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Best Nintendo 3DS Educational Games

7 Best Nintendo 3DS Educational Games

If your kid is insisting on a Nintendo 3DS game and finding an educational and age-appropriate game. In that case, you’ve landed at the right place.

There’s no denying that the 3DS is the best handheld gaming console of all time and has a vast collection of titles to offer. With so many great options to choose from, there is never a shortage for kids and adults.

However, with such a vast list, it can be hard to pick the right one. Therefore, we’ve made the task easier for you by shortlisting the seven best Nintendo 3Ds educational games. In the end, there is an FAQs section as well. So, let’s start right away!

7 Best Nintendo 3DS Educational Games for You

The list below features all the best-selling and top Nintendo 3DS educational games that you can get from any online store.

1. Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle

A collection of number-themed puzzles, the Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle is the most challenging and creative 3DS educational game of all time and therefore, tops our list.

Offering a variety of games at several levels of difficulty, it is one of the best 3DS puzzle games for you and your kid to solve together. There is a collection of more than 600 puzzles spread over five entertainment games. It includes Bridges, Sudoku, Museum, Boxes, and a special 3D puzzle that is exclusively created for the 3DS.

Even though numbers play a key role in the mini puzzle games, the kids will not need the knowledge of advanced mathematics. Instead, only a basic understanding of addition and subtraction is required to understand these puzzles.

To cut it short, the Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle is more about testing logical reasoning skills, cognitive thinking, and trial-and-error. Therefore, it is the perfect educational game that you and your kids can play.

Best Known For: Puzzle & Brain Games, Logical Reasoning

2. Brain Age: Concentration Training

Providing your kids with activities to improve their working memory and concentration. The ‘Brain Age: Concentration Training’ is one of the best Nintendo 3DS animation games for children.

Just as the name implies, the game is a lot harder than any other regular Brain Age game. It has several devilish training modes that make your kids track their moves, keep up with numbers in their heads, and hold several other things in their minds at once.

The modes such as the Devilish Calculations have the children solving a simple arithmetic calculation, then another, and then remembering what the first calculation was. As they progress with the game, they’ll have to remember more and more until they find themselves trying to keep four answers in their mind while doing new calculations.

On the whole, Nintendo claims that the ‘Brain Age: Concentration Training’ offers a new way to train your kids’ minds and improve their working memory. So, don’t miss it!

Best Known For: Brain Games, Logical & Analytical Thinking

3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A continuation of the Animal Crossing series by Nintendo, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It lets the children learn about problem-solving by running the town and is a fun game for both kids and parents.

The game provides the children with the opportunity to live in a virtual world full of colorful and friendly animals. The player needs to work their way from being a town resident without any money to a reputed citizen that has a fancy house. If all goes well, they might even become the mayor of the town.

According to Nintendo’s recommendation, children under 7 years should only play this game in 2D as the 3D effects might damage their developing eyesight. Parents can turn off the 3D option by using the parental control of the device.

In a nutshell, if you are in search of a top 3DS educational game for your children. It develops their problem-solving skills, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf is worth a shot.

Best Known For: Role-Playing, Social Simulation, Single & Multiplayer Mode

4. Pokémon Art Academy

Starting from simple shapes and coloring to teaching more complex drawing like blending and shading. The Pokémon Art Academy is one of the best Nintendo 3DS drawing games for young aspiring artists.

Even though it has a basic storyline, it has very little to do with the game’s content. The players need to follow an art enthusiast whose goal is to become the most famous Pokemon illustrator.

Keeping the storyline aside, the game is all about teaching the users how to draw different Pokémon creatures either with the help of the stylus on-screen or pen and paper off-screen.

The lessons are interesting enough to attract anyone into drawing and with the help of the Miiverse. It is now a lot easier to share your masterpieces online with your friends.

To cut it short, the Pokemon Art Academy with its healthy dose of charm and tempting additions to mechanics is a completely engaging experience that will appeal to both the long-term and curious fans alike.

Best Known For: Drawing Game, Entertainment

5. Tomodachi Life

Teaching kids how to take care of everyday chores and create their own stories, the Tomodachi Life is one of the best Nintendo 3DS educational games for your entire family.

It is a life simulation game that allows the players to pick a Mii character that represents them. While the previous Mii characters were dull and boring, Nintendo has imbued them in the Tomodachi Life with a distinct sense of personality.

After your main character is created, the sky’s the limit for you. You can send your characters on all kinds of different adventures. What’s more, you can even give them voices and watch them do all the fun and kind things that a family does every day. Occasionally, your act of kindness will result in getting gifts from Mii which you can use to placate other characters.

Overall a fun and interactive game, the Tomodachi Life teaches the kids all the ups and downs that take place in our daily life and how to tackle them.

Best Known For: Social Simulation, Role-Playing

6. Scribblenauts Unlimited

Allowing the kids to summon just about anything that they can name, the Scribblenauts Unlimited is all about creativity and one of the top 3DS learning games for preschoolers.

The kids can summon anything into the game by simply tapping the letters to spell nouns and adjectives. If they tap out the ‘bunny’, a rabbit will appear on the screen. Moreover, he will start fuming when they’ll describe him as ‘angry’. Thus, the kids can call thousands of possible objects and creatures in this way.

Rather than forcing the children to use a prescribed solution to any problem, it inspires them to use their imagination and come up with their own ways of getting things done. For example, instead of telling the children to use a hose to put out the fire, they can come up with their own solution like writing ‘rain’ to extinguish the blaze.

The Scribblenauts Unlimited encourages the kids to expand their vocabularies and spellings in a perfect creative environment and is something you should definitely get your preschoolers.

Best Known For: Puzzle, Sandbox, Single & Multiplayer Mode

7. Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic

Does your kid have what it takes to be a master chef? The ‘Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic’ is one of the best 3DS educational games for the kids that love to cook!

From new recipes and dish combinations to fresh kitchen activities, this iconic kitchen game has some of the most efficient tricks under its sleeve that will magically transform newbies into culinary artists.

Your kids can knead, slice, toss, and flip their way through more than 200 unique touchscreen games as they learn cooking in brand new ways with the help of the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope. There are more than 60 recipes that range from full meals to side dishes. The children can even win bronze, silver, and gold medals while mixing these recipes. In addition to this, they can even clean and decorate their kitchen and watch surprising 3D events unfold.

So, if your kid has shown interest in cooking, then ‘Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic’ is the perfect 3DS educational game for them.

Best Known For: Simulation, Mini Game

FAQs on the Best Nintendo 3DS Educational Games

Let’s explore some of the frequently asked questions searched by people while looking up the best Nintendo 3DS educational games.

Is Nintendo 3DS still making games?

According to Nintendo, it has ended the manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. However, it doesn’t have any current plan to end any existing online services that the 3DS offers.

Can I play 3DS games on TV?

Yes, you can play 3DS games on TV but it will only show the screen of your device. All you need to do is attach your Nintendo DS capture device to your screen. The display will appear on the screen after a while.

Is the Nintendo 3DS worth it?

The 3DS is totally worth owning today as the console has thousands of games to offer to its users. However, it all depends upon your gaming preferences.

Does Netflix work on 3DS?

Unfortunately, Netflix was removed from the Nintendo 3DS system on December 31, 2020, and was discontinued on June 30, 2021. Despite its removal, no Netflix app has been announced for 3DS.


Picking up the best educational Nintendo 3DS game can be no less than a chore for you.

We hope the above guide will prove to be helpful in selecting a perfect game for your kids that will enhance their skills further.

However, if you still need to ask anything else, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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