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9 Best WiiU Games That Won’t Ever Get Old

Nintendo’s strength has always been simplicity and experience before raw power. They dodged their rivals by refusing to play their game and launched Wii, outselling them by a considerable margin. After a few years, they repeated the feat, creating the Wii U, with improved graphics and a bit more power. The Wii U did not come without innovation! The gamepad adds a second screen, bolstering the sense of immersion and engagement of the players. Of course, Nintendo kept offering many exclusive titles and formed an interesting game library. So let’s check those best WiiU games!

Best WiiU Games To Keep The Party On

Most of the best Wiiu games make great use of the double screen functionality. We hope this handpicked list will serve you as inspiration for you to start building your own collection!

1. Mario Kart 8

The eighth installment of Mario Kart is claimed by many as the best in the series. The game impresses with its impeccable graphics in HD, even in split-screen, and an orchestrated soundtrack, introducing new features with a retro touch. In Mario Kart 8, characters from the Mario universe race against each other in varieties of go-karts. There are new circuits and guests from other franchises, new objects, and abilities, including online play options and saving special moments. Add some family and friends to the mix, and it becomes such an amazing experience!

2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

After 17 episodes of this franchise, Breath of the Wild presents an open world. Link must yet again save the Hyrule Kingdom from an ancient demon called Ganon. You will be an explorer and have to make good decisions. The artistic design, landscapes, and graphics quality are gorgeous. The soundtrack is extraordinary and is the first main Zelda game to use voice acting in cutscenes. This game, launched in 2017, has been qualified as a milestone on Nintendo’s trajectory. It is a must-have title in the collection of all Wii U players.

3. Bayonetta 2

The sensual and voluptuous Bayonetta enters hell to rescue her best friend Jeanne, who was the victim of a powerful invocation that went out of control while facing a group of hostile angels. The graphic and acoustic elements will mesmerize you and shock you simultaneously, with its 60 fps of action and exceptional soundtrack. This entertaining hack and slash will have you sitting and enjoying the constant fighting. On top of everything, it supports multiplayer modes using the Wii U Gamepad, which also supports Off-TV Play. Talk about options!

4. Splatoon

Splatoon is a refreshing third-person shooting game, where we will literally be swimming in lots of paint. In the online multiplayer mode, two teams, four players each, face off to achieve various objectives and mark territory by imposing their color. It has a high visual quality, and the gameplay is specially designed for this console. The gyroscope and the map display on the GamePad increase the exciting dynamics of the game. Add some color to your gaming experiences with this gorgeous game.

5. The Wonderful 101

The Sentai fever came to Wii U in 2013. Aliens from the Geathjerk Federation have invaded the Earth. One hundred anonymous superheroes called Centinels to use their powers to defeat them. The developers created very colorful scenes where the action unfolds fluidly despite the number of elements on the screen, with catchy melodies that stay in your mind. Be the 101st defender of the world and enjoy this mix between the unforgettable power rangers and the comics we love. Put on your mask, and join the fight!

6. Pokken Tournament

This is not your regular Pokemon game. Pokken Tournament was done for the fighting, without plots and secret missions. It is just you controlling your pokemon directly to beat the opponent. Fighting game fans and the classic RPG ones unite and enjoy the flashy display of movements of 16 different Pokémon. The character models look fantastic, and the gorgeous stages and dynamic scenarios complete the scene. Challenge your friends to a Pokémon battle and watch their surprise when you come out with this whacky title.

7. Assassin’s Creed III

In 2012, Ubisoft revealed the fifth episode of Assassin’s Creed III saga. The plot is familiar for the franchise fans, but it can be like reading a fat history book for newcomers. Our protagonist is Ratohnhaké:tön, also called Connor Kenway (thank god), a British and Mohawk descendant. The American Emancipation serves as the historical context for the war between assassins and Templars. Connor’s people are wiped out by colonizers, prompting him to fight against tyranny. The realism of the open world, the art design, the scenarios, and the weather effects are extraordinary. The soundtrack and sound effects are simply fantastic. This game is a delight for hardcore players, a guarantee of being stuck in their seats for many, many hours.

8. Nintendo Land

You don’t need a ticket for this amusement park with 12 Nintendo Land mini-games, 6 are designed for individual play, and the other 6 elevate the experience to 5 players. Monita will guide you to play with the famous characters from the Nintendo universe, and the cute Miis will be everywhere. Just like a personal trainer, Nintendo Land will teach you to harness the Wii U potential in a fun and cool way. Also, it shows the console graphic quality in a color explosion that makes the characters look even better. This game was a pack-in launch title in 2012 and is a must in your collection if you want to have a good time with friends.

9. ZombiU

Released in 2012, this video game will play around with your worst fears. A pandemic turns London into a dark and depressing city. Horrible creatures will chase you relentlessly to eat your brain. This first-person shooter game requires strategy and resource management skills. If you die, you will be another zombie. The gamepad is your survival kit. You can be a hopeless survivor or the leader of the Zombies. The setting and visuals are good, with an excellent soundtrack and chilling sound effects in the style of a good horror movie that will make you jump out of your seat at least once. Zombi U was a hit by Nintendo, made to terrorize and show that this genre does not go out of fashion.

Want Other Best WiiU Games?

This is the list of the best WiiU games of all time. We appreciate casual gaming and its importance in some households.  Many families use this technology to bond and have fun together. If you are interested in more games and consoles, make sure to glide over some of our lists of games; you may pick a gem or two.
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