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Nintendo DSi XL Console

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For sale is a refurbished Nintendo DSi XL Console in good condition with a power cable. The console may have some scratches/wear due to age, but this doesn’t affect functionality. Upgrade to include your choice of games. Colour preferences are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. If you require a specific colour, please contact customer service. Relive the ultimate handheld experience with our thoroughly tested and working Nintendo DSi XL console in used, excellent condition. Included in the package is the console and the charger only. It may have minor scratches or visual imperfections, but this does not affect the console’s functionality. Upgrade to include your choice of games, choose the colour of your console or ...
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Bring Back the Nostalgia

Let’s walk down memory lane and remember how it was to be a child or a young teen, begging your parents to get you the new and raved-about gaming console everyone was using. You couldn’t miss out on the fun, could you? Whether it was a birthday or Christmas present, you would have done anything to get your hands on the revolutionary Nintendo DSi XL. The excitement of having a world full of adventures and taking it everywhere with you was something you expected to be great. But you did not know back then that the feeling of pure joy from playing endlessly on your Nintendo DSi XL will stick with you throughout your life. Whether you had it or wanted it and never got it, now it’s your chance to experience by yourself or with your family and friends the delight you felt as a careless, happy child. Please note: Photos are for reference only.

Your Childhood In 4 Seconds

Remember turning on your Nintendo DSi XL and being greeted by the cheerful piano jingle every time? That’s your childhood in 4 seconds. Or do you remember sneaking your console into bed when you were supposed to be sleeping, playing Pokémon for hours? You would wake up and be asked by your mother why you are so tired, but not only did you have no regrets, but you would do it all again in a heartbeat. Or do you remember playing with your siblings Mario Kart on rainy days when the power was out? That’s your childhood right there. The Nintendo DSi XL was an endless source of fun that does not have to stop now. More so, you can now take your children or even your childhood friends back on those pure experiences full of glee. Let yourself be taken over by nostalgia and pick up your adventures right where you left them because all of these years, your favourite characters sat patiently, awaiting your return.

Nintendo DSi XL – Games

With over 2000 game titles and backwards compatibility with the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DSi XL won over the hearts of many, providing generations with endless gaming possibilities.

Mario Kart

Like other games in the series, Mario Kart DS features characters from the Mario series and pits them against each other as they race in karts on tracks based on locations in the Mario series. Lastly, Mario Kart DS is the third best-selling game for the Nintendo DSi XL.

New Super Mario Bros

The best-selling Nintendo DSi XL game, with over 30 million copies sold. It follows the main character, Mario, as he fights through Bowser’s henchmen to rescue Princess Peach. Mario has to travel through eight worlds with a total of 80 levels. Lastly, Mario must defeat Bowser Jr. and Bowser with the help of several power-ups before saving Princess Peach.

Animal Crossing: Wild World

It is the second instalment in the Animal Crossing series. Wild World focuses on living in a remote village populated with anthropomorphic animals. Here the player character is encouraged to perform any number of tasks, such as collecting and planting. Lastly, the game is synced to the console’s clock and calendar, allowing the game to be played in real time. Also, it affects the occurrence of in-game events based on the current time of day or season.

Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

The game’s story follows that of The Wind Waker. It focuses on the series protagonist Link’s journey to save his friend Tetra from the story’s antagonist, Bellum, with the help of Captain Linebeck and his ship, the S.S. Linebeck.

Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends

This real-time pet simulation game is a special edition for the Nintendo DSi XL, using the console’s touchscreen and built-in microphone. Lastly, take care of your dog, pet it, play with frisbees, balls, and groom it. Interact by calling your dog, teaching it tricks or taking it for a walk in the park. Learn more about it here.

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