Playstation Portable

Highest Rated Game: GTA – China Town

Lowest Rated Game: Sudoku

Years Active: 2004-2014

Total Sales: 82 million units

Recommended Accessory: Anti-bubble screen protector

Fun Fact: The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was the first handheld console to use an optical disc format, allowing for larger games with higher-quality graphics than other handheld consoles at the time.

Playstation Portable
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Showing 25–48 of 591 results

PlayStation Portable (PSP), a handheld marvel that reshaped the world of portable gaming. If you’re searching for a PSP for sale, your journey into classic handheld gaming begins here.

The PlayStation Portable, commonly known as the PSP, is more than just a gaming device; it symbolizes gaming innovation. It introduced a wide range of gaming experiences and multimedia features that delighted gamers worldwide.

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