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10 Best Wii Family Games You Should Definitely Play

The Nintendo Wii console will go through history as the first home video game system that made its users more physically active rather than passive, offering single-player and family Wii games.

With this bad boy, Nintendo established itself as the gaming brand of choice to enjoy in the family.

Years have passed, and still, many of its gaming proposals are unmatched options for having a great time with your loved ones.

Best Wii Family Games For The Wii Console

The Wii was created with the family in mind. And here, we offer a list of must-have games to make sure you never run out of fun at home!

1. Just Dance 2014

Are you ready for some dancing? 

Have fun following the lead of the most awesome-looking onscreen virtual dancers and group dance to over 40 songs!

The game tracks you by detecting the Wiimote’s movements, so you need to have it in your hand.

Using the Wii’s unique interactive features, the Just Dance series is a blast to have during family weekends. 

And by the way, we picked the 2014 version for you as it has one of the most extensive song lists.

2. Disney’s Guilty Party

This one fell a bit under the radar, but it contributes significantly to the Wii game library. This is due to its unique take on the party game genre.

If you are familiar with the popular board game “Clue,” you will find this title shares some of its elements.

In the multiplayer mode, each player impersonates a detective working for the Dickens Detective Agency. This is a group of experts solving mysteries and crimes.

Find clues, share your theories, and catch the evil Mr. Valentine, your arch-nemesis, and somehow the one responsible for all the crimes in the game.

3. Mario Party 9

There is no way this game cannot make it to our list. 

The Mario Party series has been one of the game’s most beloved franchises since its days in the N64.

For those new to games (or living under a rock), the game emulates a board game where you move by throwing a couple of dice.

The fun begins when you fall in places that trigger minigames, in which you compete for stars, the ones that decide the victor at the end.

In the technical aspect, this episode of the series fixed some of their predecessors’ issues and improved Wiimote’s use.

This, coupled with the massive minigame library, made MP9 the best of the series by the moment of its release, a feat that deserves a spot in your family night plans!

4. Rayman Raving Rabbids

A bunch of weird-looking rabbits pops up from the underground and kidnap us. We need to compete in various minigames to earn some toilet plungers that we will use to escape from our prison.

How crazy does that sound? 

Believe it or not, that is the plot of what it’s arguably the most disturbing game on our list.

Throughout the 60+ minigames available, we will throw, smack, stomp, and push our way through an army of loud, silly, and ultimately wicked rabbits, all this in an atmosphere of borderline sick humor.

Talk about a sure-fire option for a memorable time with your loved ones!

5. Mario Kart Wii

The world’s most beloved plumber and his friends make another entry on our list, this time with a new version of their mythical battle racing series.

Select your favorite character in the Mushroom Kingdom and jump into your kart to beat everyone in a race where everything goes.

Set bananas as traps, throw turtle shells as projectiles, get speed boosts, and dodge obstacles better than your rivals to get 1st place.

Consider getting the Wii Wheel for an improved and more realistic experience as a pro tip!

6. Wii Party

Another “party” style game, Wii Party, offers a fresh selection of engaging and purely fun minigames. 

When this game came up, it felt like the big N put all their franchises on a hiatus and developed a different take of the Mario Party formula using the Mii characters.

However, this is where the similarities end.

The minigames in Wii Party are very different and overall offer a more enjoyable experience than other Wii family games as the controls are even more precise and easy to pick up by newbies and veterans alike.

Oh, the cherry on top: the luck factor of the Mario Party games doesn’t exist here, so no more “I steal all your stuff” right at the end. Justice!

7. Rock Band 3

Rock Band had a hard time making it to the spotlight in a world dominated by the Guitar Hero series.

However, the developers took things a step further and used every component that made GH so good and topped it with two new elements.

Now, a singing player and a drummer can join the songs, creating a band essentially, or at least, that’s how it feels! 

Few things can be more fun than reuniting your family and start rocking through your favorite songs without learning how to play real instruments.

The game being not short of alternate mechanics and the vast list of songs available make Rock Band a solid family party choice.

Though, a piece of advice: be kind to your neighbors and keep your volume levels reasonable!

8. Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games

Mario and Sonic’s fierce rivalry for video game sales is a thing of the past. 

With Nintendo’s victory and the conversion of Sega into an exclusively game-developing company, now plumber and hedgehog work together to offer us a fantastic crossover experience.

We players could not be any happier and grateful.

With this game, Sega and Nintendo give us their take on the classic Olympic game theme featuring characters of both the Mario and Sonic universes.

With 24 different modes across nine different disciplines, it is an obvious top choice to enjoy with your partner and kids! 

9. Wii Sports

This game is the most basic example of multiplayer fun for the Wii. Before all the advanced and complex titles came to be, Wii sports showed the world what this console is about.

Wii sports is Nintendo’s cry to the rest of the companies saying, “We don’t need to beat you on graphics, and we will offer an experience.”

They pulled off a successful game with characters made of blocks that don’t even have legs and backgrounds with little to no detail.

They wanted to prove a point. This game was designed to get non-gamers to get a Wiimote and catch and dazzle the uninitiated without being too overwhelming.

And goodness me, they succeeded. 

Add the Mii avatar system to the mix that you can customize to your likings (or looks). You will have a perfect game to break the ice and have an excellent time playing with your family. 

10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

With some exceptions, games on our lists tend to be full of friendly competition and sportsmanship.

But with the Wii installment of the legendary, all-out fighting game, things get a bit more physical.

Pick your favorite among a roster of 35 characters from many franchises, including beloved series like Zelda, Metroid, Sonic, Fire Emblem, and even Metal Gear Solid, and do your best at kicking everyone else out of the platform!

Afterword — Best Wii Family Games

Wii is about connecting, uniting people, and the name says it all. For us, it is not just a console but a testimony of what games can achieve.

After a long day of work, make sure of getting these awesome games and surprise your family by saying the classic: “Wii want to play!”

Please take a peek at our recommendations for other consoles and consider bookmarking us for further contributions!

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