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6 Best DS Retro GAMES

6 Best DS Retro Games To Lighten Your Mood

Are you a diehard fan of playing retro games in this modern time? If yes, this question might have hit your mind to know about the best DS retro games of all time. 

The list of best games is long, ranging from Mario Kart DS & Final Fantasy IV to Advance Wars: Dual Strike, giving you a hard time choosing between them. Obviously, these names are not enough for you to decide which game to play. 

In this guide, you will know:

Let’s bring it on.

Best DS Retro Games Reviewed

Our review of the best retro games will make it easy for you to pick an excellent game in the ocean of retro games. Without further ado, let’s dive into it:

6 Best DS Retro Games To Lighten Your Mood
DS Retro Games

1. Mario Kart DS 

The top pick for our best DS retro games is Mario Kart DS, the fifth main game of the Mario Series games. In terms of features and modes that Mario Kart DS has, it will always be the top in the competition. That said, let’s have a look at the features.

The revolutionary feature of all was that you could race against any player in the world that you wished. This feature was amazing, but it couldn’t provide a smooth experience due to being a pioneer. 

New items were introduced, such as the Bullet Bill and Blooper. Also, the debut of a new battle mode, Shine Runners, took the game into a new era because it was amazing and fun to play. 

The exceptional Mission Mode of Mario Kart DS is the leading reason for its popularity because it always stretched the length of the game, providing a wholly realistic experience. 

2. Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV has made it into the best DS retro games because of its interesting storyline. The game is full of adventurous quests based on strategic approaches. The graphics of the game are great, and the overall experience is robust. 

The story of the game is based on four elemental crystals. Each of them holds tremendous power that you will find scattered throughout the empire. These impeccable powers in these crystals have changed the nature of the Kingdom of Baron. 

The story’s twist comes when the King commands Lord Captain of the Red Wings, the Dark Knight Cecil. The Red Wings is the name of the elite force of the Kingdom Baron, while Cecil is the Lord Captain of this force. 

Cecil doesn’t follow the order of the King. The King accuses him of disloyalty, puts him off his position, and sends him into a nearby valley of Mist. 

The game’s quest is to prove Cecil was right in his motive and make him the man of honor. 

3. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 

With amazing visuals and audio, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is one of the best DS retro games of all time. We all are aware of the objectives of the GTA games because they belong to the Rockstar Games, and they always focus on creating a jaw-dropping simulator. 

GTA Chinatown Wars is also a simulator, and it is based on drug deals. It is a revenge story of a character who is a victim of the attack and a stolen family heirloom. Huang Lee is the main character who is the victim. You will need to carry out stunning missions to give him back his stolen heirloom. 

Rockstar has been a marvelous game creator as their creations have revolutionized gaming for the Nintendo console. From captivating graphics to stunning audio, this game also makes the best use of the DS by putting all its components into function. 

Certainly, the best and next-level game of the old times was none other than GTA Chinatown Wars. 

4. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow 

If you are fond of nostalgia and innovation simultaneously, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is the best match for you. This game is a great one because of its well-lit design that fits into the dual-screen of your console or even if you are using a dual monitor for the game. 

It’s an action-packed thriller game where you have to find the cult who is after the resurrection of a dead Dracula. Soma Cruz is the main character of the game, stopping the cult from the resurrection of his evil master, Dracula. 

Soma’s quest is to save their loved ones from this happening. Therefore, he uses the Magic Seal System to defeat his foes. The Seal system is operated via touch screen. 

The game is a blend of stunning graphics, melodic music, and special effects. 

5. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 

Due to the captivating and compelling story of the game, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time has attracted the attention of many retro game lovers. It is a continuation of the Mario & Luigi sequel. 

The story is interesting because the two brothers go back in time to get Princess Peach, leading them to come across their baby versions. From their baby version, they start a quest where you have to control both their adult and baby versions of the Mushroom Kingdom heroes. 

This adventurous and addictive game offers you a comic and fun time while playing it. However, it is a retro game that you can play on the Nintendo DS. 

6. Advance Wars: Dual Strike 

Dual Strike is a strategic game that has given quality time to its players in early times. This game has a different level of aesthetics because you had to bring two Commanding Officers (COs) into the battle. 

The Dual Strike was the best of all in the Advance Wars series, with loads of new features. It had the inclusion of a mighty Megatank and many new COs to the roaster. Moreover, the intensity of war could lead you to play the game on both screens of your Nintendo DS. 

With that said, you could find new modes such as Survival and Combat without worrying about losing the original modes of the game. All these features and approaches made it into the best DS retro games of all time. 

FAQs About Best DS Retro Games 

People also ask other questions that we have listed here for you. The inclusion of these related queries will save your time and broaden your horizon about DS retro games. 

What are some must-have DS games?

Some of the must-have games for your DS console are GTA Chinatown War, an amazing simulator that works best on your Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy IV, a perfect match for your zeal to complete quests alongside the taste of adventure, and Mario Kart DS that is a great game enabling you to race with any player worldwide funnily and attractively. 

What is the rarest DS game in the world?

The list of the rarest DS games in the world is here, but they are so expensive that it becomes hard to invest in them. Anyway, they are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Demo worth $465, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 worth $349, and Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ costing you $241.

Is it worth getting a DS in 2021?

For most people, the answer is yes, it is worth getting a DS in 2021. The reason is its paramount backward-compatibility machine that is an ideal machine for Nintendo
If you are one of those diehard fans of retro games, having a DS will make the job effortless. The DS will enable you to play any of your favorite retro games smoothly on this console. 

Why are DS games so expensive?

Several reasons are involved in the rising price of DS retro games. The primary of them is the rareness and nostalgia of the game. These games are old and classic, but they share some of the best memories and aesthetics of the past gaming era. 
Another reason is being stuck at home during the lockdown. It has contributed to the incredible hike in their prices. 

Is the Nintendo DS still popular?

Though you won’t hear much about Nintendo DS at present, it doesn’t mean that they are not popular. Nintendo is still performing well in the market and selling units worth millions of dollars. Therefore, it is considered the best-selling handheld console and the second best-selling video game console to date. 
It is proof of its popularity that no other console has replaced the Nintendo DS so far. 


The given list of our top picks will help you make your mind regarding selecting the game for your DS

Our top pick among the mentioned games is Final Fantasy IV due to its immense graphics and great storyline – a game that you can feel great about while playing. Being a role-playing game, you will experience an awesome time playing it. 

Let us know about your pick. Try to get any one of these games and enjoy quality time while playing them. 

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