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Nintendo 64 (N64) Console


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Nintendo 64 (N64) Console

106 Reviews

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For sale is a fully working, good condition original Nintendo 64 console for sale. The package includes the Nintendo 64 console, 1 controller, a power cable, and a video cable. Lastly., you can upgrade for additional controllers, games, or a memory card.

Here are Some Incredible Benefits of Buying the Nintendo 64:

  • The console preserves the original design and tactile feel that made the Nintendo 64 an icon. The condition is excellent, with minor scratches.
  • Our experts have meticulously refurbished every console aspect, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The controllers are working like new ones.
  • With a vast library of over 400 N64 games, the Nintendo 64 offers something for ...
  • Gather your friends and family for unforgettable multiplayer gaming sessions. Also, with the four-controller ports, you can challenge your loved ones to epic gaming showdowns, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Furthermore, no complicated setup or additional accessories are required. Lastly, you can connect it to your TV, power it up, and let the gaming nostalgia sweep over you.

Nintendo 64 – Fun Facts

  • N64 was about to get named ‘Project Reality.
  • Today, the games are less expensive than in the past.
  • It was initially launched with two game titles only.
  • Super Mario 64 is the best-selling game for the N64 console.
  • People are completing Super Mario N64 in just two hours.
  • N64 was the first console to feature 3D graphics.
  • Donkey Kong 64 has the most extended amount of gameplay on the N64 console.
Learn more about N64 here.

Best-Selling Nintendo 64 Games

Super Mario

The game quickly went to the standard to which most upcoming games were measured. Super Mario 64 is a masterpiece in the truest sense, and it should be in your N64 game collection with no exceptions. In addition, the soundtrack is good, too, and enjoyable.

Mario Kart

Is the epic racing battle exclusively available on N64 – Are you ready for a 24/7 racing addiction that keeps you driving all night? In addition, it has excellent maps that you can play multiplayer with your friends.

Super Smash Bros

Firstly, the game that kickstarted the crossover fighting genre, Super Smash Bros, is one of the best multiplayer games on your N64—featuring characters from 10 different Nintendo Franchises, many maps, and weapons. However, it has a simple yet addictive gameplay style!

Goldeneye 007

Firstly, it is one of the best first-person shooter on the Nintendo 64; GoldenEye 007 was revolutionary, with realistic graphics and well-tuned gameplay. Lastly, It has a 4-player split-screen multiplayer mode. It allows you to shoot at your friends for hours.

Zelda Ocarina of Time

This game is unique because of its pure class of fun, challenge, and realism. In addition, it features a beautifully rendered world for you to explore and pioneered gameplay mechanics that are standard today, such as the target lock-on system, context-sensitive buttons, and quick-time events. Finally, it is set in the first 3D iteration of Hyrule, Ocarina of Time features a large world to explore, filled with interactive environment elements, side-quests, enemies, and items, bound to keep your taste of adventure going.

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