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Should I Sell My Retro Games

Should I Sell My Retro Games? (Or Hang Onto Them?)

People who are collecting old games for a long time have this one question in mind: should I sell my retro games? Well, the answer to this question depends on many things. It is never a good idea to hoard things needlessly, and you should always collect things which you are going to use. The same can be said for retro game collections. 

It can be a very complicated task for anyone to decide to whether let his/her childhood memories go like this or keep them for good. Let us enlighten you with the reasons you should and should not sell your retro games and help you make a decision easily. So, let’s jump in.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Retro Games

We know that retro games are an important part of our childhood, and have a special place in our hearts. But sometimes we have to make some harsh decisions for our own good. Below are some reasons which will make you think that I should sell my retro games.

1. Retro Games are in Demand

According to the people in the retro gaming business, we are seeing a sudden surge in the demand for retro games in recent months. The main reason is the lockdown, which has forced people to stay at home and look for activities to kill their time. It proved to be a blessing in disguise for the people having old classic games in their cupboards.

Most of the young generation is getting their hands on these classic games just out of curiosity. Their interest in how the childhood of their parents looked like, is making way for the comeback of these classic games.

2. Inflated Prices of Retro Games

The prices of retro games are higher than ever. To surprise you even more, they aren’t getting lower anytime soon. We are seeing record-breaking auctions of rare old classic games all around the world.

Not so long ago, in 2020, a rare copy of Super Mario Bros was sold at $2 million. It didn’t stop just there, we are still hearing the same type of auctions happening around us. So, if you have any such rare copy of any retro games, it might be a good time to cash it. 

3. Hacks To Play Retro Games

Accept it or not, at some point retro games are going to stop working, and then you will regret that when you had a chance, why you didn’t cash them. Moreover, as retro gaming is at its peak these days, people are finding different ways to play them on new or already available consoles. You can easily find different hacks to play these games. It’s better you sell these retro games at good prices before people start playing them through those hacks.  

4. You Aren’t Playing Them Much

We will have to accept one thing we don’t have much time to play all our consoles games like we used to have. And these bad boys are too good to just sit in our cupboard, like a scrape. They want someone to play with and enjoy them. So, if you aren’t playing after six months or a year, it’s time you pass them on to someone who is willing to play them regularly. After all, it’s the only way you are going to do justice to your old buddies.

5. Make Room For The New Ones

You might be thinking to buy new trending games, but you couldn’t because these new games cost too much. Well, you are not alone, there are many people out there who are in a similar situation. But wait, we have come up with a solution for you. 

It makes sense to cover some of the cost of those new games by selling your old video games. Also, you are playing these old games once in a while, but you will be playing new games regularly. In a way, by selling the old games, you will be making room for the new ones.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hold On To Your Retro Games

Following are some reasons why you should not sell your retro games.

1. They Are Our Cultural Artifacts

Retro games are an important part of our history. Many people out there consider them our cultural artifacts. Years from now, they will represent how our taste in gaming has changed, and consequently, evolved our gaming technology. So, we might want to show these beauties from the past to our children and grandchildren.

2. You Might Want To Play Them Again Sometime

Nostalgia is a very odd thing. Now you might have decided that I am selling my retro game collection, but after some time, you might want to play them. But then again, if you ever feel like playing them again, you can again buy them from Retro vGames. Or you can also play some of the old classic games using different hacks.

3. Prices May Go Even Higher

Prices of retro games are surely skyrocketing, but have they hit their peak. That’s the question no one can answer at the moment. Only time will tell if they are going to go up even further or will coming back down. But one thing is sure that any big change in prices will not take place overnight. 

Where can I Sell My Retro Games?

If you are thinking that I should sell my retro games, there must be another question in your mind that where can I sell my retro games? Fortunate for you, we even have a solution for this too. Retro vGames is the best place to sell retro games. Here you can sell your retro games quickly and easily. 

The best thing about Retro vGames is that they evaluate the price of the game and pay the right amount to the seller. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed on this platform. Furthermore, Retro vGames doesn’t bind you to give the box of the game with it.

FAQs About Should I Sell My Retro Games

Below we are going to discuss the most frequently asked questions about should I sell my retro games.

Is there a market for retro games?

Although retro gaming is a thing of the past, we still have a market for retro games. Retro vGames is the best marketplace where you can easily buy retro games at very reasonable prices. 
Furthermore, if you have made your mind that I want to sell my retro games and thinking where can I sell my retro games, here you can do that too. You can easily sell every type of retro game and retro gaming console here, and that too at the right prices. 

What is the most expensive video game ever sold?

 An old copy of Super Mario Bros is the most expensive video game ever sold. During an auction that happened last year, a copy of the 1985 classic Super Mario Bros was sold at the astounding price of 2 million dollars. Second to it was another copy of Super Mario 64, which was sold at 1.56 million dollars.

Are Sealed video games worth anything?

The price of an old video game depends on the condition of the game. If the game is in good condition, chances are you will get a good price for it. Talk about the sealed video games, the price of these games will increase several 

Are old consoles worth keeping?

As we all know, retro gaming companies aren’t making them anymore. So, there is a limited number of retro games and retro gaming consoles in the world. If you have any of those old classic gaming consoles, they are definitely worth keeping. You can show them to your children and grandchildren. You can also make good cash by selling them on Retro vGames.


After going through our guide of should I sell my retro games, it’s time you make a final decision whether you want to be a hoarder or collector of retro games. Although, there is a fine line between these two, and one should try his best to straddle that line about as tightly as possible.

While making any decision, keep all the important points we have mentioned in this blog in mind. Once you decide that I am up for selling my retro game collection, we will recommend you to sell them on Retro vGames, and get the best prices for your beloved games.

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