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The game is fully tested & guaranteed to work. It’s the cartridge / disc only unless otherwise specified.
Tomb Raider Anniversary PSP Game tested and guaranteed to work.

Genre:Action & Adventure
Region:NTSC (N. America)

———This game is fully cleaned, tested & working. Includes the Disc/Cartridge Only. May have some minor scratches/scuffs.This description was last updated on October 28th, 2020.

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47 reviews for Tomb Raider Anniversary – PSP Game

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  • Lon

    Item arrived in expected time and in described condition. No complaints at all.

    July 26, 2022
  • S. CLARK

    Excellent game. A must have if you are a Tomb Raider fan.

    July 19, 2022
  • football head

    This game is great. The controls are simple unlike the other tomb raider games and the graphics are not the best but they are pretty good.The game is basically a combonation of puzzle solving and shooting, oh yeah and some mototcycle riding.This game is pretty short but only if you stick to just playing the main quest on normal difficulty. But if you go to the croft manner and try to find all of the rewards,do the time trials, beat the game on all difficulties and find all the rewards through out all of the levels it will last you a while and be one heck of a ride.I strongly recomend this game. What are you reading this for hurry up and go to wal-mart or something and buy this awesome game.

    July 16, 2022
  • Gabriel

    It’s fun to explore and climb all over the place. Combat consists of gun fights with mercenaries and surprise attacks from jungle cats. Oh, and beware of QTE. Graphics aren’t as good as the cover art, but it’s still not bad.There are only 8 levels, but each has multiple hidden statuettes to collect and higher difficulties including a time trial. Those unlock bonus content like concept art and costumes. You can also goof around in Croft Manor, which also contains hidden collectibles.The game can be a decent challenge, although I get annoyed when loading screens take longer than I’d like, especially reloading a checkpoint after I die.

    July 10, 2022
  • Glen Cook

    Every so often I’m guilty of hunting down older (yes, cheaper)games. I guess that all I’m expecting is something remotely playable. Admittedly, I had apprehensions when I bought Tomb Raider: Legends. I guess because there really hasn’t been a good Tomb Raider game for a while.This game reminds me that we play video games because they’re fun. This one is very, simplisticly fun. I almost hate to use the words simple or simplistic, because I don’t want it to be confused with boring, because it is not. So many games now place so much emphasis on stunning visual effects, complex combat systems and multiplayer modes that they forget to be fun.Aided by backdrops like the Himalayas in Nepal and the highrises of Japan, the graphics are actually quite impressive without being pretentious. Gameplay is short, but makes up for it in replayability. Usually I don’t call searching for unfound objects replayability, but some artifacts require you to get creative and find ways to manipulate the level, sometimes in complex ways to find them. I’ts a little more challenging then finding the discolored portion of the wall and merely kicking/shooting through it.The combat system is pretty basic. You have (lock-on and) shoot and that’s pretty much it. There was some explaination of some melee attacks at the start of the second level, but I could never get them to work. It was just easier to shoot them. Plus, there are interactive cut-scenes that are just in essence trial and error/rememb.

    July 4, 2022
  • Liliana

    Amazing game. Wonderful condition with book intact and everything. Much less buggy than the next in the series "Underworld".

    July 2, 2022

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