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How to Store Old Game Systems?

We always want to remember the moments of our life when we were happy. For those who love video games, it is excellent to store old game systems and enjoy them whenever we want.

If you live alone, you can implement a simple organization system, and it can work. However, if you have a family, you could be in trouble when it comes to keeping your old favorite console out of harm’s way.

Maybe because of work or other daily activities, you have not had time to look at your old video games and consoles and check their condition. Maybe it is not too late. And you can implement today a system that allows you to organize and protect your console and video games so that they last for a long time.

To keep old consoles and video games in optimal conditions over time, we need a little effort and organization; here, we will tell you in short and simple steps how to store old game systems efficiently to combat the passage of time.

Shall we begin?

Do You Need to Store Old Game Systems?

It doesn’t matter if you are a great collector or if you keep only a few of your favorite game consoles. You need to keep in mind how to store video games safely.

Modern consoles are breathtaking. However, the nostalgia of remembering your first NES or Sega is incomparable. Old consoles are high-quality equipment. To make them work years later, you must protect them from dust, humidity, heat, and other external conditions that can cause irreparable damage.

The same goes for video game cartridges, CDs, additional controllers, and other accessories such as power and audio/video cablings.

There are always alternatives to make your playroom more pleasant and functional. If your space is limited, then you have to use your creativity. Alternatively, and because we like tidy nerds like you, you can follow some of our awesome tips.

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6 Steps to Store Old Game Systems

Here we will tell you where to start to make this task faster and more effectively.

1. Dust is your enemy

You must keep dust away from your video game consoles, especially if you have a particular room for video games at home. It is advisable to vacuum the dust regularly so that the environment is as clean as possible. This will help keep your console in perfect shape.

If you are a great collector or have more than one video game console with many video games, you probably don’t use them on a daily basis; in this case, it is recommended to think about the best way to store your old game console.

Plastic bags can be an excellent option to protect your video games. You can also use cardboard or plastic boxes, computer cases, or the original box of your console if you still have it. Anything that helps you keep dust away is helpful.

2. Store them one by one

You must store each console individually and be careful with its accessories, also be careful with the cables. When looking for how to keep your old game console, you should know that wrapping the wires too tightly can damage them. To avoid this, you can put them in a separate box without adjusting them. If you don’t have much space, you can tie them in an elongated eight shape so that they do not break and last longer.

3. Organization is the key

Any space can be ideal for storing your video games if it is organized. If you have a game room, you can establish a specific place for your consoles without moving them continuously, as this is not recommended. If not, then make sure to return them to their storage place as soon you finish using them.

If you want to organize your game consoles in a small space, it is best to use easily accessible shelves to avoid falls or accidents. When using boxes or bags, we recommend identifying each one with the name of the console it contains to locate it quickly.

4. Environmental factors

Old video game consoles and their video games are sensitive to cold, heat, humidity, and direct light.

Subjecting your equipment to extreme temperatures can cause corrosion on its internal contacts and cause damage to its functionality.

To prevent this, locate your console away from windows where it can receive direct sunlight or where it can be affected by gusts of wind. Keep your console away from power sources that emit heat. This is because it can overheat your equipment and affect its proper functioning.

Your game room must maintain a comfortable temperature so that your video games can be well preserved. You must avoid basements or highly ventilated areas where it is challenging to keep the temperature stable.

If you store your consoles and video games in cardboard boxes, you should keep them off the ground. It is advisable to use shelves to avoid damage from unforeseen floods.

5. Ask for your family’s support and respect

You must have the support of everyone at home to maintain order in your playroom, especially if you have children.

It is great to get together as a family and share your incredible NES or your original Xbox with the little ones. Teach them about the past and live a sensational retro experience. Still, they should also know how careful they should be with the old consoles, video game cartridges, and accessories.

Or if you are like me, who live with two tiny weapons of mass destruction, you can always resort to protecting your playroom with a lock.

6. Do it yourself

Your budget may not allow you to buy large shelves, but you can make a great space to store your video games and consoles. If you do not have enough room on the floor, you can make wall shelves with wooden boards. Perhaps at home, you have some old furniture that you can restore to safely guard your video games. Taking into account the available space and using your ingenuity, you can work wonders.

What Can You Do With Old Gaming Systems?

If you love your old video game system, you may want to make a little effort to keep it for a long time. However, if you can’t keep it due to space limitations at home or for any other reason, you can choose to sell it and get some extra money. If money is not your motivation, you can donate it with all the love of your heart so that someone else can enjoy it.

Sadly, sometimes the damage to video game consoles is irreparable; if this is the case, hold your tears and take them to a recycling center for their final disposal.

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FAQs About Storing Old Game Systems

You may still have some questions; here are some additional answers that will surely help you.

Should you keep old consoles?

When a new game console arrives, everyone dreams about having it. Those who update their video game equipment continuously sometimes sell their old consoles to save space and get extra money.
There are the ones who like keeping old consoles. If you are one of them, follow the recommendations that we have shared.

How do you declutter video games?

Firstly, decide what you want to keep. If you have old games that still work, you can keep them.
Select video games that are no longer playable, broken, damaged, or scratched, and discard them. For games that still work but that you will never play again, you can put them in a box and donate them.
We recommend you clean your collection at least once a year to avoid accumulation and clear space.

How do you store video game collections?

We recommend you do so according to their characteristics. The old NES, SNES, ATARI, or Nintendo 64 cartridge video games are very resistant. You can keep them in their original case and store them in a box or a shelf that you have at your disposal. If you don’t have the original game case, you can use bubble wrap to protect it from any damage.
Else, you can store your video game collection on shelves. To reduce space, you can keep only the video game cartridges on the shelves. You can store the original cases of the cartridges in boxes or plastic bags.
For CDs, each CD must be packed individually. This is to avoid any contact that could scratch it. It is advisable to clean them with alcohol to prevent any harmful residue.

Final Words On How To Store Old Game Systems

With a bit of care and following these simple recommendations, you can keep your favorite video games forever (or well, almost).

Consoles are electronic equipment. You must protect them from environmental factors that can harm their operation. These factors include humidity, heat, dust, and light, just like your cell phone or computer.

When storing your video games and consoles for long periods, you should check their condition at least every six months to be sure that they are working.

If you have a small room to play games or a large room with a vast collection of your favorite video games, the important thing is that it is always organized so that you can enjoy it.

Tomorrow you can have a fun afternoon of games with your SNES. Imagine being able to do the same in 10 years. The video game industry will continue to innovate. New things will come out every day, but the joy of the retro experience definitely deserves to be preserved.

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