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10 Best 2-Player SNES Games to Play with Friends

In a world full of modern gameplay and 3d graphics, you need fun-filled and action-packed classic 2-player SNES games games that can be enjoyed with friends and family without mastering controls and strategies.

Just you and your friends having fun – No worries about the progress and rankings.

SNES, the 16-bit home video game console, has been an epic addition to gamers’ libraries since 1990. And many co-op games are available to share controllers with your loved ones.

Best 2-Player SNES Games for SNES Console

Here we have hand-picked the best multiplayer games that are still appreciated by SNES fans.

1. Super Mario World

It would be an injustice to talk about any SNES game before Super Mario World. Considered as one of the most successful titles, its graphics surprisingly don’t disappoint till today. Having its own brand identity, the pictures and the gameplay follow a similar trend to the prequels released on other consoles.

If you aren’t familiar with this popular SNES series, you can play as Mario and Luigi, popping blocks all over the Mushroom kingdom. Explore secret areas by sliding down and up in green circular tubes. Your ultimate goal is to rescue the princess in the end.

Without this title, the co-op fun is incomplete on SNES.

2. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat introduced the gaming world with the sheer class of brutality of 1v1 fighting. Before street fighter or any fighting game was famous, Mortal Kombat was the king of multiplayer fights.

If you’re a modern Mortal Kombat fan, then you might want to dig into its history and see how the retro titles of Mortal Kombat looked like.

Although you might not see a huge roster, there are some classic characters included as always, like Subzero, Johnny Cage, and Raiden – Each offering unique finishing moves to smash opponents.

3. Secret of Mana

After reviewing so many RPGs on SNES, we couldn’t find a better one than the Secret of Mana. It’s an absolute beauty developed by Square Enix that fulfills all the modern gameplay requirements, including open combat and expansive RPG.

Modern games can’t even compete with the level of classic co-op RPGs, and this the reason Secret of Mana didn’t lose its charm after almost three decades.

Fighting with the evil bosses, enjoying and roaming around the maps, it’s clearly the best multiplayer game on SNES according to some gaming pundits.

4. Super Bomberman

Although backstabbing isn’t a good habit it’s not when you’re playing Super Bomberman!

Wandering on the grid screen, your mission is to clear out enemies by dropping bombs and moving away from them between the destructible and non-destructible walls.

You wouldn’t want to blow up your teammate too when you’re playing a co-op mission. You can support your friend to keep progressing levels and clearing difficult battles.

The game got so much recognition because of its simplicity. Later, it was released on many platforms like Wii and GameBoy, but the developers didn’t mess up with the originality.

5. Street Fighter II Turbo

Our personal favorite on the list, Streetfighter II, can’t be beaten by any SNES action game. When you want to have full control over your game character and perform diverse attacking moves, Streetfighter is your choice to challenge your friends.

People love this game and take a serious approach when playing it. It’s a perfect addiction that is irresistible once you complete a few rounds. Even if you complete all levels several times, Streetfighter will make you go “Attack, Attack & Attack.”

Improve your track record among friends by selecting the most heroic characters of the game, such as Ken, Chun Li, and Vega.

6. Joe & Mac

Another masterpiece among the best 2-player SNES games, Joe & Mac, has many challenging levels in which your goal is to defeat the enemies till the end, where the big bosses are waiting to kill all of your energy.

It’s similar to Super Mario in its approach but picturized in the stone age, so if you love old ages, this game is for you.

Keep smashing the rocks… Oops sorry! Smash enemies!

7. Sunset Riders

The king of arcade games, Sunset riders, is one of the most played co-op games on SNES, which was reformatted due to some offensive allegations over historical topics.

The gameplay is a blessing, and you must know the art to master the controls to progress forward in the game. SNES version has ultra-smooth graphics designed to make you break your high scores all the time.

Don’t miss out on this co-op challenge…

8. Darius Twin

Being a relatively easy game, one can play Darius Twin with younger friends – Why not let them have some fun rather than just applauding you all the time?

Boosting your character with power-ups, fighting against the sea-themed bosses, and lots of other magical stuff is waiting for you to discover.

Grab your copy now!

9. Aero Fighters

The arcade genre is incomplete without aero fighters. It’s time to shoot every enemy plane that comes in your way and let its pieces shatter on the ground.

It’s the perfect example of how retro games maintain their popularity with time. And with multiplayer, it puts you in an ultimate challenge to defeat everything that comes in front.

With straightforward controls, your friends can easily compete with each other while enjoying the party.

10. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Kids like to play the characters who are like themselves – The Kids.

And this is why it’s a favorite game of kids on SNES.

Offering a pinch of horror, this classic title will keep you fascinated with so many weapons, including a lawnmower (No, it’s not a joke! :D)

Much more is about to haunt you, such as aliens, ghosts, and vampires, but you must help your friend beat them with water pistols and soda cans.


Since you’ve read all of it (might have skimmed, but it’s okay), do you still not feel like a SNES fan?

Each SNES game on the list is equally enjoyable still if your nostalgia clicks – And you’ll keep playing them for hours.

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