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Sega Dreamcast Console


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Sega Dreamcast Console

43 Reviews

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For sale is a thoroughly tested and functional refurbished Sega Dreamcast console in excellent condition. The package includes the console, 1 controller, the power cable, and a video cable, with additional controllers, memory cards and games available as add-ons. It may have signs of usage or fine scratches, but this does not affect its functionality. Games sold with the console are burned discs, not official copies. Please note: Photos are for reference only.


Sega’s final take on the home console market is an absolute gem, perfect for experiencing the best video games of the late 90s and early 2000s. It features 4 controller ports, so up to three of your friends can join in on the fun!

A Powerhouse Of The 6th Generation

The first 128-bit console, the Dreamcast, can render up to 3 million polygons per second, which allows it to display crisp graphics and run smooth, complex, and captivating gameplay.

Complex Games And Internet Connectivity

The Dreamcast’s games come on double-density CDs holding 1GB of data, enabling games to bring far more content than the previous generation of consoles. It also features 56K Dial-up support, allowing you to play online with friends.

Sega Dreamcast – The Games

It has 620 official games and an additional library of indie and homebrew titles. The Dreamcast is guaranteed to provide you with countless hours of fun. The console was the first to have hit titles for every game genre, so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy playing!


The first installment in the NFL 2K series, this American football simulator features the 32 teams of its time, alongside returning Alumni and All-Pro teams for the AFC, NFC, and NFL. Its smooth and realistic gameplay makes this title a must-have for any Dreamcast owner.


A fairly unique video game, this title will have you hatch and care for a freshwater creature named Seaman. The game uses Dreamcast’s internal clock to keep track of the date and requires you to check on your pet daily. It allows you to have conversations with the Seaman, which will grow and evolve as you care for it.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The fourth installment in the Resident Evil series, Code Veronica, has you take the role of Claire Redfield and her brother Chris Redfield in their efforts to survive a viral outbreak at a remote prison island in the Southern Ocean and a research facility in Antarctica. The game features the classic Resident Evil style and gameplay and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Crazy Taxi

This open-world racing game will have you pick up taxi customers and race to get them to their desired location in the shortest time possible. Choose from four different cars and drivers and launch yourself into the insane traffic of this Californian city. Each trick and stunt you perform will get you extra in-game money, pushing you to drive as recklessly and skillfully as possible to get that sweet high score.


This weapon-based fighting game is one of the best games the Dreamcast offers. It has a roster of 19 playable characters, innovative entire 3D movement around the arena and a dark storyline. It will keep you and your friends playing for hours.

Sega Dreamcast – Fun Facts

  • The development name of the console was “Katana.”
  • The Dreamcast was the first console which allowed real-time online play features.
  • The logo of the Dreamcast console means “origin of power.”
  • Dreamcast’s newest is game, “Ghost Blade.” It released on 21st September 2015.
Learn more about the Dreamcast here.

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