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All You Need to Know About Nintendo GameCube

All You Need to Know About Nintendo GameCube

Even though GameCube is not the most celebrated gaming console released by Nintendo, if you put aside its sale and look at what it has achieved, the device is anything but a failure.

It is an excellent powerhouse that introduced us to some of the greatest games of all time. Due to the popularity and demand of its games, everyone still wants to know about this power station.

So, if you are also one of those, this is just the right article for you. Here, we’ll uncover all you need to know about GameCube and what happened to it. Let’s start!

What Is Nintendo GameCube?

The GameCube is a gaming console that uses optical discs as its primary storage source. It also supports limited online gaming through a GameCube broadband and the players can connect to the Game Boy Advance with the help of a link cable. This allows them to enjoy exclusive in-game features of both handheld devices. However, unlike PlayStation 2 and Xbox, it cannot play full-size audio CDs or DVDs.

Who Made Nintendo GameCube?

The Nintendo GameCube is a video gaming console released by Nintendo on September 14, 2001. This gaming device is the successor to the Nintendo 64 and marked the entry of Nintendo into the sixth generation of video game devices.

Why Is the GameCube Also Known As Dolphin?

When it comes to gaming consoles, a codename is nothing new for them. It helps the company in building interest among the people and generating speculation about what their next gaming system will be like. However, things got a bit odd when people discovered that the GameCube codename was actually ‘Dolphin.’

It is still unknown as to why the GameCube is called dolphin. Some people were of the opinion that since the dolphins symbolize happiness, life, freedom, and fluidity, Nintendo thought of them as a good mascot for their new home console.

Speculations about the codename continued even after the game was released and some wondered if this codename was the originally intended name for GameCube.

Is GameCube Really a Cube?

Sorry to disappoint you, but the GameCube is only a cube in its name. Even though its length and the width do get closer at 6.3 inches and 5.9 inches respectively, its height is 4.3-inch which is more than an inch smaller. So, technically speaking, it is more like a ‘GameRectangle’ but this name doesn’t really sound as interesting as the GameCube, right?

What Are the Technical Specifications of GameCube?

Even though Nintendo didn’t put much effort into the aesthetics of the device, the technical specifications of GameCube are pretty interesting. Let’s take a look at the components below.

  • A 485Mhz microprocessor with 2.6GB per second bus transfer rate.
  • The GameCube graphics chip is an ATI 162-MHz chip. It allows the device to produce roughly 12 million polygons per second.
  • There is a special 16-bit digital signal processor that supports up to 64 audio channels.
  • The device supports 40MB of RAM.
  • Gamers can also attach a modem to the GameCube.

What Was the Lifespan of GameCube?

Sometimes, we create a great system at the wrong time and this is exactly what happened to the Nintendo GameCube. Even though it was a fantastic system, it faced failure because it was not an all-around gaming system like the others that were available in the market at that time.

Therefore, the lifespan of GameCube was estimated only for eight years and Nintendo discontinued it in early 2009 with approximately 22 million units sold.

Is GameCube More Powerful Than PS2?

Even though the PS2 is a more successful console, one wonders if it is really better than the GameCube. Based on the facts and specs, the GameCube is a more powerful device than the PS2 because it offers faster specs and better hardware that leave the PlayStation 2 behind as far as the capabilities and performance are concerned.

The GameCube features a 485MHz processor that is far ahead of the 295MHz processor equipped by the PS2. So, there is no denying the fact that the GameCube is the more powerful gaming device out of the two. Despite this, there is a huge difference in the popularity and sales of the two consoles.

What Are the Top GameCube Games?

Even though the GameCube does not have the majority of the games by Nintendo, it never lacked in quality as it played host to many best entries in the Zelda and Resident Evil Franchises and also brought an array of original and incredible content. Some of the top GameCube games are as follows.

  • Metroid Prime: It is the most popular and played game on GameCube that promises a true classic Nintendo experience.
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee: Released back in November 2001, the SSBM offers an addictive adventure game to play with family and friends.
  • Resident Evil 4: Featuring an intense thriller and terrifying graphics, the Resident Evil 4 will keep you hooked to it for hours.
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time: An inception of brutal gameplay and a whole lot of adventures, this game is something you shouldn’t miss.
  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem: A psychological thriller, the Eternal Darkness is one of the most versatile games in the sequences of supernatural thrillers.

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Which GameCube Game Is the Most Expensive?

One of the most expensive GameCube games is the classic Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance which was pretty much in demand back then. Therefore, it also sold a good amount of copies as compared to the other games.

The Path of Radiance is still in demand these days and can cost up to $500. Keeping the demand in mind, a rumor is swirling that Nintendo is making the remake of the game.

Moreover, some GameCube titles have become more expensive. This is because they come in a bundle and include many different installments of the classic title. Some examples of the bundles that are highly appreciated are the Metroid Prime & Zelda Wind Waker Combo and the Classic Sonic Adventure 2 Pack that have reached the price of $1500 because of their limited number.

Which GameCube Is the Rarest?

The Super Monkey Ball 2 – Pack is one of the rarest GameCube games. Even though its individual games are more easily found, it is the bundle that is limited in number and therefore, has become valuable for collectors.

Another expensive rare GameCube game is the Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disk Version 14 which is a collection of demos. What makes this game rare and exceed above $1000 in price is the fact that the bundle includes the demo of other classic games as well.

Why Are Nintendo GameCube Games So Expensive?

It has been almost twenty years since Nintendo released its GameCube all over the world. Even though you can buy the gaming console for a fairly low price of around $200 today, a few of its games have gotten more expensive over the years.

Basically, the device has now become a nostalgic console and some people have even argued that it is one of the best by Nintendo. This led to some of the GameCube titles becoming collectibles. So, when the demand is high and the supply is low, the prices rise exponentially.

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What Was the Last Game On GameCube?

The last title released for the GameCube is the Madden NFL that came out on August 14, 2007. Additionally the first party development of this game already finished six months before the release date.

Which Nintendo Console Succeeded GameCube?

The Nintendo GameCube was succeeded by the Wii that was released in November 2006. The Wii models that were released before November 2011 were fully compatible with the GameCube games and controllers. However, the later versions of the console removed the support in order to save costs.

Which Is Better: GameCube or Wii?

Both the GameCube and Wii are famous consoles from Nintendo. They carry many popular game characters such as Donkey Kong, Mario, and many others. Even though GameCube’s production has been discontinued, you can still play a huge game library on the Nintendo Wii.

When it comes to the Wii, Nintendo dropped its usual six-axis controllers that the majority of the consoles including the GameCube featured at that time. Instead, they designed a motion controller that relied on the movement of the player and not on the key presses. This is what makes it more user-friendly as anyone can pick up the mechanics since the motion of the player is quite relatable to the ongoing action on screen.

Talking about the size, the GameCube has a much bigger size as compared to the Wii because the makers tried to make it look like an actual cube. The Wii on the other hand is slimmer and wireless. Moreover, the GameCube has a smaller disc as compared to the Wii. So, it can hold less data and the need for spanning games on multiple discs increases.

Can You Play Nintendo GameCube Games on PC?

Yes, it is possible to play the GameCube games on PC with the help of the emulator known as Dolphin. It is an open-source GameCube emulator that supports the majority of the games available on the console. The emulator can easily run your collection of games at 1080p on a new PC. Even with an old system, you can still manage to get playable speed at 480p which is the native resolution of GameCube.

Who Sells GameCube Games?

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