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Sega Master System Console


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Sega Master System Console

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For sale is a fully tested and functional Sega Master System console, used, in excellent condition. Included in the package is the console, 1 joystick, power adapter and video cable. It may have signs of usage or fine scratches, but this does not affect its functionality.

Sega Master System – Features

Representing Sega’s entry into the home console market, the Mastersystem is a powerhouse of a console, technologically superior to its competitors.

Powerful Architecture

Boasting a 4 Mhz CPU, the Master System was twice as powerful as its competition, displaying 32 on-screen colours. Paired with its 8kb RAM and 16kb Vram, the console received universal acclaim for its capabilities.

Multiple Game Formats

As a re-design of the ...
Sega Mark III, the Master System features two slots for game input: Mega Cartridges and Sega Cards. The console is also not region locked, allowing you to play essential games easily.

Sega Master System – The Games

With over 300 titles, the Master System features a superb library of exciting ports and excellent exclusives guaranteed to satisfy your retro gaming needs.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a platforming game, often seen as Sega’s answer to Mario. The game will have you take the role of Alex Kidd, a young martial artist tasked with saving the prince and princess of Radaxian from the evil Janken. You will navigate through the game’s 17 stages, defeating the evil henchmen of Janken the Great before facing Janken himself. Lastly, you can use Alex’s punching ability to smash through rocks and enemies and raise in-game money to unlock special vehicles such as motorbikes and helicopters.

Wonder Boy

This platformer is a direct port of the arcade game and will have you play as Wonder Boy.  You will embark on a quest to save his girlfriend from the evil dark King. Throughout the game, you can arm yourself with stone hatchets, use skateboards to swiftly move through levels or enlist the help of a guardian angel to plough through enemies unarmed. The Master System version of the game features all the original areas of the arcade game. An additional two unique areas were developed for this port. In addition, it’s a fun and challenging game, guaranteed to make you come back for more!


This highly addictive puzzle game will have you attempt to match three symbols of the same type by arranging falling columns. You can move the columns left and right and cycle the position of the gems inside them. Lastly, aim for that high score, or try to reach the game’s limit of 99,999,999 points for endless fun!


This iconic side-scrolling hack-and-slash title will have you play as Tarik. Tarik is a barbarian wielding a two-handed broadsword. He is on a mission to defeat the Death Adder and avenge the death of his mother. The game features highly advanced mechanics for its time. It gives you the ability to jump, use your weapon and even enlist the use of magic to decimate your enemies. You can also ride various steeds, from the cockatrice to the mighty dragon. While the game is only one-player, it features all of the levels and magic powers of the arcade version!

After Burner

This combat flight simulator will have you pilot an American F-14 Tomcat fighter jet through eighteen different stages, frightening enemies with your arsenal of machine guns and heat-seeking missiles. The graphics are highly advanced for its age, and its fast-paced gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Space Harrier

This fast-paced rail shooter is set in a surreal world composed of brightly coloured landscapes, where you will be using Harrier’s jet-propelled laser cannon to smash through enemies. The game features 18 levels, 15 of which have final boss fights. Throughout the game, you will battle enemies ranging from prehistoric animals and Chinese dragons to flying robots, airborne geometric objects and alien pods. You will do this while avoiding projectiles and obstacles. The game’s beautiful graphics and high-quality sound complement the gameplay, making it a must-have for any Master System owner.

Sega Master System – Fun Facts

  • Its name stems from martial arts, where traditionally, there can be only one true Master.
  • While unsuccessful in North America and Japan, the Master System was incredibly popular in Europe and South America.
  • The console’s futuristic final design appeals to Western tastes.
  • Apple products inspired the grid design on the system’s packaging.
Learn more about the Sega Master System here. 

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