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Where To Sell Nintendo DS Games: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking for a place to sell your done and dusted Nintendo DS games? Then let’s head to the Retro vGames to get quick cash or make valuable trades now! 

If you got some Nintendo DS games idly sitting on your shelf, then you can consider getting the best value out of them. However, finding the retro store that offers you the right price can be pretty challenging. So, let’s dig in and find out the best possible way to sell you Nintendo DS games…

Where to Sell Nintendo DS Games?

Nintendo DS games from their family titles to violent (m-rated) games, now all genres are a piece of valuable retro games. So whether it’s Mario, Resident Evil, or any other DS games that you want to sell, you can come to Retro vGames.

Because no matter how old your Nintendo DS games are, if it’s working, then that’s a valuable piece for us. And as enthusiastic retro gamers, we highly value retro games and will always pay you the 100% best possible price for them.

What Offers Can You Avail On Selling Nintendo DS Games?

If you sell any of your Nintendo DS games at Retro vGames, then you can avail following value offers:

1. Shipment For Free

There are no shipping costs for the retro stuff you send to sell at Retro vGame. When your Nintendo DS games arrive at our place, we’ll check the delivery charges and pay you that amount with the selling price.

2. Price Match Guarantee

Here at Retro vGames, we ensure transparency for everyone. We have a price list to help you get the best possible selling price for your Nintendo DS games. You can check the price list of all the retro stuff here.

3. 20% More for Store Credit

Retro vGames also offers you the store credit option and gets 20% more value of your Nintendo DS games that you sell at our store. It means you can buy something else from our shop by using the credit amount that you have stored while having 20% extra value of the product.

4. Get Cash in 1 Day

With Retro vGames, you can get cash within a day either into your bank account or cash it from any bank via bank check. We have kept the process of sending you money as simple as we can. So, you can sell your Nintendo DS games here at our shop without any worry – online or physically.

5. Free And Instant Price Quote

To get a quick and free price quote for your Nintendo DS games, you can send an email at Or you can also text/call 4238-RETROV ‪(423) 873-8768. Our team will definitely respond to you within 24 hours (at its earliest).

Note: Make sure that you mention the details and conditions of the Nintendo DS game cartridge correctly. So, our team can properly evaluate your product’s value with the current market rates and offer you the best possible price for it.

How To Sell Nintendo DS Games Online?

You can sell any Nintendo DS games – from action, adventure, to even violence genre – at Retro vGames. If it’s retro, then it’s one of the things that we are probably looking for!

You’ll just have to follow these super simple and easy steps to sell Nintendo DS games at our shop:

  • Check out the price offering for the retro products here. If the product is available on our list, then take a printout. Carefully pack it with your Nintendo DS game’s cartridge in the delivery box and ship all the items to our shop’s address.
  • But if the product is not available on our price list, discuss the details of your Nintendo DS games that you want to sell via email or call 4238-RETROV ‪(423) 873-8768. Then our team will offer you the price based on our evaluation of the product. The price is locked for three business days. Now, you must ship the items to our shop within the mentioned days. 

Our shipping address is Retro vGames – Trade-in, 1884 Catasauqua Road, Allentown, PA 18109. 

Note: Make sure to deliver the items in the decided duration of time. Because if the items are not received at the expected time, the price set for the items will become invalid and current market prices will apply.

Are You A Professional Seller?

Retro vGames offers a special VIP program for professional sellers. They can sell as many Nintendo DS games as they can and earn tons of benefits from it. We are open to receive games in bulk quantities. 

For more details, you can drop an email at and let us know about you!

FAQs About Selling Nintendo DS Games

More questions on your mind for selling Nintendo DS Games? Let’s look in the FAQs to find the answers that you are looking for:

Can you trade in the Nintendo DS games without a case?

Typically, we would like to have your Nintendo DS games with their original case. But if that is not possible, we use a generic printed cover. The condition of the disc or cartridge is all that matters. So to put it simply, you absolutely can trade your Nintendo DS games without a case.

Where should I contact if I have a Nintendo DS game to sell?

You can let us know about your Nintendo DS game via email at or any other communication mode. Because we might be able to help you better with the retro stuff you want to sell in the market.

How much do Nintendo DS games sell for?

Nintendo DS games made the top-selling record of all times during the pandemic, even after so many years of discontinuation. The high demands of these games during the last two years have increased their market value. But still, you can find the refurbished Nintendo DS games in many retro stores at a much cheaper rate than the original ones.

Are there any Nintendo DS violence games?

Besides the Mario-like game titles, some Nintendo DS games were M-Rated for the violence shown in their gameplay. A few of them are Crime Scene, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, C.O.R.E., and Ultimate Mortal Kombat. You can find more similar games in our retro stores.

Retro vGames Is The Place Where…

You can earn quick cash, trade, or bank transfer the money for the Nintendo DS games that you sell. With their VIP selling program, you can earn more benefits. Because Retro vGames wants to get the best possible deal when you are selling the Nintendo DS games in the market.

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