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Why Are Retro Games so Expensive? Settling The Debate

After climbing through the market a bit, you might have instantly figured out that the retro game prices are skyrocketing. But likely, you’ve got a past with them and want to figure out what caused such a boost in their pricing. If it sounds familiar, stick with us, we’ll guide you thoroughly on the subject. 

The primary reason behind the uplift in the retro game’s pricing is the COVID-19 pandemic which put people into nostalgia. Let us explain that in this guide today.

Let’s get started. 

Why Are Retro Games So Expensive? 

Multiple reasons are causing retro games to be so expensive. Let’s talk about all of them turn by turn – make sure to stick to the end.

Why Are Retro Games so Expensive? Settling The Debate
Retro Games

1. COVID-19 Pandemic

The key reason behind the boost in retro game prices is the pandemic that had restricted social distance. This way, people desperately felt the need for an entertainment system to best spends their spare time. Since the pandemic got people tons of spare hours, they got dozens of retro game pieces, which directly increased their rarity, demand, and price. 

In fact, numbers show that the sale of retro games increased by 88% the very same month the pandemic got serious – March 2020. Today, after a year, there’s a massive difference between the prices of retro games now and then – they have further skyrocketed. 

For instance, the price of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance got increased to $290 from $164. While the cost of Paper Mario: The Thousands-Year Door has also boosted up to a great extent – from $44.67 to $163. Similarly, there are numerous other retro games whose prices are touching the sky. 

2. Popularity

The popularity of games directly impacts their demand which causes rarity. While there is still demand them, the prices skyrocket. In the previous years before the pandemic, the prices were still reasonable, and you could still get the popular titles for $20-30. 

But things have changed a lot now – the pandemic has made retro games popular again, which directly impacts their prices. For instance, the Mario Kart racing game now costs triple what it did before the pandemic. 

3. Collectors’ Craze 

There are thousands of people collecting old game systems and retro games. But why do they do it? It’s because of the nostalgia – they had these games in their childhood. So, if one person is collecting dozens of games that various other consumers would have enjoyed, naturally, the games are getting rare. 

The fewer copies of a specific title available in the market, the more the prices. For instance, consider the Donkey Kong, Spud’s Adventure, and stadium events. These titles have played a massive role in making many childhoods beautiful, but now, finding them at competitive rates has become a daunting task.

4. Games are Getting Out of Order

Another primary reason behind the rarity of retro games is that their conditions are getting worse and worse – they’re getting out of order. When a popular title gets bad, likely only a few other copies are left throughout the market. But how can games get out of order?

You see, the classic games were at their peak in the 1990s. If you’re going to purchase a retro game, likely it’ll be from that time, too. When a certain amount of copies are generated for some game, it’s generally not manufactured again. The manufacturer pays attention to releasing its next part more.

Since the oldies are this old, we cannot expect the best or lush conditions. In fact, the retro games we find on the market are generally full of scratches and barely running – they may still get the job done, though. But there comes a time when scratches no more allow you to run the game on your console. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the frequently asked questions.

How to Find the Best Retro Game Deals? 

To find the best retro game deals for you, stay tuned with some proactive retro game store that regularly offers new discounts. Consider subscribing to their newsletter so that you get the best deals straight in your inbox. But how do you find a trustable retro store that brings forth the best prices to suit your bank?

Well, don’t look any further, Retro vGames is the best option for you. You can crawl through our store to find the most suitable game combos for you. It will help you save time, energy, and of course: money. 
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FAQs – Why Are Retro Games So Expensive

Got further queries? Following are the answers to the most frequent ones. 

How much do retro games cost?

The pricing of retro games is significantly different according to their demand and rarity. However, they can cost somewhere between $20-30. This was the regular price, but some well-demanded games have their costs skyrocketed. Beware of the prices before you pick an option for classic games.
However, for instance, the Super Mario Kart now costs around $160 while it came out at $12 only. 

Can I play retro games on my computer?

You can play retro games on your computer using certain emulators. These will allow you to run various retro games but won’t promise a satisfactory gaming experience. In fact, you might feel glitches during the gameplay. Let me elaborate.
The classic game you want to run on your computer was never developed for your computer’s hardware or software – instead, it came specialized for some specific game consoles of that time. Now, if you want to run an incompatible game on your computer, it can never be flawless. 

What is the best console for playing retro games?

There are many great options for retro consoles to enjoy retro gaming. However, the top option we recommend is the Super Nintendo SNES HD. Aside from a great price value, it offers powerful hardware and immersive compatibility to run a range of retro games without annoying glitches.

What is the best place to buy retro games?

So far, the best place to buy retro games is Retro vGames. We offer the most competitive prices with some grateful features that help us stand out. These include the 90-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and no shipping fee. 

Final Words On Why Are Retro Games So Expensive

We have noticed an enormous increase in the retro games’ pricing over the preceding and the past year, and so, this guide talked about the reason why are retro games so expensive. We also guided you on where you could find the best deals for retro games so that the pandemic doesn’t hold you back from having your unique collection of them. 

We hope this guide helped you find out a detailed explanation of the price uplift for retro games. Also, good luck with finding the best retro game deals for yourself!

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