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5 Best GameCube Games Like GTA

5 Best GameCube Games Like GTA

Grand Theft Auto has been around for the past twenty five years and has been a massive source of entertainment for individuals of all ages. Often the appeal of games dies down in a few years, but that is not the case with GTA. The appeal of the GTA games keep multiplying, and thus, many developers attempt to develop games with the same open worlds and all-out action as GTA.

In this guide, we have handpicked some GameCube games like GTA that will help break the monotony yet offer the same pleasurable experience and adrenaline rush provided by GameCube games like Grand Theft Auto. Our handpicked favorites include:

  • True Crime Streets of La
  • True Crime New York City
  • Top Gun Combat Zones
  • Wreckless Yakuza Missions
  • Simpsons Hit and Run

While it is hard to find games that genuinely replicate the GTA experience, here are a few games that come pretty close:

1. True Crime Streets of LA

If you have loved GTA for the massive use of stealth techniques, fighting, hunting down and martial art moves on your enemy, then True Crime: Streets of LA is a game that you will genuinely enjoy.

The game features a former cop, Nick Kang. He is on an undercover mission to eradicate crimes from the city of Los Angeles by eliminating the Russian and Chinese gangs that are wreaking havoc in the city by committing widespread criminal activities. What makes it more interesting is the storyline that branches and gives you more access and choice to pick and choose your battles based on your liking. The bulleted time outs and the martial arts battles in the broader backdrop of the Los Angeles city sprawling from Santa Monica to the glamorous Hollywood squares. 

Nick Kang was once suspended due to his reckless use of force but is now back on duty as an undercover officer on operation, the same reckless ways are endorsed as a way of getting rid of criminal syndicates and clearing the City of Angels from all nasty elements.

True Crime: Streets of LA is the perfect game for those GTA enthusiasts who love setting out to catch their enemies while indulging in activities like driving, fighting and shooting. It is a thrilling, adrenaline pumping action game.

2. True Crime New York City 

Set in the bustling New York City, the game True Crime: New York City is quite similar to GTA in its adventure based approach. It is a 2005 open world action-adventure video game where the player is allowed the choice of acting as a good cop or a bad cop in streetwise action encounters. 

You proceed through the game as Marcus Reed, a former criminal who has now turned into a cop. As a cop, Marcus Reed uses or instead abuses his authority to hunt down the murderers of his mentor. Concurrently, he also aims to clean up the hoods of New York City in his quest to clean up the city from all maligning elements. Marcus goes around arresting, extorting and interrogating. Meanwhile, he also uses informants and takes bribes.

Marcus goes a long way in his pursuit of justice and makes full-spectrum use of his all-encompassing authority as a cop. He maneuvers around both on foot and on vehicle chasing around and eliminating all potential suspects. 

Overall, the game is quite similar to the GTA games and is available on GameCube.

3. Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes

The Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes is among the decades-old action-packed games designed for the GameCube. It is the debut game of Solid Snake on GameCube, where a former spy is coming back into action to deal with a rogue unit. A former rogue spy named Fox Hound has unleashed a secret weapon in the outside world. The secret weapon known as Metal Gear. Hence, the name of the game is Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes. 

It may be a nostalgic game to many as it is the remake of the original 1998 PlayStation classic Metal Gear Solid. However, the graphics are now better than ever. They have altered the gameplay a little bit to improve user experience with the game itself. Along with many original features, areas and enemies, newer perspectives also come into play to make the gameplay more interesting. Several elements from Metal Gear Solid 2 are also come into play.

The third-person action adventure game is set in a military base where one must sneak to seek refuge from the enemies. The game comes packed with a lethal combination of stealth and shooting action, as well as fighting off snipers, invisible ninjas, psychic warriors, and even an M-1 tank. 

While action and shooting are equally important, stealth is what makes you accomplish the most in this game.

4. Serious Sam Next Encounter

Next up on the list of games is Serious Sam Next Encounter is a game of the Serious Sam series. It is an adventure packed, first person video game developed by Climax Solent and published by Global Star Software. It is a game where Sam maneuvers around unidentified enemies through ancient Rome, feudal China and Atlantis.

In his expedition, Serious Sam sets out to save the world from the new arch-nemesis, an evil clone of Serious Sam. The evil mini clone is on a quest to wipe out ancient civilizations, and Serious Sam is on a quest to stop him from doing so. There are many new and returning weapons to help Serious Sam get rid of his lethal enemies. 

The game comes in both single and multiplayer options. It is a combination of both shooting and driving sequences. The gameplay is fascinating. There are forty two levels and in the three different thematic worlds. The game is not necessarily tricky yet quite enjoyable.

5. Simpsons Hit and Run

The Simpson Hit and Run game is based on the popular sitcom Simpsons. It is a multi-player game and is set to be played in Skateable Springfield Environment. Thus, it has a massive appeal for both the ardent Simpsons fans and the GTA enthusiasts. Unlike GTA, where massive atrocities and violence are widespread, Homer from Simpsons embarks on a comparatively non-violent adventure. Homer and other Simpsons characters are hopping around Springfield, indulging in widespread hit and run cases. This also includes punching and kicking their opponents as much as their hearts desire.

For many people, Simpsons Hit and Run is the first open-world video game on GameCube. Although the game feels like any other GTA games, it is a lot less milder when it comes to atrocities. Thus, it is much more suitable for children and individuals who enjoy GTA style games without the additional violence. 

FAQs About GameCube Games Like GTA

Still, got some questions? Let me answer some of them here:

How To Play GTA Games on GameCube?

There are no GTA games ports for GameCube. Thus, the only way to play GTA games on GameCube is through the Game Boy player device.  

Are GameCube games like Grand Theft Auto suitable for minors?

Games exactly like GTA are meant for more mature audiences. Thus, those above the age of 17 and above are more suitable for playing this game due to the presence of elements like violence, blood and strong language. However, plenty of child-friendly GTA like games exist.

What are some GTA-like yet clean games on GameCube?

The Lego City Undercover, Simpsons Hit and Run, and Just Cause 3 are pretty similar to GTA yet cleaner alternatives to it. The clean alternatives to GTA do not come with any age-based restrictions and, thus, are kid-friendly.

What genre games are GTA and other GTA like games?

The GTA and other similar games belong to the genre of free-roaming and role-playing video games. These games allows a lot of mobility to the player. they are also packed with action, adventure and known as open-world games.

Where to find more GameCube games like grand theft auto?

A large collection of GameCube games is waiting to be played at Retro vGames. You can also find a lot of other related accessories on the website.


Despite the fondness, playing the same game over and over again makes it less pleasurable. The same game that once sparked joy may now seem a tedious and repetitive task. A great way of reigniting fondness is by playing open world GameCube games that are similar to GTA in nature. 

If chasing opponents, catching enemies and hunting them down is something that you enjoy and if you often find yourself on search engines vehemently searching, “GameCube games to play if I like GTA”, then this compilation will help you a great deal. We hope that the list we curated for you will help a great deal in satisfying your GTA gaming appetite by offering a similar adventure packed experience in different settings. 

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