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Game Boy Games Like Zelda

6 Best Game Boy Games Like Zelda

Did Zelda leave a huge influence on you and now you are looking for something similar to play? Well don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

There is a variety of Game Boy games like Zelda available for you to explore. However, choosing one game to play out of so many options takes a lot of effort and time. Sounds like a mood killer, right?

Therefore, for your convenience, we have come up with this comprehensive article. To provide you with the top six Game Boy games similar to Zelda. So, let’s start right away!

The 6 Best Game Boy Games like Zelda for You

Short-listing a Game Boy game similar to Zelda isn’t easy as there are many options available on an online store. So, to make the task easier, we have picked the top 6 options to consider when you’ve fully explored Zelda.

1. Final Fantasy Adventure

The Final Fantasy Adventure is one of the best Game Boy games like Zelda currently available in the market. It is also among one of the best classic Game Boy games

The game was originally developed under the name Gemma Knights and is almost similar to the Legends of Zelda along with the additional role-playing statistical element.

The plot revolves around a young hero and heroine who try to stop the Dark Lord of Glaive and his sorcerer assistant from destroying their world. You can view the entire world from the top-down camera angle which is divided into different squares that are fitted on one single screen.

You can battle a variety of enemies on the field screen to gain GP, items, and experience. In addition to this, there are a number of puzzles available in the dungeon areas that the player needs to solve in order to advance further.

The game is loved all over the world by critics for its graphics, music, and story. It already has more than 700,000 unit sale all over the world. IGN went a step ahead and praised it further for the innovative puzzle elements found in the game.

All in all, the Final Fantasy Adventure with its storyline, graphics, audio, and challenges is too good to be true and is, therefore, considered the best alternate game to play.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Role-Play, Graphics, Audio

2. Metroid Fusion

Featuring a pretty simple storyline, the Metroid fusion is another popular action shooter Game Boy game that looks like Zelda.

Just like the previous games in the series, Metroid Fusion also takes place in a large open-ended world that has elevators connecting to different regions. These regions in turn have rooms and have doors separating them. The player must open the door by shooting at them.

The way that the game develops further is more linear than any other Metroid game available out there. That’s because it focuses on only one storyline that tells the players where to go.

The game received universal acclaim due to its popularity among users and the X-Play also claimed that playing the Metroid Fusion was a pleasure because of its impressive audio and crisp graphics.

The Metroid Fusion is popular among people not because the game story is great fun but also because of how brilliantly it is told. So, if you are recently done with Zelda and looking for something similar, it is a game we would hands down recommend.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Storyline

3. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

One of the best adventure Game Boy games, the Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was the hardest game to play in old days. This is what led to the popularity of this game because every hardcore gamer back then wanted to complete it to prove their worth.

What’s impressive about this Zelda-like game is its use of a 2D side-scrolling style of gameplay. It has four alternative modes of gameplay which must be completed in order as one mode is the key to the next.

The game puts the player in charge of a demon hunter whose job is to hunt down every demon present on this earth. What makes it a pretty hard game to play is that there is no option to save your progress. You will have to start over if you die.

The Circle of the Moon received worldwide critical acclaim and the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave it a 27 out of 40 scores. Not only this, but a member of IGN even called it one of the best playing Castlevania games that were ever released.

So, if you also want to challenge yourself and complete the complex stages, the Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is definitely worth getting your hands on.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Challenging, Gameplay

4. Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi

Offering a variety of playable characters and toned-down difficulty to the gamers. The Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi is the best adventure game among Super Star Wars series.

The game closely follows the plot of the movie “Return of the Jedi” along with some extra scenes. One of the examples includes Luke Skywalker fighting through the Death Star to reach Emperor Palpatine.

Apart from the standard characters such as Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Han Solo. Some of the other playable characters include Wicket and Princess Leia as well.

The variety in the side-scoring levels is enthralling. While some levels are straightforward, others are more open-ended. They encourage the player to explore the land to find life-extending items such as Health Swords.

Even though the game wasn’t received well by critics on its release. It was soon realized it was an excellent game to play. The reason being impressive graphics, variety of characters, and the need to focus to complete different levels. Therefore, the GamePro’s Coach rated it as the “year’s one of the most challenging and fun handheld games”.

In a nutshell, the Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi is one of the best Game Boy games. Additionally, since it is similar to Zelda that you should definitely play.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Variety of Characters, Storyline

5. The Sword of Hope

If you are in a search of unique games like Zelda along with the touch of roleplay, the Sword of Hope is something that you will be fascinated by for sure.

The player plays the role of Prince Theo whose father is corrupt and gleeful with power. He has enslaved the entire kingdom and exiled all the wise men that were responsible for maintaining the prosperity and balance of the kingdom.

Theo’s father, Hennessy, killed his mother but Theo was able to escape from the castle with the help of an aged sage. In his teenage years, he is now a skillful warrior and is planning to return to the castle to avenge his mother’s death. He encounters different bosses that have different weaknesses. He must exploit their weakness to defeat them and reach his father.

To cut it short, the Sword of Hope is one of the most innovative Game Boy games like Zelda and you should definitely try it once to see for yourself.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Graphics, Audio

6. Golden Sun: The Lost Age

A classic game along with an incredible storyline and mysterious characters. The Golden Sun: The Lost Age should also be a part of your list if you are in search of Game Boy games that look like the legend of Zelda.

The storyline is extremely thrilling that will navigate the player through the fictional world of Lost Age in order to defeat the enemies. You will have to complete different missions and solve puzzles if you want to save the world from destruction.

What’s attractive about this game is that the characters are impressively detailed and have animated faces for 2D characters. In addition to this, the map also offers smooth scrolling and better detail as compared to its predecessor.

Another aspect of the game that stands out is its stronger emphasis on the cinematic presentation of the story. You will find that the summon effects when summoning a djinn and other combo creatures are slick.

Due to the impressive gameplay, the game received positive reviews and high praises all over the world. Not only this, but it also became IGN’s “Game of the Month” in April 2003.

Overall, the Golden Sun: The Lost Age with its solid refinements to gameplay, characters, and graphics is an excellent substitute game to Zelda.

Best Known For: Action, adventure, Role-Play, Graphics, Audio

FAQs on the Game Boy Games like Zelda

People often search for the following frequently asked questions while looking up for Game Boy games like Zelda.

Is Zelda similar to Skyrim?

Both Zelda and Skyrim are excellent open-world games in their own ways. However, Zelda focuses more on the adventure and Skyrim has more of an RPG focus.

Is the Game Boy still popular?

The Game Boy was the first-ever handheld and top-selling system upon its release. It is still quite popular among retro gaming fans as they want the device to add to their personal collection.

Are Game Boy games worth buying?

The decision to buy a Game Boy game comes down to the personal preference of the users. However, if you are looking for a portable gaming device that offers tons of great games to play, then the Game Boy is definitely worth considering.

What is the goal of the legend of Zelda?

The goal of the legend of Zelda is to collect all the eight pieces of the triforce, defeat Gannon, and then finally save Zelda. But, to do this, the player must travel through different dungeons, defeat all the bosses, and collect new items.

How many Zelda games are there?

There are a total of 27 Zelda video games which include original titles, remakes, and ports. More than 52 million copies of these video games have been sold ever since the first game was released.


Here you go! Now that you have the top six Game Boy games like Zelda. You can pick the one that suits your preference.

Still not sure which one to choose? We are just a message away! Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your query.

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