Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt – DS Game



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metroid prime hunters
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt – DS Game
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Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt is an official demo of Metroid Prime Hunters, the first Metroid game for the Nintendo DS. It was included in Nintendo DS packages at the time of release, but has long since been discontinued. The game includes three short single-player games, a trailer for the full game, and a small multiplayer section.


According to Lawrence Schwedler, First Hunt was a proof of concept demo, and lessons learned on its development were later applied to Hunters.

First Hunt came about when Reggie Fils-Aimé felt that development of the full game was not progressing quickly. He recommend that as an alternative, a demo include in the first launch of Nintendo DS systems. This was unpopular with NST developers, who felt they would be giving away content for free, and making a demo would delay the launch of Hunters by at least six months. However, since Fils-Aimé had built trust with Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto, they agree and First Hunt was born.


The single-player game is a collection of Bounty Hunter training missions to test Samus’s abilities. Points are gained base on performance in these trials, and by combo-ing enemies without missing a shot.

Type A: Regulator

“Destroy all of the hologram targets before time expires.”

Regulator can be count as the ‘main’ mode of this demo. In it, Samus must reach the end of a “holographic arena” consisting of twelve rooms before the 10 minute Countdown ends. Each room is teeming with harmful holograms base on enemies including Zoomers, Tallon Metroids and what appears to be an emaciate Metroid-like creature. She must destroy all the enemies in one room to unlock the doors and progress to the next. At the end of her path there is a room in which she has to face a green doppelgänger of herself to complete the mode.

Type B: Survivor

“Exterminate the Xenomorphs before they exterminate you.”

The player must defeat as many enemies as possible before dying on the Assault Cradle level. The player faces an abundance of the three enemy types seen in the Regulator (Type A) trial. The music accompanying this trial is a remix version of Vs. Meta Ridley. Samus can gain the Missile upgrade in this mode, as well as a temporary damage power-up in the highest room.

Type C: Morph Ball

“Test your Morph Ball abilities as you collect modules.”

Morph Ball training requires the player to guide Samus through a series of modules to reach the end of the area in a time limit.


The game also includes a wireless multiplayer mode for up to four players, each of which play as a Samus doppelgänger, but there are no in-game bots (which appear in the final game) to play against. Each player is assign a distinct color palette so that they can be distinguish from the others. There are three levels available for multiplayer. They are Trooper Module, Assault Cradle, and Ancient Vestige.


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