10 Most Creepy Retro Horror Games for a Perfect Halloween

10 Most Creepy Retro Horror Games for a Perfect Halloween

Do you think that old horror games can’t be creepier enough to make your Halloween scary? Having the Halloween event right around the corner, there are many retro horror games choices for you to make the spooky eve special.

You might have played the eighth generation horror games, but the old-fashioned retro games have their own spooky essence – Leave your pumpkins out there and get ready for an exciting Halloween ahead!

Creepiest Retro Horror Games of All-time

Here, I have compiled the list of scariest retro games that shiver up the spine to the core (especially when you’re playing them in a dark room!)

1. Resident Evil

Indulge the scariest adventures of survival-horror with this record-breaking series – Resident evil is the trend-setter for the third-person shooters.

In this classic horror-filled franchise, you face evil demons lurking in your way. The nail-biting competitive gameplay is best for those who like long-lasting shooting games against extremely dreadful creatures.

Skin-crawling monsters are waiting for you in a giant mansion – It’s your time to take on their monstrosity and blast everyone to hell.

Are you ready to spend Halloween nights while fighting against horrific creatures?


2. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Konami’s Silent Hill is somewhat similar to ‘resident evil’ but presents a more horrific and lively story.

What could be more scariest in a horror-game franchise than the one that triggers your psychological fears to the core? Silent hill is the one that can shake you up when you’re playing it alone.

Find yourself in a ghostly town as a character named ‘Harry Mason,’ who is on his way to perceive his adopted daughter.

Unless you’re not used to nasty and blood scenes, Silent hill is the best choice for an extreme haunting experience. This game can seriously make you uncomfortable with its illusionary and rotting creatures.


3. Eternal Darkness

One of the best retro horror games known in history, Eternal darkness, fills up your horror appetite with its frightening psychological horror gameplay.

It’s an action-adventurous game having a third-person view in which you fight monsters and solve mind-boggling puzzles.

Kill down the small enemies to face the battle against the giant bosses. Do you have what it takes to complete this survival-horror title?


4. Dead Head Fred

Dead Head Fred is a comedy-horror game that introduces humor with haunting gameplay in a nice and creative blend which makes it an absolute thrilling ride of imagination.

Having unique gameplay, Dead Head Fred is one of its own kind being genuinely funny yet scary. It’s a well written script, to be honest.


5. Dead Rising

Developed by ‘Capcom,’ ‘Dead Rising’ is another haunting thriller to make your Halloween memorable. It’s one of the best selling retro horror games series with more than 13 million copies sold worldwide.

There have been five dead rising games till now, and each one is terribly good.

Get your hands on the most-thrilling zombie franchise now.


6. Blood Omen 2

Do you want to upgrade your level with a great difficulty game? Blood Omen 2 is only for hardcore horror gamers.

Since it’s considered as one of the most challenging retro horror games, you’ll be seeing death screen all the time. You must be an outstanding learner to progress in the game as it provides a smooth learning curve.

Strategic action combat will make you love this franchise even more as you get a unique arsenal of weaponry against the brutal enemies that hold undefined dark secrets of the city.

It’s the magic of exploration and sacrifice that keeps the gamer engaged and bound to the TV screen.


7. Goosebumps Horrorland

Based on a popular book series “Goosebumps”, fans from throughout the world admire Goosebumps Horrorland.

An epic carnival game that offers a series of mini-games. You go outside, take multiple rides, solve quests to unlock more areas of ‘ghoul factor.’

The game offers competitive gameplay, but it’s fun if you’re a quick learner (The game provides easy instructions on the screen for the ones who aren’t used to Goosebumps Horrorland) . Overall, it’s a fun game to play.


8. Luigi’s Mansion

Fulfill your fantasies by exploring a haunted hotel possessed by every spooky stuff – An excellent opportunity to meet your favorite ghosts!

Controlling Luigi (Mario’s younger brother) as the main protagonist, you explore the buried secrets of scary things around.

This retro horror game is excellent for kids who want to start their spooky games journey full-fledged. Although it’s criminally underrated, it’s an undiscovered gem by many in the Nintendo’s GameCube library.


9. Ghost ‘n Goblins

A side-scrolling arcade game is the next one in our list of most spooky horror games. – Ghost n’ Goblins will make your nostalgia come back along with scary creatures.

The game got so much popularity that it crossed multiple platforms, and it’s still loved by children and adults too.

Be a heroic knight in this adventurous quest to kill all the evils in the town. Can you rescue your loved ones from the dark forces? Stay alive, and don’t let the bad guys win!


10. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Having one of the most intense co-op gameplay, ZAMN is a nicely-packed zombie game for the young ones. It’s a must-have in your Super Nintendo game collection.

It’s a perfect choice for those who want to gift nostalgic games to someone. As the game offers brilliant co-op adventures, you can fight your friends in its spooky timeline.


Conclusion – 10 Creepiest Retro Horror Games

Horror games have already been the heart of the gaming industry, but retro horror games can’t be beaten in any way.

It’s okay enjoying newly released horror titles but trying classic horror games always brings something nostalgic and exciting.

Which retro horror game is the most favorite of them all? Let me know in the comments below!

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