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Used Final Fantasy XIII Playstation 3 Game tested and guaranteed to work.

Platform:Playstation 3
Region:NTSC (N. America)

———This game is fully cleaned, tested & working. Includes the Disc/Cartridge Only. May have some minor scratches/scuffs.This description was last updated on October 28th, 2020.

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119 reviews for Final Fantasy XIII – PS3 Game

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  • Jeremy S

    I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series and I have been a fan for 12 years. A lot of people view Final Fantasy XIII as a failure of the series but honestly in my opinion those people couldn’t be more wrong. The story-line is awesome, I thoroughly enjoy the characters and their development throughout the game and story, and the game-play mechanics are top notch in my opinion. If you’re a first time fan or a long time fan like me I highly recommend Final Fantasy XIII to any RPG fan young and old.

    July 29, 2022
  • Matthew

    So I have read a lot of negativity around this game. I have been a FF gamer since FF7 and have since played all of the major titles. I certainly understand some of the criticism given to this particular installment and it is definitely without it’s flaws. But for me, what I try to do with each FF game is to take it for what it is.For me, here’s some things I’ve noticed:Linearity:Okay, as a game series that’s typically notorious for it’s ability to roam freely and explore, this certainly is not the case with this installment. Now, I could moan and groan and say that I don’t get to explore, which at times I missed, but, however, I have found the linearity a breath of fresh air. Simply put, I don’t have the time these days to explore, grind, do every side quest and monster hunt. I would have liked a good monster hunt sidequest or two, but I certainly don’t feel cheated. Don’t get me wrong, I like to explore in RPGs when I have the time but it was kind of nice to see a little more focus on the story (which I will get to in a minute).Gameplay:At first, I thought it was senseless button mashing for about the first ten hours of the game, but things started getting real tricky without the right paradigm. It really made me concentrate on the roles that each player needs to be strong at. The battle system is fun and works well and requires a little bit of strategy without having to micromanage. I like the quickness of battles and like all the little unique changes that this installment.

    July 29, 2022
  • Ricardo Hidalgo

    the storyline its sooooooooo straight… in other Final fantasy you can do whatever you can and take decitions but in this one you cant…. even if you want to evolve your character in the mod you want, you cant… Instead of that, you have the awesome graphics, the huge scenarios, and the battle mode that requires a LOT of strategy, you’ll love the characters

    July 28, 2022
  • J. Dunne

    This game is certainly a great game, and a great Final Fantasy game, despite some shortcomings in the linearity. I will not go into all the details about the gameplay that have been rehashed by 8000 reviews — I have nothing to add there, that will be a very taste-oriented decision for you to make. (i.e lack of towns, linear first 25 hours with basically no breaks from story driven battle sequences, many cut scenes, but with great graphics, etc…) . Here is a summary — with some details on the battle sytem.Summary:Story and Characters: 4/5 (I liked the non-linear way the story is told from teh differnt points of view, and really liked the FF13 Mythology/world-dynamic). Though Snow and Vanille can be a bit tiresome in their overly cliched roles.Battle Sytstem: 4.5/5 (discussed in depth below)Leveling Syatem: 4.5/5 (Combined with the Role/Paradigm model, I really enjoyed these variation on the FFX sphere grid concept — particularly in the second half of the game.)Exploration: 2/5 (Def. the weakest part of this FF. I’d give a 0/5 for the first 25 hours, and a 4/5 for the balance of the game (still wanted more variety)).Graphics: 5/5Voice Acting: 4.5/5 (all acting was solid, and the fact that they re-did the graphics for the English lip-syncing was very noticeable and much appreciated!!)FF13 has its shortcomings in its linearity, especially the non-stop, battle sequence –> cut-scene –> battle sequence model that is the first 25 hours of play. But that opens up into.

    July 23, 2022
  • EliezerSchaden

    Before playing this Final Fantasy game, I have only played Final Fantasy X, and XII. I loved XII but hated Final Fantasy X. Coming from that perspective, I find that it is quite reminiscent of Final Fantasy X, and some of the annoying parts of X has been revived in this game. However, it is sufficiently different from X to make for a nice play. Unlike many of the hardcore FF fans, I don’t hold the features in the old FF games to be sancrosant (heck, I haven’t even played those games), so I don’t have any complaints you see recurring in these reviews about the game being linear, parties get autohealed etc. etc. As long as the game is fun to play, the plot is captivating, and the graphics are good, I am cool with it. And in these aspects, boy does this game does deliver!

    July 20, 2022
  • Hackneyed

    I recently got this game when I got a ps3 (so I could download all the old FF games and play them again from PSN). I’ve been a long time fan of the series, though I put off playing this one because of the horrible press I had heard. I often complain about how mainstream gaming developers do anything to widen their audience, selling out the core base for the sake of more money by expanded demographics. Having played games my entire life, I remember when titles had culture and fit a niche, instead of everyone on the planet buying call of duty’s newest title every year. This game changed it’s audience, but didn’t widen it like people would expect. It honestly feels more narrowly focused than any title before. Things that make some gamers love this title so much are often the same things other people detest. From here on, I’ll focus on what those points are.1. It’s VERY Japanese. The people, the culture, the mannerisms, the voice acting, the story, all make great sense and are incredible, assuming you understand and like Japanese culture. People find Vanille grating, or don’t understand the story telling of the cutscenes, often because of these cultural differences.2. Increased graphics / sound led to increased subtlety. They love to play on words and use subtle character expression to try and tell the story. Not everyone catches these, or finds it to be an acceptable way to move a plot along. +10 points if you can spot the awesome Dylan Thomas reference that Sazh makes(chapter 4.

    July 15, 2022

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