5 Best NES Retro Games To Play in 2022

best NES retro games

5 Best NES Retro Games To Play in 2022

Back in the 1990s, there were so many games and so little time to play them all. There is a chance of you missing out on some of the best NES games to play. To help you out, we have picked some of the best NES games that you would definitely enjoy:

Let’s look into our list of the best NES games to play right now.

5 Best NES Retro Games

Playing NES games is the best way to have fun and enjoy simple moments with friends and family. So, here is the list of best NES retro games:

1. Kickle Cubicle

We got two words for Kickle Cubicle, addictive and entertaining! This game has not only high replayability value but also has nice sound effects and graphics. The fluid animation makes this gameplay again and again.

In Kickle Cubicle, you’ll go on a quest to rescue the whole kingdom from the evil wizard king. So what’s unique? You’ll travel as a snow boy solving tons of intriguing PUZZLES and freezing enemies throughout the games. Collect dream bags to free citizens and reach all four places to restore the kingdom’s weather. 

As for the gameplay, the animations and graphics are pretty amazing. Enriched with lots of characters and items. Plus, the icy shootings to freeze enemies and pillars to protect yourself is quite strategic – engage your brain! 

Overall, this game is light-hearted yet challenges your brain to solve puzzles. Especially an awesome choice for adventurous puzzle-solving games.

Best Known For: Puzzle-Solving, Sound Effects, Fluid Animation, Replayability, Entertaining.

2. Tetris

Besides Tetris being a fun game, it had heated up pressure in the gaming world for the rights from Nintendo with other companies. But in the end, Nintendo successfully took the rights and made it even more awesome visuals and simple gameplay.

As we said, the NES took the whole game to a whole other level. Added modern graphics along with easy-to-play controls. You have to flip the falling blocks in a way that fills a line. When the line finishes with blocks, then it destroys itself, making space for new ones. Sounds Simple? Well, it becomes challenging when as the game progresses – blocks falling faster!

Apart from the fun of playing Tetris, this game boosts your brain’s cognitive skills. In fact, some gamers play it ten minutes a day like an exercise for their brains. 

We highly recommend this game to play not just for enjoyment but to enhance your brain’s activity. That’s the best gaming exercise you can get from the NES games.

Best Known For: Sound Design, Controls Scheme, Simple Gameplay, Modern Graphics, Tetrominoes, Colorful, Brain Exercise.

3. Metroid

Metroid is one of the revolutionaries of the NES world. Why? It’s an open-world game. There is no end to the places you can’t go. Lots of secret passages and power-ups to discover along the way.

The plot of this game is about the device, Metroid, stolen by the space pirates, who are controlled by Mother Brain. Now it falls on you, as Samus Aran, to get back the device and stop the evil pirates from destroying the whole galaxy. You have to infiltrate the enemy’s fortress, defeat the enemies and destroy the device. 

Watch out! Because lots of enemies are lurking and will kill you with no mercy. Plus, this game doesn’t provide a map of the enemy base. Keeping it very close to reality, as you wouldn’t know the layout of your enemy’s base.

Overall, it’s a space adventure on the planet of Zebes to save the galaxy. Keeping intrigued till the end of the game with lots of hi-tech weapons and places to explore.

Best Known For: Classic Open-World, 2-D Adventure, High-Tech Weapons, Single-Player Mode, Unique Art Style, Power-Ups, Shooting Mechanic, Space Pirates.

4. Final Fantasy

At this point, it is correct to say that Final Fantasy is one of the most influential role-playing games in the history of top NES games. The storyline, graphics, and no limit to imagination make this game different from others.

You’ll gather a group of warriors – Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, or Mages – to go on an adventure to save the world. The elemental enemies have pulled off their elements from the world and stored them in the orb. So your warriors have to defeat them and get the orbs to restore the natural order in the world.

Fan of Travelling? This game lets you travel to many places – villages, caves, deserts, jungles, and whatnot! Once you defeat the pirate, you’ll even travel and fight off sea creatures. What’s more? Offers you a lot of weapons and other items to get, either from shops or as a reward for fighting an enemy. 

It truly gives you the vibes of the Final Fantasy series with its adventure and storyline. This game is classic and fun to play to the point that you might want to get back to from time to time.

Best Known For: Role Playing Game, Open-World, Final Fantasy Series, Warriors, Mages, Bright Graphics, Music. 

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) has the honor of being the best-second-selling game back in the 1990s for the NES. So? This fact is interesting because of two things. One, it is a third-party game. Second, it is based on the TMNT comics, not on the TV series (of that time).

Interestingly, this game was a kind of open-world for that time. Traveling through the city, tunnels, sewers, and dams. And the best part, traveling in the turtle van and entering into buildings to fight off the enemies.

Each level has a different mission, but all start to stop shredder’s evil plans. Saving from a friend to diffusing bombs. And with that, the difficulty level is average while the gameplay is unique. Thinking about what’s so different? During the gameplay, you can change to any of your favorite turtles. Giving you an edge to use every turtle’s abilities at their fullest at every level of the game. 

TMNT is an adventure plus strategy of the famous four turtles in the 2D open-world. No doubt, it gives a great gaming experience to NES gamers. Making it the games that you wouldn’t want to miss playing it.

Best Known For: Single-Player Mode, Catchy Music, Graphics, Collectibles Action, Comic TMNT, Switch Players During Game, Humorous Dialogues.

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FAQs About Best NES Retro Games

Got some questions to ask? Here, let me answer a few of them:

What NES game has the best graphics?

Aside from our best NES retro games list, you’ll find Zelda, Mega Man, and Mario with great graphics plus intriguing gameplay. Though there were limited resources in the early 1980s and 1990s, the NES developers did a great job in these games.

What made the NES popular?

At one time, the Nintendo Entertainment System had become the undisputed market leader for the top NES games, such as The Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Not only that, they added variety to the games to play. And still, the storylines are great – even much better than the latest games.

Does the NES have built-in games?

Some of the NES games were pre-uploaded in the console, such as Classic Donkey Kong and many others. They were value-added benefits for buying the NES gaming consoles.  

Where to find top NES classic games?

You can find top NES classic games on retro gaming sites. It offers many old-era games and even retro consoles to play on them.

To Sum Up

Few games on our list are those which are forgotten by time. It is unfortunate to see such wonderful games fade away. But luckily, some gaming developers are reviving them. All in all, NES retro games are fun and quite entertaining to play. Plus, these retro games provide a great gaming experience to every gaming enthusiast.

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