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10 Best Original Xbox Games Worth Replaying

Remembering that the original Xbox entered the gaming scene with the exceptional original Xbox games way back in 2001 will make some of us feel old. We need to praise how Microsoft held its ground against Gamecube, Dreamcast, and the final boss: Playstation 2. And not only did it fight off their rivals, but it even achieved some important victories, like, for example, being the more powerful of the four!

Original Xbox Games You Can Play In Your Newest Console

Nowadays, original Xbox games are relevant once more because they are retro compatible with the more advanced consoles, so if you have an XBOX One, getting a few of these titles will surely be a bang for your bucks!

1. Halo 2

You will immerse yourself in one of the most complex plots of the saga. An evil advanced alien group has invaded the earth. The Master Chief with the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) will fight against the alien Inquisitor. This conflict takes place in the 26th century. The game options are vast. Hence, you can choose to play alone or in local multiplayer mode, cooperative mode, and most expected of all, the online mode with Xbox Live. 15 campaigns and 12 maps. Various weapons and new vehicles offer you a full-action game to have a great time. Besides, it maintains its predecessor essence in gameplay design and creativity for the science fiction genre. The company designed the soundtrack to accompany the plays and moments to perfection, adapting to the environments and situations. Oh, and It achieved the Xbox game of the year 2004 prize. What else can you ask?


2. Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The brilliant adaptation from cinema to videogames of the George Lucas classic and the innovative role-playing elements charmed the expanded universe fans. 4000 years before the trilogy that is already popular culture, there was a battle to the death between the Jedi Knights and the Sith army. Unfortunately, you will be stranded on a remote urban planet of Taris along with a Republic soldier and a Jedi padawan. To return and save the Republic, we must train as Jedi, but the decision not to get involved with the dark side is in our hands. In the light of our days, the graphics are somewhat outdated. Still, the impressive artistic design prevails, leading the player to feel in a place of the galaxy with life and brightness of its own. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy a good RGP, even if you are a Star Wars fan.


3. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Sam Fisher, a Splinter Cell from the CIA’s Third Echelon division, is back to prevent an Indonesian terrorist from detonating smallpox bombs in the United States. As in all stealth games, Sam must avoid being detected by the enemy, showing his agility. Pandora Tomorrow is an original and brilliant game with an ingenious design. It presents online missions that allow several players to simultaneously share Sam Fisher’s adventure. You choose the map, game mode, and if you want to be a spy or mercenary. Released in 2004, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is an acclaimed and highly realistic sequel with well-achieved lighting and settings that will take you worldwide with exquisite detail.


4. Fable

This fantasy role-playing video game takes place in a medieval European-style world. Albion is where our protagonist is rescued by Maze after the murder of his family. Behind this somewhat trivial beginning is the true cornerstone of the game: morality.  He was trained for his savior to become a hero, but you could become a villain if you decide to. Our hero and villain interact with characters and places with a third-person perspective. In addition to improving your skill, you can complete side quests, buy weapons, and even get married. The highlight of this game is the decision between good and evil, which becomes evident in the character’s appearance, leaving horns on the skull or changing eye color if going the wrong way. Fable managed to convey a fantastic atmosphere with a lot of realism due to its visual aesthetics level. Additionally, the soundtrack perfectly fits each environment, giving this controversial character’s journey an epic tone. The first Fable installment, in 2004, marked a milestone for the original Xbox, being an excellent alternative to the shooters and sports games that dominated the scene.


5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Watching a good movie full of action and bad guys is always entertaining. But this one of the original Xbox games made it possible to live your own movie for the first time!  You are CJ (Carl Johnson), a young man who returns home, knowing his mother is dead. It is 1992, and the streets are full of violence, drugs, and bad company in San Andreas. CJ will have to move around in these surroundings, get his gang and family back, and discover what led to his mother’s death. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are the inspiration for the three fictional cities that make up San Andreas: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. In the freedom of an open world, we can ride our bikes, go shopping for clothes, do graffiti, swim, scuba dive, drive a train, climb walls and take our colleagues around the city to fast-food restaurants and gun stores. The game mechanics include third-person shooting, driving, and an open world with short films that present the story and a map that marks our route.


6. Psychonauts

Razputin sneaks into the mental training summer camp for Psychonauts. Still, he discovers that in reality, their brains are plot-parts to create an automaton army. To save the world, Raz will develop his mental powers from some of them, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and invisibility. This 3D platform game, released in 2005, comprises 13 stages to achieve the goal. The player will have to enter the conspirator’s minds and eliminate their evil plans. All brains are different; each one reflects the owner’s personality. The theme is unique and makes us laugh, with a fresh and comical style, without complicated plots. If you haven’t played this title out yet, we are sure you won’t regret trying it at least once.


7. Counter-Strike

This video game is probably one of the best-known and most commented games of the shooter genre. As everyone already knows, it consists of a fight of anti-terrorists against terrorists who face two types of missions: hostages and bombs. Whether holding hostages or rescuing them, planting a bomb, or defusing it, a team can win by killing the opposite team. Violence aside, the game is fun to the point of being dangerously addictive. It has a single-player mode, and the multiplayer mode supports up to 16 gamers simultaneously, maintaining voice communication. This title unleashed a fever in Xbox Live that it was winning more and more devotees since its launch to the market in 2003. A great realism invades you when your character suffers damage. There are no survival miracles. The gameplay is not far from the PC game, with excellent graphics adaptation, with some lighting effects. The sound effects do their job, adding a buzz when a grenade falls. It is a video game that sells itself, with a complicated theme in real-life and simple on the screen, where you only need a good aim.


8. Beyond Good & Evil

In the depths of the universe, war strikes the planet Hyllis, where Domz’s troops attack without truce. A young reporter named Jade, Zerdy, her hybrid uncle half man-half boar, and a group of orphaned children resist the conflict’s onslaught. Jade, equipped with her camera, and her uncle face Domz in a fight for survival. Our girl interacts with her environment like a role-playing game, with parallel missions and mini-games. She takes pictures to earn money to pay for electricity and activate protective shields.  Zerdy turns out to be very useful for our heroine for defeating numerous groups of enemies. The stealth has not been left aside in this magnificent work, where you do not want to be discovered. The soundtrack includes an impressive variety of musical genres that feed each situation.  Careful details reflect the visual quality as the representation of day and night, light, smoke, fire, explosions, and shadows. The aesthetic concept of water is also very present in this video game. Well-designed characters exude their personality. The animations leave no complaints by performing a large number of movements fluently.


9. Ninja Gaiden Black

Ryu Hayabusa, the heir to The Dragon’s Sword, is preparing to infiltrate the Vigor Empire to avenge his family. The hack and slash genre’s success with an exceptional 3D environment will delight even the most demanding players. The solid and detailed settings show a beautiful western landscape that exudes realism. The graphic effects that interact with the game action and the exemplary modeling of the characters accompanied by animations and fluidity make this installment, released in 2004, a gem to be treasured. Oriental melodies, with an epic touch, are part of an admirable instrumentation soundtrack, with pieces that range from soft oriental themes to hard rock. Grasp the sword of the Dragon and let yourself envelop by this story of action, which, as a warning, will not be easy to complete.


10. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A story of action, greed, betrayal, love, sacrifice, and shiny sand awaits us in this spectacular video game. A high-quality classic video game will keep you playing nonstop. In ancient Persia, the desire for wealth is constant and everywhere. After the prince steals the dagger of time, the vizier’s betrayal is revealed. An hourglass, the stolen dagger, and a catastrophic mistake turn everyone into dusty beings possessed by evil. Princess Farah, kidnapped by the Wazir, the prince, and the evil traitor, has been saved from transformation by possessing the relics of time. Our mission: rescue Farah and end the chaos. The playable character is the prince, which you will control easily thanks to the highly responsive gameplay. The difficulty is in the puzzles that won’t allow us to advance without thinking a little bit, added to the number of enemies we faced. The dazzling scenery and delicate attention to detail make you enjoy without touching the control. The setting is stunning, highlighting the character’s careful design. The quality is unquestionable; an impeccable fluid platform game in normal exploration movements and fighting animations.  The interaction with the wind and the clothing gives a touch of reality that takes you to the prince’s odyssey. The display of lights and shadows, reflections in the water, and curtains movement are at the height of any animated film today. This is a worthy representative of action-platform games.


The Firstborn Still Lives!

The original Xbox games are still fan favorite and a lesson on innovation. This console was the first to go for an internal hard drive and truly establish online gameplay. Also, it was the cradle of many beloved franchises that are alive today. Its historical value and retro compatibility make it a great choice to diversify your collection! Up next: 10 best Xbox 360 games you should get right now

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