Nintendo DS Games and Console: All You Need To Know

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Nintendo DS Games and Console: All You Need To Know

You all must have played a Nintendo DS game once in your life but how much do you actually know about this gaming console? Barely, right? So, that’s why we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss everything you need to about the Nintendo DS.

Excited? Let’s begin!

What Is Nintendo DS?

Released all over the world in 2004 and 2005, the Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming device manufactured by Nintendo. Before its release, the gaming console was marked as the experimental “third pillar” in its console lineup of Nintendo. However, the backward compatibility with GBA games and strong sales established the device as the successor to the series of Game Boy.

What Does Nintendo DS Stand For?

According to Nintendo, the DS in the Nintendo DS stands for ‘Developers’ System’ as the company hoped that new games would appear on the console. However, even before the device was released, the press and the gaming community agreed on ‘Dual Screen.’  Nintendo also went on with it which led to the loss of its original meaning.

Is the DS Touchscreen?

There are two LCD screens in the DS working in a tandem arrangement. Both of the screens feature a clamshell design that is a lot similar to the Game Boy Advance SP. The lower display consists of a resistance touchscreen to receive input from the users. The players can use the touchscreen with the help of a stylus, a curved plastic tab that is attached to the wrist strap, or their fingers.

How Long Does the Nintendo DS Battery Last?

The battery life of the Nintendo DS depends upon the game being played on the console. However, on a rough scale, it can last for up to 10 hours which is similar to the Game Boy Advance SP.

Can You Operate a DS Without a Battery?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to operate your DS device without a battery because the current in the capacitor will be lost in just a few seconds and as a result, the game will shut down.

How Many Games Are Available on Nintendo DS?

Developers have released a total of 2687 Nintendo DS games until now. Out of this, 716 games were licensed and 673 of them were released in North America along with 2 championship games. The additional 34 licensed games were released in Australia and Europe.

What Kinds of Games Does the Nintendo DS Have?

The Nintendo DS is not the newest Nintendo gaming console in the market. So, this means that there is an excellent library of games that it has built up over years.

Some of the best Nintendo DS games include classic point-and-click titles like Broken Sword which very well utilize the console’s touch screen, SNES ports such as Kirby Super Star Ultra, and some of the highest points of the Pokemon Franchise.

What Are the Different Nintendo DS Models?

Nintendo released a variety of Nintendo DS models. Let’s check them out below.

  • Nintendo DS: It is the original version of the gaming console that features button-control and stylus along with a folding, dual-screen form factor.
  • Nintendo DS Lite: This one is the lighter and smaller version of the original Nintendo DS that offers a sleeker and updated design to gamers.
  • Nintendo DSi: The Nintendo DSi is the sequel to the DS Lite that offers some internet features to the users. In addition to this, it also has a camera for camera-based games and photo booth effects.
  • Nintendo DSi XL: It is the same as the Nintendo DSi with a larger display and form factor.
  • Nintendo 3DS: The 3DS is the second generation of DS consoles that offers 3D capabilities and a joystick input method.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL: This one is the larger version of the 3DS along with some updated features.
  • Nintendo 2DS: The Nintendo 2DS is a gaming console that features a flat design instead of a foldable hinge.
  • New 3DS: It is an updated version of the original Nintendo 3DS.
  • New 3DS XL: A larger version of the new 3DS.
  • New 2DS XL: This one is the sequel to the original 2DS that offers a larger form factor and an updated design.

What Is the Sale of All Nintendo DS models?

The sale of all Nintendo DS models is more than 154.02 million units. This is what makes it the best-selling Nintendo system and the best-selling handheld gaming console ever. In addition to this, gamers consider it the second best-selling video game device of all time, just a bit behind Sony’s PlayStation 2.

Why Are Nintendo DS Games So Expensive?

The Nintendo DS games are expensive because the gamers want to experience these games in their original condition. So, it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and constant cleaning to keep those games in excellent condition. In addition to this, the Nintendo games are original and authentic. This is what adds more to their value.

For example, if it is a popular game such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros, you can sell it for up to $2 million in an auction.

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Which Age Is Suitable to Play Nintendo DS?

Nintendo DS is known as the most age-inclusive console available in the market because the majority of its games are suitable for young players as well. It is the most kid-friendly gaming console ever since the Nintendo Wii and the content is fit for children of all ages.

However, mastering the controls may be difficult for children under the age of 5. So, according to us, the most suitable age to play the game is above 5.

What Kind of Games Can Children Play On DS?

The children can play different mini-games that are based on the episodes of the popular kids’ show. For example, Nickelodeon: All-Star Brawl is a famous game on Nintendo DS where the kids can scribble, blow, and tap their way to victory. Moreover, the children can also explore their music skills by playing songs with a variety of virtual musical instruments.

Which DS Model Has Best Value for Money?

The Nintendo DS Lite is a fun and incredibly powerful handheld game that offers the best value for money to its users. Featuring ultra-bright dual-screens, Wi-Fi connection, touchscreen feature, stereo rich sound, and microphone port, the device has millions of sales.

Can You Buy Nintendo DS Games From a Retro Store?

Even though Nintendo has stopped making games for these models, you can still find a great collection of Nintendo DS games from an online retro store.

Can You Play DS Games on PC?

There is no denying the fact that buying a Nintendo DS console can cost you hundreds of bucks. So, if you cannot afford it, you can still play these games on your PC. All you need is a ROM and an emulator and you are good to go!

The emulator will guide your computer hardware in running the DS games and the ROM will ensure that the copy of the game is compatible with the emulator that you are using.

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Which Nintendo DS Model Is The Best?

Beloe are some of the best Nintendo DS Models for friends and family. Let’s dive in!

1. For Family Gaming

Nintendo has worked quite hard to prove that video games can be for families as well and its efforts have not gone wasted. So, if you are looking for a console to play family-oriented games, then you should get your hands on the Nintendo DSi XL.

These models have large bright screens and incredibly wide viewing angles. This is what makes them perfect for over-the-shoulder spectator gaming that you can enjoy with your family.

2. For Retro Gaming

If you want a Nintendo DS model for retro gaming, we would suggest you go for the Nintendo DS Lite. It is backward compatible with the extensive library of the Game Boy Advance games. When combined with the hundreds of titles that the Nintendo DS offers itself, you will get a pure gaming bliss that will last for ages.

Which Is Better: Nintendo DS or Switch?

The Nintendo DS may have lost its crown as the “King of the handheld ball”, it is still a tempting option as compared to the Switch. For starters, it has a superb library of games. One that consist of critically-acclaimed hits such as ‘The Legend of the Zelda’ and ‘Super Mario 3D Land.’

Unlike Nintendo Switch, the DS is widely available as well. So, you will not have to wait for weeks to get your hands on it. Also, it is a lot cheaper in comparison.

Can You Play DS Games on Switch?

Yes, it is possible to play your DS games on Switch. But, it depends upon the Switch model that you have. If your Switch console is vulnerable to fusee-gelee and unpatched, then you can play the DS games with the help of an emulator.

However, if your Switch model is patched, there is no way you can exploit it. This means that you won’t be able to play DS games on your Switch console.

Which Nintendo DS Model Is Best For Creativity?

When it comes to creating multimedia content, we hand down recommend the Nintendo DSi as it is a little workhorse. The device has some great tools including cameras, photo editing software, Flipnote studio, and a music editing app. In addition to this, there is an SD card slot and Wi-Fi connectivity. These two make it easier to share and upload content. 

What’s the Best Place to Sell Nintendo Games?

The best place to sell your Nintendo DS games is a retro store such as Retro vGames. It is one of the best places to sell your games because the selling process is incredibly simple.

What’s more, there is no compulsion to send the box with the game at the time of the shipment. We also offer a VIP program whose members can sell games in large quantities to us and enjoy special privileges.

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