Retro Games Being Better Than Latest Games

Still got questions? No worries. We have answered some of the frequently asked questions below:

What defines retro gaming?

Retro gaming is playing old-school games. They are valuable enough that many gamers collect them to preserve their original ideas. 

Is retro gaming just nostalgia?

Retro gaming is more than nostalgia. Though it is part of it because of their presence for many long years.

Will retro games increase in value?

Based on the recent market trends, it is likely to increase. One of the factors is the pandemic, as people started to look for enjoying and remembering their old memories with classic games.

Are retro games dying?

Some of them are buried, but popular retro gaming is still thriving in the industry. While many games are being rebooted or remade to keep the original idea alive.


Overall, there are a number of reasons to prefer retro games over the latest games. Its simplicity and sensibility take the trophy away from the latest games. However, if the gaming industry focuses on some of these reasons then they might be able to produce quality games, just like the old ones still are.

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