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best nintendo ds games

5 Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Looking for the best games to play on the Nintendo DS console? Then let’s look into our top picks for this second top-seller handheld.

Back in 2004, Nintendo set the standards for today’s handheld gaming systems. And adopting their famous and iconic games for this modern design console worked like a charm with the public. It created a mindset of Nintendo games are unique, popular, and timeless.

So, we have picked some of the best games that are worth playing, even in 2022. Let’s get into the list of all-time best games to play on your Nintendo DS now!

5 Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Nintendo has provided some of the iconic characters and amazing games over the years. As for Nintendo DS, they expanded their target market to even non-gamers. So we have many games for almost every genre on the Nintendo DS console. 

Not only that, their games have the longest shelf-life while reaching the top-selling list of all time. Some of the best games to play on your Nintendo DS are:

1. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass – All-Time Hit RPG

The Zelda series, without any doubt, keeps you hooked with its intriguing storyline and innovative control system on the DS console. 

As for the storyline, it is the sequel to Wind Waker and continues the journey with Link. You’ll find more non-traditional characters during the adventure. You’ll go through different paths, and dungeons and overcome many obstacles. However, Tetris (the princess of Zelda) won’t be in action as she is the one that you’ll be rescuing in this game.

This game takes full advantage of the stylus and dual-screen to bring an enhanced gaming experience for the Zelda die-heart fans. You’ll be using a stylus for most actions, such as moving around, attacking, and choosing a weapon. You can also take notes and mark places on the map for finding your way out of the dungeon temples. 

In short, this game is a mix of action, adventure, magic, and a lot of fantasy characters that keep you engaged in this journey of the Zelda series. While adding the unique DS style to the gameplay makes it more appealing to the gamers.

2. Theresia – Dark & Horror

Theresia is a psychological horror game with much more detailed graphics than other horror Nintendo DS games. That is, it doesn’t have Zombies, Vampires, or other supernatural creatures chopping your head. But too many dead bodies in a mysterious facility.

In the main storyline, you’ll wake up as the female character with no memories at all. The first thing that you’ll see is a notepad with a pen, written Theresia on the page. From there, you’ll begin to explore the whole facility while your memories will come to you from time to time. The thing is, those memories are scarier than the abandoned facilities full of traps and dead bodies.

Apart from the memory mystery, you get to solve various puzzles, explore hallways and dark rooms. On one screen, you’ll see the map, and on the other, you’ll examine the area, corpse, or other objects. And if you want more, then complete the main storyline to unlock the bonus horror quest to play.

This game is particularly great for gamers who love to play the survival horror genre and are interested in novelistic graphics. Plus, the mystery of memories in the game makes sure to keep you stuck till the end.

3. Mario Kart DS – Racing & Multiplayer

Rowdy, rash and bang! That’s what the Mario Kart DS game is all about. This game gives you the kart racing tracks with all-time favorite Nintendo characters.

Just like its predecessors, the gameplay is amusing with hand-down controls. What’s unique about this game is that it entertains you on the dual screens. You can view the whole track, other players’ positions, and the weapons they are holding on the second screen. While on the other screen, you can enjoy its 3D graphics and up-close view of the game.

What’s more, you can customize your Karts. You can find the best-suited Kart for yourself in the huge collection. That you get unlocked as the reward system of the game.

Furthermore, this game has numerous tracks, different racing modes, trophies to win, and unlockable characters. The energetic music and surprise attacks keep you at the edge throughout the race. This makes the Mario Kart DS replay value so high that you’ll keep coming back to play it often.

On top of that, the multiplayer option lets you enjoy it with your friends, family, or even your partner. That’s why this game is also known as one of the best games for couples. All you have to do is share the common code and stay connected to WiFi to play it with your online buddies.

4. Final Fantasy IV – RPG Adventure

When it comes to the dramatic graphics with the intense storyline, then it would be unfair not to mention Final Fantasy IV. The developers did an excellent job in putting the great cinematics and charming retro graphics of this game into the DS console.

The story revolves around Cecil (Red Wing Captain and Dark Knight) seeking redemption for what he did to the innocent people on the orders of the tyrant King (Baron). Cecil decides to stand against the King and stop him from wrongdoings. For this quest, he gathers skilled allies and searches for the magical crystal to restore peace in the world.

Just like classic final fantasy adventure, you’ll be traveling around the world with trusted friends – Kain, Rosa, Rydia, and many more. Encounter and fight enemies to get stronger. Buying powerful potions and weapons that can help you during the battle. Not to forget, you can buy additional items from in-game shops. Or get it from defeating difficult enemies in the game.

And, of course, the dual-screen and stylus make it easier for you to control characters through the gameplay. So, if you are an RPG purist and want to experience touch screen gaming on your DS console, then this is just the right game to play.

5. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Crime & Mystery

Want to play justice quest on Nintendo DS? Then, Ghost Trick won’t let you down. This game begins with your dead character. And on top of that, it has amnesia just after that. So you don’t know who and how your character was killed. And, this fellow doesn’t even remember anything about your past life. 

So, is that the end? Well, definitely not! Because you’ll be saving the detective and other people’s lives in the entire game using newly gained supernatural abilities. The trick is you’ll have to possess particular objects to travel in the game, as you do not have any physical body.

Another interesting part of this game is its extraordinary animation and the dialogues of each character. The graphic transition is superfluid, even considered one of the high graphic quality games for Nintendo DS consoles. While the dialogue delivery explains the nature of the character, which connects the gamers emotionally.

As its name suggests, you’ll have to perform ghost tricks to survive, save others, and solve criminal cases. Not to forget, finding your own murderer after death with the help of the detective.

FAQs About The Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

Looking for more answers? Then, some of them might be answered here:

What made the Nintendo DS console so popular?

The DS console the Nintendo brought a variety of games for not only gamers but also for non-gamers. It also broke the generation barrier of the games for young to middle-aged people with games like classic Sudoku, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Brain Age, and others. Plus, the console’s unique design changed the history of handheld gaming systems forever.

What is the best-selling DS game of all time?

Nintendo’s iconic character game, the New Super Mario Bros, sits at the top of the best-selling game list. However, this game has been popular since its launch on May 15, 2006. As it sold about 31 million units across the globe.

What DS game has the best graphics?

Besides our best DS retro game list, you’ll find Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Pokemon, and many more with great graphics and intriguing gameplay. Although they can not be compared with modern games. As the developers had old tech and resources in the early 1990s. So, the NES developers did a great job with these games, considering the limitations of that time.

What does Nintendo DS stand for?

In the beginning, DS was taken for Developers System. But later, the company announced Dual Screen as the full abbreviation of DS. Because the console, itself, was recognized for dual screens rather than for its other features. It has a microphone, online connectivity via WiFi, a multiplayer option, and supports one touch screen.

Can you play Pokemon Emerald on the DS console?

The DS console ensured backward compatibility for GBA games by adding an additional slot for GBA tiles and necessary technical support to the DS console. So you can play the Pokemon Emerald Version game on your DS console. However, the display and the graphics may not be the same as the original GBA display due to the resolution difference of these games.

Wrap Up

Overall, the all-time best Nintendo DS games successfully catered to gamers and non-gamers. You’ll find games in every genre with great graphics – for that time. The storyline, concept, artwork, and originality make them valuable and long-lasting.

Some of the games like Zelda and others took full benefit of the value-added features of Nintendo DS consoles. The use of a stylus on the touch screen and the entire map view during the gameplay was quite attractive to many. Each one of these games is still appealing enough to play even now.

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