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A Comprehensive Guide On Where To Sell Nintendo DS?

While it’s an alien concept for many people that they can sell their used Nintendo gaming console at a good price, some just don’t know who buys Nintendo DS. If you are one of these people, worry not, we have got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll talk about Retro vGames, where we buy your games for the best price in the market. Here’s what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Best Place to Sell Nintendo DS
  • How Much Is the Nintendo DS Worth?
  • Why Sell Your Nintendo DS to Retro Games?
  • Tricks To Increase The Value Of Nintendo DS
  • FAQs About Selling Your Nintendo DS

Let’s get started.

In this article, we are going to tell you where to sell Nintendo DS for the best price.

Retro vGames – the Best Place to Sell Nintendo DS

To sell your beloved Nintendo DS console, you should look no further than Retro vGames – best price, least requirements, safe selling: we ensure it all.

Retro vGames is a trustworthy name in the market for buying old video games and gaming consoles at reasonable prices. It’s our customer-friendly policies that make us special. We have a good customer base, and so, we need to maximize our supply pool regularly.

How Much Is the Nintendo DS Worth?

Well, the answer to this question can vary for different DS consoles. The value of any Nintendo DS depends on many things. Some of the consoles are in good condition, and the users have taken good care of them all these years. But some gamers just don’t use the console, they abuse it. So, it’s mainly the condition of the console that determines its value.

Just let us at Retro vGames have a look at your Nintendo DS, and you can get an instant price quote. Also, you can check out that list and price details.

What Really Makes Retro vGames the Best Market for Your Nintendo DS?

To make you trust Retro vGames for selling your Nintendo DS, here are some factors that make us stand out.

1. You Will Get the Right Price

Obviously, the main goal behind selling your old buddy is to get some instant cash in your pocket. So, you should go for a place where you can sell it at a maximum price. Retro vGames values its customers so much and believes in giving the right price for good games and gaming consoles. We can assure you that you won’t get a better price quote from anyone else.

2. No Additional Compulsions

When you look at other options to sell Nintendo DS, you will find out they will require you to follow some ridiculous compulsions. One such compulsion is to provide the box with the gaming consoles. We all know how old these Nintendo DS are, and when we bought them, we were so excited, and most of us wouldn’t have thought to keep the packaging. 

So, many of us won’t be able to provide the packaging with a console. But Retro vGames doesn’t force you to also provide the packaging.

3. Selling Here Is Super Easy

Another key factor behind the success of Retro vGames is its super-easy selling and buying procedure. The convenience of its customers is the priority for Retro vGames, and that’s why they have kept things very simple. 

What you need to do is to only email or text them on the given details. You will get a price quote in just 12 hours time, 24 hours at max. And once the things are settled between two parties, the payment will be done in one day’s time after shipment.

4. Single Platform To Sell All Kind Of Console

Well, another key fact for you is that Retro vGames isn’t just confined to buying Nintendo DS. They are open to buying all old classic games and gaming consoles. From Atari 2600 to PlayStation, you can just sell any gaming console without any hesitation of getting scammed. Also, there are some games that are specifically required by the platform. If you have any of these, you get a good price for it.

5. Pass Your Beloved DS Console To The People Who Will Value It

You have spent your childhood with these buddies of yours. How can you just give them to anyone without knowing how they are gonna use them. Some people just like to collect old gaming consoles and use them rarely. You don’t want that, because that old buddy of yours deserves to be played with.

Retro vGames has this very loyal and enthusiastic customer base of gamers who not only take good care of the games and gaming consoles but also play them regularly. So, if you are up for selling, there isn’t a better platform to buy a Nintendo DS.

6. Their VIP Program Is The Best

One special thing that makes Retro vGames the best game selling platform is its VIP program. According to this program, if you have a large number of old games and gaming consoles, you are eligible to join it. With this amazing program, you will get to enjoy tons of benefits and perks. If you think you are eligible for this program, just email them ASAP.

Tricks To Increase The Value Of Nintendo DS And Get The Best Price For It

Pricing of the used Nintendo DS depends on its condition. Here are some tricks which can help you in getting a better deal while selling your Nintendo DS.

1. Play On It Without Abusing It

We often see people using their gaming consoles mercilessly. Well, if you are up for selling your gaming console at some point, you shouldn’t do this. Take good care of your gaming console, after all, it’s providing you with an escape from a hectic life. Buyers only prefer these consoles in good condition, and they would also be willing to pay more for a well-cared-for console.

2. Keep The Packing Of Console Safe

Although Retro vGames doesn’t require you to provide the packaging of the console when they buy it, it’s a good habit to keep the packaging safe. This can tell a lot about how safely you have kept your consoles. The buyer will be glad to know that you still have its packing, and there are high chances that you will get a better offer from him. Even you will be in a position to make demands.

3. Carefully Choose The Place To Sell Nintendo DS

You don’t have to worry about where you can sell your Nintendo DS, but the question is what’s the best place to sell Nintendo DS. There are many people out there in the market who are in search of prey. Don’t get fooled by them. They will only quote you the price which is beneficial for them. So, it’s your duty to find a trustworthy platform that cares about the seller too. One such name is Retro vGames.

FAQs About Selling Your Nintendo DS

Here are some most commonly asked questions about where to sell Nintendo DS.

Are old consoles worth keeping?

Old gaming consoles are becoming rarer and rarer with each passing day. People are again interested in buying old consoles. Your gaming console might not sell for a big amount, but they still hold some value. Instead of letting them collect dust, you can sell them on Retro vGames.

Is there a market for retro games?

Yes, there are many platforms where you can buy and sell your retro games. But not all the people out there are worthy of trust. Proper research is required to find a good and trustworthy platform. You can trust Retro vGames in this regard.

How many DS have been sold?

Nintendo DS is the best-selling handheld console. According to a rough estimate, 18.79 million units of this class gaming console are sold. Its welcoming interface and dual-screen were the key factors behind its success. They are not up for sale right now, but if you’re looking to sell or buy one, you can do that from Retro vGames.


There is always someone looking to sell their old classic game or trying to increase his collection. Knowing about the place where to sell Nintendo DS isn’t enough, you have to look for what’s the best place to sell Nintendo DS. Because there are chances that you can get scammed. 

It’s important that you do proper research and only considers trustworthy options. Retro vGames is the place you have got in this regard. So, just go for it.

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