PlayStation Portable PSP 2000 Console
PlayStation Portable PSP 2000 Console 102 Reviews
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PlayStation Portable PSP 2000 Console


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PlayStation Portable PSP 2000 Console

102 Reviews

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For sale is a fully tested and working PlayStation Portable PSP 2000 console in used, very good condition. The Console and power cable are included, with additional games available (as add-ons). The console may have some scratches/wear due to age, but this doesn’t affect functionality.

PlayStation Portable – Features

Sony’s revision of the PSP resulted in an even more impressive system, with a slim and sleeker shape, a brighter screen, and a new output to TV port.  Like its predecessor, it’s capable of displaying advanced graphics, running smooth gameplay, playing movies, and even connecting to the internet.

Strong Specifications

The PSP 2000 boasts a 333 ...
Mhz CPU, a GPU clocked at 166 Mhz, and 64MBs of RAM, double what the previous version had, allowing it to run highly detailed graphics and complex level designs. Pair this with its 1800 mAh battery. Moreover, you’ll be immersed in your favorite games for up to 6 hours at a time!

Wifi Connectivity

The PSP can connect to both the internet and other systems via WiFi, allowing you not only to surf the web, but also to play against your friends in multiplayer games. Lastly, you can also connect to the PS2 and PS3 for special game mechanics.

PSP 2000 Console – The Games

There are over 1300 games available for the PSP.  In addition, there are ports and revamps of older titles to special Triple-A games. Lastly, these are developed specifically for the system, guaranteeing you won’t have time to get bored.


This fun puzzle platformer is perfect for all ages. The game features beautiful graphics and sound alongside a content creation mode that allows players to construct their levels. Lastly, the PSP version features 23 main levels and 14 mini-levels.


An expansion on the original Monster Hunter Freedom 2, this action-RPG title will have you tracking down and fighting epic bosses, the challenge increasing as you grow your hunter rank. With Freedom Unite, you can access rarer armor, a new Felyne partner to help you on your quests, and an all-new Epic Hunting Quest mode.


A prequel to GTA Vice City, this title follows the story of Victor Vance, an ex-soldier trying to build a crime empire. The gameplay is the classic GTA experience we all know and love, as you can freely explore Vice City and perform missions or take a break and wreak havoc. However, a new mechanic is added, “empire-building.” You can operate criminal businesses, from protection rackets to brothels or smuggling compounds. Lastly, the game also features a local multiplayer mode via WiFi, allowing you to play with up to 6 friends.


It is a prequel to the original God of War. Chains of Olympus will have you in control of Kratos, a Spartan warrior serving the Olympian Gods. You are tasked with saving Olympus from the Titan Atlas, Morpheus, and the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. The game features puzzles and platforming elements sprinkled alongside its combat-intensive gameplay. Lastly, the fast-paced combat and fun combo system combined with the range of weapons available is guaranteed to keep you fighting.


Daxter is a spin-off of the Jak and Daxter series. This platformer will have you play as Jak’s sidekick, Daxter, a bug exterminator on a quest to save his friend. Apart from the fun platforming and pesky enemies, you will swat away. Lastly, you can unlock six bonus games themed around famous movies for extra fun.


One of the best-polished racing simulators, Gran Turismo, brings together over 800 different vehicles, each modeled accurately and statistics derived from their real-life counterparts, 35 tracks with 70 playable configurations for you to enjoy on your own or with up to three friends. In addition, it guarantees that each race to the finish is a unique experience. 

PSP 2000 Console – Fun Facts

  • The PSP was the only handheld console to use discs instead of cartridges!
  • The PSP sold over 80 million units!
  • The disc format used for the PlayStation Portable was developed specifically for Sony.
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