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10 Amazing PS VITA Games You Need To Play Today

Portable consoles cover a large part of the worldwide video game market. The big names in the industry are always looking to create the next breakthrough and this was Sony’s goal with the sensational PlayStation Vita and the amazing list of PS VITA games.

PS VITA Games To Play Nonstop

Creating games for this console is an exciting task due to its strong hardware and software capabilities.

Needless to say, and as you are about to see, the developers did not disappoint!

1. Persona 4 Golden

One of the best updates from desktop versions to portable consoles is Persona 4 Golden, developed by Atlus Games in 2012 for PS Vita.

The studio took the classic ps2 delivery and transformed it. Improving its visual quality, combat techniques, and including weapons and enemies made Persona 4 Golden the best role-playing game released for this console.

The story takes place in a village in Japan. There, terrible murders have been discovered. A young student dives into a parallel world within the television to decipher the mystery behind the macabre events.

Persona 4 Golden is a fan favorite. As a result, it received praise for its extraordinary and intriguing story and its improved combat system, that is why it is a mandatory reference in the PS Vita.


2. Killzone: Mercenary

First-person shooter lovers waited for this game quite a deal. The arrival of Killzone Mercenary at PS Vita in 2013 showed that it is possible to create a high-quality FPS for a portable system.

The game is great for single playing but has an excellent online multiplayer mode and many options to customize the game, increase rewards, and several game modes.

Killzone Mercenary is the 5th delivery of the Killzone franchise. The plot was based on the battle between the mercenary groups: Helghast’s forces and ISA specialists.


3. Tearaway

This fun and original third-person platform game take you to a world of very well-detailed origami figures. It also has entertaining mechanics that make great use of the ps Vita’s technical capabilities.

Released in 2013, the positive reviews regarding it came immediately.

A paper kingdom is a peaceful place until some dark beings come to create chaos. Our charismatic protagonist is a warrior who must overcome many obstacles to deliver an important message.

Media Molecule Studios sought the creation of Tearaway to develop an innovative game.

With an impressive graphic section, well-worked environments, and an ideal soundtrack Tearaway is an excellent option for adventure game lovers.

Both are willing to do anything to fulfill their contracts to obtain arms and money.

Cambridge Studios won critical acclaim for the development of this exclusive release for the Sony handheld.


4. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

The PS Vita had its own installment of this franchise in 2012. Developed by Ubisoft Sofia and Ubisoft Milan, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is a historical action. Moreover, it is one of the most adventurous PS VITA games with stealth elements that surely will catch your attention if you have not played it yet.

We will know Aveline de Grandpré; a French-African descent assassin who defends the Louisiana people from the Spanish invasion in the middle of the Franco-indigenous war in the 18th century.

It is the first game in the series with a female protagonist.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation has impressive visual quality and fabulous combat techniques. It is also known for its wide variety of weapons, exclusive multiplayer mode, and features that were widely praised by fans.


5. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

One game worth playing on your Ps Vita is Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Released in 2011, it was the first time we saw a game in this series on a handheld console. It was well-received by critics as it is as good as the desktop versions.

In this issue, the adventurer Nathan Drake arrives in Panama to explore an old cave with gold walls called Golden Abyss. There, he meets Marisa Chase, who helps him in the quest. On the way, he must face mercenaries and other enemies who also want wealth.

Developed by Bend Studio with excellent graphics and a greater focus on action, it does not leave out the incredible exploration mechanichs that characterize the franchise.


6. God of War Collection

This special delivery for the PS Vita launched in 2014 brings together the first two episodes of Sony’s classic epic series, God of War.

We don’t see changes in any aspect of the original games released for the ps2. However, grateful fans have the legendary Spartan warrior available on their portable console in high definition and improved graphics.

Spectacular and great, as we already know, God of War takes us to a mythological world full of wild combats. These combats have elements of gore, terrible enemies, and a stormy path that Kratos must cross to achieve his redemption.


7. Gravity Rush

Another essential for the PS Vita is Gravity Rush. When this game first came out, it did not look interesting, but after the first few reviews came out, it was obviously a hit.

Developed in 2012 by SCE Japan Studio, it was one of the first games created for the portable console. It was one of the most successful PS VITA games because of its interesting history. Besides, it has an extravagant design, making it different from what we are used to.

The main character is Kat, a girl who wakes up without any memory of her past. Next to her, there is a mysterious cat that gives her the power to control gravity. She uses this power to defeat some shadow creatures called Nevi. Nevi came to create chaos in the floating community of Hekseville.

Gravity Rush gives the player the freedom to handle the gravity; this opens the possibilities for different dynamics of entertaining exploration and an epic system of combat, everything in the air.


8. Soul Sacrifice

New from many points of view, this game was an instant Ps Vita classic. Developed by Marvelous AQL and SCE Japan Studio in 2013, Soul Sacrifice shows us a classic RPG with out-of-this-world graphics and a story that catches the player from the first minute.

The main character is an innocent slave held captive by the cruel and terrible sorcerer Magusar who feeds on human sacrifices to be immortal. Just before taking his soul, an old macabre-looking book appears with the record of the sorcerer’s battles.

The player must relive those battles entering the book’s world to gain experience to defeat Magusar.

What is most striking about this game is the possibility of sacrificing parts of the body. And that too in exchange for casting powerful spells and defeating the opponent. This unique feature differentiates Soul Sacrifice from other role-playing games.


9. Freedom Wars

In 2014, SCE Japan Studio surprised everyone with the launch of Freedom Wars, an action and shooting game that became a big hit.

In 102013, the human population struggles to survive with scarce resources in the cities called Panopticons. Only those who are productive have the right to live. However, those who violate that law are condemned for millions of years.

Our main character lost his memory, and now he does not know how to do anything, for which he is condemned. His goal is to achieve his freedom, hence the title of the game.

Freedom Wars is a game with RPG elements, being its main mode is multiplayer. This does not mean we can’t go solo, though, as it has a quite convincing and very entertaining plot.


10. Dragon’s Crown

Beautiful illustrations, bright colors, and a beautiful universe full of details and references will mesmerize us as soon as we start playing.

This medieval-themed 2D game is a traditional Beat ‘Em Up, but with a charm that goes beyond your console. It’s simply addictive and engaging.

The story immerses us in a kingdom threatened by evil forces, and our character must defeat them and save the world. The argument is simple and, even cliche but in Dragonˋs Crown works great.

It also has a wonderful multiplayer mode, and good use of the touch controls. Each of the 8 scenarios of the game is very enjoyable. It is an experience that you can’t miss on your PS Vita.


The Best of the Best PS VITA Games

Playstation Vita is a handheld console designed to be as powerful as the PS3. Having all that power in such a small device is astonishing!

But what it makes even more amazing is its vast library of games. We hope our suggestions have been helpful!

If you are interested in other consoles and games, make sure to visit our blog!

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