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Nintendo NES HD Console


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Nintendo NES HD Console

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Nintendo NES HD Console. For sale is a brand new Nintendo NES HD console Included in the package is the console, 1 controller, a power cable, and a HDMI. Upgrade to add your choice of games or a second controller!

Nintendo NES HD – Features

With the Hyperking Retron 1 HD you can once again play your favourite NES games, without the trouble of finding retro hardware. The console is brand new, easy to set up and use, and bound to keep you enjoying your retro games for a long time. The Retron 1 HD retains the vintage look of the NES, while its top-loading function grants you the convenience of easily inserting your games.


The Retron 1 allows you to replay your favourite titles from the 8-bit era on brand-new, modern hardware. For the first time you can finally play your NES titles in crisp HD, as the system is able to display video in 720p. It also features a button which enables you to switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and comes with an AV cable so you can easily hook it up to your older TV sets. The system’s hardware is far more powerful than the NES, enabling for cleaner, enhanced sound. The system has dust flaps on the cartridge slot to ensure its connector pins remain unaffected by the passing of time! The sound and video output can also be done through HDMI compatible with all modern TV sets.


Its controllers feature modern designs with rounded edges which provide better ergonomics and feature a slow and turbo functions, saving your fingertips when it comes to those repetitive button presses.


There’s nothing like playing retro games with old-school controllers, and the makers of the Retron 1 HD know that too. While it comes with two specially made premium controllers, the system also supports the classic Nintendo Entertainment System peripherals, including the Light Gun, so you can relive the full NES experience.


The Retron 1 HD is compatible with the NES’s gigantic library of 715 games – that’s more than any other classic Nintendo system! There’s your classics like Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Ice Climbers to more controversial games like Friday the 13th and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Here are some of the classic games we suggest getting with your console:


All-time best selling cartridge for Nintendo NES system, Super Mario Bro. /Duck Hunt served as a catalyst for the billion-dollar gaming industry. The two games on this cartridge perfectly showcase the NES’s capabilities and are guaranteed to provide you with hours of retro fun!


The third title in the Super Mario Bros series features that sweet two-dimensional side-scrolling gameplay that we all know and love. You will be playing as either Mario or his brother Luigi on their quest to save Princess Toadstool from the claws of the evil Bowser. The game features new mechanics, such as the overworld map, minigames and all-new powerups that have since become a core element of the franchise.


Packed with full adventurous excitement, Legend of Zelda is a fantasy action game that features various puzzles, exploration, and action gameplay. You will take the role of Link, who aims to collect the eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom in order to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon.


Experience the first Golf game to have the now-iconic power and accuracy bars for swinging the club! NES Golf is one of the most well-known sporting titles, and features standard 18 hole courses, as well as both single and multi-player functions, so you can easily test your skill against your friends!


The best-selling video game of all time, Tetris almost doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the most enjoyable and addicting puzzle game you’ll stumble upon and it will have you chasing that high score for hours on end!


Being the first game of the Excitebike series, it revolutionized the moto-racing video game industry. The player may race solo or with the computer-controlled riders. You can even design your own tracks for added fun!


The ultimate space science-fiction franchise ‘Metroid’ is ready to revive your nostalgia by playing its lead character, Samus Aran, who protects her galaxy against space pirates.


  • NES peripherals in Japan included a tape cassette recorder and a sewing machine.
  • The cartridge slot is the result of Nintendo’s attempts to hide the fact that the NES played video games.
  • Most NES games produced after 1986 exceeded the basic capabilities of the system and depended on add-on RAM and coprocessors built into the carts to work.
  • Nintendo Power was created as a means to compensate for America’s size and lack of population density.
  • The first-ever bootleg NES game was an erotic hack of Super Mario Bros.
  • People are still making NES games.

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