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GameCube or N64: Nintendo Consoles Compared

GameCube or N64: Nintendo Consoles Compared

Nintendo consoles have ruled the gaming industry for decades, with popular names like Game Boy, Switch, N64, and GameCube. GameCube and N64 are among the oldest Nintendo consoles, ranked among the top 10 bestselling Nintendo consoles. But which one is better? GameCube or N64? Let’s find out!


Nintendo redefined console-based games by releasing Nintendo N64 in 1996 and took it a step further in 2001 by launching GameCube. Both these Nintendo consoles have ruled the gaming world during their eras and are still considered some of the best retro gaming consoles.

GameCube and N64 both offer plenty of options for interesting games that once brightened up your childhood. These games hold a nostalgic and memorable attachment for most retro gamers.

Besides the remarkable GameCube and N64 games, these consoles offer unique features and qualities. Let’s learn a bit more about the specifications of both Nintendo consoles.


Before comparing the N64 and GameCube consoles in detail, let’s take a look at their specifications:

Both GameCube and N64 have their perks and some stark differences. In terms of performance, GameCube takes the lead over N64 with more memory and a nearly 5x faster processor, according to the stats shared above.

GameCube was the gaming beast of its time, so it boasted powerful hardware and a heavier body. On the other hand, N64 did not have an as powerful internal system, but it ensured smooth gaming.

In terms of design, N64 has the upper hand with its sleeker and more modern-looking design. It is perfect for retro gamers wanting a compact gaming console, unlike GameCube, which looks like a cube and appears bulky.

One of the most significant features in comparing two consoles is the games. GameCube games take the lead once again as they offer almost double the amount of N64 games. Moreover, GameCube also supports portable devices, like handheld consoles and smartphones to be used as a gamepad.


There can be no Nintendo GameCube vs Nintendo N64 without comparing their controllers. A significant part of the gaming experience depends on the controller, so it is necessary to compare both controllers.

Both N64 and GameCube have sophisticated controllers with the standard joypad design. This design helps gamers comfortably hold and master the controller while playing.

When the N64 hit the Nintendo stores, it stirred up quite some hype with its three-handled gamepad instead of the conventional two-handled one. An N64 controller has a start button, a D-pad, a pair of shoulder buttons, and 6 face buttons like conventional gamepads. However, it also includes an analog stick and a Z-trigger button under the middle hand.

On the other hand, when the Nintendo GameCube console was launched, it came with the traditional two-handled gamepad. The gamepad included a start button, a D-pad, a pair of shoulder triggers, 4 face buttons, 2 analog sticks, and a Z-button above the R shoulder trigger. Moreover, the GameCube controller also featured the face buttons arranged differently. A smaller and circular B button surrounded the huge A button along with the kidney-shaped X and Y keys.

Both controllers come with their own unique features to enhance the entire gaming experience, especially with the addition of analog sticks.


Both GameCube and N64 came with their fair share of accessories, but which one has more and better accessories? GameCube or N64? Let’s find out.

The Nintendo 64 (N64) console had some interesting accessories, including the Expansion Pak that offered 4 MB additional RAM with sharper graphics and improved performance. It also came with the Rumble Pak that enabled controller vibration and a microphone for voice commands. N64 was the console to get its Japan-only add-on, called the Nintendo 64DD.

On the other hand, GameCube offered a broadband adapter for online play. It also came with the Wavebird wireless controller and the Game Boy Player to play GBA games on the TV. GameCube also offered bongo drums for rhythm games.

Game Library

No gaming console can be judged without evaluating its games. Both GameCube and N64 offer entertaining games, but what makes a console popular is the diversity and variety of games it offers. Typically, a console that offers more games becomes more popular among retro gamers because everyone loves having options. And when it comes to options; the more, the better.

In terms of the number of available games, GameCube wins as it has nearly 650 games available. On the other hand, the N64 has only 387 games. However, when it comes to variety, both consoles offer a lot of choices.

Some popular games for both consoles include:

GameCube Games:

N64 Games:


Each Nintendo console comes with its pros and cons, be it N64 or GameCube. So, the answer to this question may vary for each retro gamer or collector as they both offer some excellent perks.

As far as their comparison is concerned performance-wise, GameCube takes a win with its high-performing system and a variety of games. But when we look at the design and portability, N64 is the obvious choice.

So, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to retro gaming consoles like GameCube and N64. One may be a hit for some while being a miss for others.

FAQs About GameCube and N64

Our detailed guide comparing the Nintendo N64 and Nintendo GameCube shows a clear picture of both Nintendo consoles. However, if you still have questions, please read the FAQs below:

Is Nintendo 64 the same as GameCube?

No, Nintendo 64 and GameCube are two different gaming consoles introduced by Nintendo. The Nintendo N64 was launched in 1996 and it was succeeded by the GameCube in 2006. The GameCube sold 21.74 million units worldwide, while the N64 sold 32.93 units worldwide. In 2002, the N64 was discontinued by Nintendo after GameCube was launched, which was discontinued later in 2007.

Where to get retro gaming consoles?

If you want to buy a new or used retro console or sell your old ones, get in touch with Retro vGames. We have a variety of new and old consoles, including Nintendo, Xbox, Sega, Atari, and more. Moreover, we also buy used gaming consoles. So, if you want to sell your old Nintendo N64 or GameCube, please contact us to get a good deal.

Can you play Nintendo 64 games on GameCube?

The N64 games cannot be played on the GameCube console because of their different working mechanisms. The GameCube console uses disks, unlike its predecessor that used cartridges. You can only play those N64 games on the GameCube that are also developed for it, such as Mario Kart.

Do N64 controllers work on GameCube?

Both N64 and GameCube controllers have their unique features, number of buttons, and analog sticks. We can use the N64 controllers on GameCube, but it can be a problem since they have different ports. In order to connect the N64 controllers with the GameCube, you need an adapter or converter. But even after connecting the two, there will be an issue with setting up the keys for gaming.

Is the GameCube worth it in 2022?

GameCube is a retro gaming console that has been discontinued by Nintendo for a long time. It means there is a limited number of this console available worldwide. Moreover, the nostalgic vibes these retro consoles revive for gamers are priceless. Therefore, the Nintendo GameCube console is still a worthwhile purchase in 2022 to revive old memories while enjoying retro games.

Will GameCube go up in value?

There can be no sure way to find out whether a retro gaming device will go up in value or not. We live in a world where some old VHS tapes are being sold for as much as $9000. So, since the GameCube is becoming a rarity, who knows when it will be given the status of antique and retro gamers start collecting it.


Retro gaming consoles like the Nintendo N64 and Nintendo GameCube are still popular among retro gamers and collectors. They are a perfect way of bonding with friends and family and reliving childhood memories with old buddies. These games have given countless people a sense of sanity during the dark and gloomy days of lockdowns in Covid-19. But these games are legendary and will always remain relevant among gamers with or without lockdowns.

But when it comes to investing in one, the unending debate of which console is better starts. In this guide, we have thoroughly compared the N64 and GameCube in terms of performance and diversity. So, individuals interested in buying these retro consoles can choose wisely.

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