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10 Best PS1 Games Of All Time

Sony’s Playstation, also known as PS1, will go through history as one of the best sellers in the video game industry.

Thanks to its superb marketing campaign and the extreme variety in their gaming proposals, it reigned supreme above all others.

If you are considering getting a PS1 console (you should), you likely have no idea where to start to build your game library. 

The Best PS1 Games To Start Collecting

At Retrolio Games, you will always find curated lists of what we believe are the best choices to start collecting retro games.

So, let us give you a list of the best PS1 games that are known to be archetypical for each of the routes PS game developers took over the years!

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

After defeating Dracula, Richter Belmont disappears without a trace.

Unexpectedly, and after several years of peace, the immense and fearsome castle of the lord of the night returns to subject humanity to the cruelty of its master.

Alucard, son of the Lord of the Night himself and conceived with a human, comes to the rescue and faces the imminent threat.

Castlevania is a 2D platform and role-playing game that sets us on different floors of a castle infested with creatures, treasures, and puzzles.

It was a before and after in the Castlevania series. Along with SNES’ Super Metroid, it kickstarted a well-known genre of gaming called “Metroidvania.”

A must-have title that will connect you with part of the history of games!


2. Tekken 3

The Iron Fist Tournament. This event is celebrated every so often and calls different combatants worldwide to obtain the most powerful title, the “Iron Fist.”

Some come for fame, others for honor and experience, but most of them come, above all, for revenge.

Tekken 3 is a 3D fighting game that shows us the different fighting styles that fill the martial arts world. Do you dare to defeat the great Iron Fist and obtain his title?

It is the third of the series, but it fixed many issues its predecessors had and was the one that truly launched the saga, which is still played in tournaments around the world!


3. FIFA 2000

This one of the best PS1 games is based on Soccer, referenced by many as the king of sports and the soul of competitive games.

In FIFA 2000, the user controls a soccer team to face different teams across the world.

In essence, you are like a manager, so you will be in charge of playing against your opponents and obtaining the best players to raise your team’s overall quality.

The FIFA games that appeared on the PS1 started a soccer game trend that is still raging today thanks to how passionate soccer fans are.

So, if you are into this amazing sport, FIFA 2000 is a must for your PS1 library.


4. Final Fantasy VIII

This installment is a high point in this legendary saga.

Traverse a fantastic world by the hand of Squall Leonhart, a member of the SeeD academy, where he teaches young prospects so they can serve their nations, their ideals, or the highest bidder.

We know it may be weird starting a series of games with the eighth part. Still, the combination of a world full of magic and wonder, an spectacular combat system, and a very well thought plot makes this game a flagbearer of its genre.

Just make sure to get your memory card ready for hours and hours of gameplay!


5. Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit

NFS 3 is the best racing experience the PS1 has to offer. I am not afraid to make that claim.

The sound of cars running at full speed, the roar of the engine under the hood, the smell of fuel in the morning… well, not that!

The gameplay is more intense, as the police will try to stop your attempts to win the races. The artificial intelligence in the police cars is improved. This way, you will need to become resourceful and come up with clever strategies to escape them and reach the goal.

A must-have if you are into luxury cars racing at crazy speed in urban settings.


6. Resident Evil 2

PS1 well represented the survival horror genre, and the Resident Evil series is undoubtedly the most iconic.

Among these, RE2 shows some great improvements in the graphics and the whole sense of terror in the many situations you find yourself in.

The plot is the classic virus that has infested an entire city, turning it into what is known as the zombie apocalypse. Crowds of the undead hungry for human flesh are lurking, and you are in the middle of it all. 

As a funny note, there are some unlockable minigames for you to test your skills. There is even one that involves preparing tofu, because why not?


7. Mega Man X4

The PS1 had the edge over other consoles because it was open to developing all types of games, not only 3D.

The Megaman series revived with Megaman X4, revamping the general look and feel of the game. 

Now we enjoy beautifully crafted, anime-styled sprites, and the music and level design quality go above the roof.

Megaman is back! Dr. Light has sent our hero to face the growing threat of Dr. Cain’s creation, Sigma, who has been assembling an army with whom he will destroy humanity. 

The only caveat, we can play with Zero, the blond-haired robot we met during the X series in the SNES.

Zero uses the Z saber and offers a totally different playstyle! Talk about replayability value!


8. Silent Hill

“Cheryl, where are you?”

After a car accident, Harry Mason wakes up in Silent Hill, a ghost town engulfed in fog.

With this setting, one of the greatest survival horror franchises was born.

Silent Hill has taken its rightful place among its peers, as the way to approach fear and the unknown was fresh and innovative.

The SFX and music, the puzzles, and the impressive amount of endings and secrets give it an unheard level of replayability, provided you want to go through that nightmare again, that is.


9. Dead Or Alive

Another fighting title makes our list.

Another great franchise launch that has seen many sequels and has been ported to multiple systems ever since.

Dead or Alive brought balanced gameplay and pretty decent graphics. However, the physics could be deemed questionable in some parts (you will need to see this for yourself).

The fighting mechanics are not overly complex unless you are like me and play the maximum difficulty. The game stops being a fighting game and becomes a strategy one!


10. Metal Gear Solid

The Metal Gear franchise started in the 80s when the first installment of the series released for something called the MSX home computer (I will let you google that).

It was in 1998 when the game was finally portrayed in the 3D world. And goodness me, it was something else.

Metal Gear Solid and the following games in the saga are among the best games ever created.

In the PS1 game, the amount of detail in each section was so high that people still find new stuff nowadays.

The storyline is bonkers, and the gameplay could be classified as that too. For example, there is a part where you need to change the port of your controller to avoid your mind to be read by a boss.

It is considered by many as one of the best PS1 games. Imagine achieving that in your first attempt! Hideo Kojima is truly a genius.


Final Words

The PS1 is an all-time beloved console that will always have a place in our hearts. With these handpicked suggestions, you are on your way to building a superb game library.

Keep checking our blog for more recommendations, and make sure you check our past contributions!

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