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Region Free Gamecube Console with Gameboy Player
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For sale is a Region Free Gamecube console in refurbished condition. Included are the Gameboy Player, 1 3rd Party Controller, and power/av cables. Upgrade to include additional controllers, a memory card, or your choice of games! The console may have some scratches/wear due to age, but this doesn’t affect functionality in any way.

You knew and loved Nintendo. You played on the Nintendo 64 and could not wait for the next great console. Then the GameCube came a rocked your world! For many, it was a continuation of their Nintendo adventures and for some, it may have been the first gaming console they ever had. No matter the circumstance, you surely had some great times playing on this bad boy!

Let’s go back to when you were a youngster, excited about this new funky-colored console. You could not wait to spend your weekends playing away on your own or taking advantage of the opportunity to play with 3 of your friends all at the same time. One thing is for sure, you created some amazing memories that you cherish to this day, and all thanks to this console. Please note: Photos are for reference only.


The GameCube provided you with endless, priceless things such as an ultimate gaming experience as pristine on your own as shared with your friends and siblings. The excitement to bring everybody you knew along your joyful journey provided the perfect occasion for creating strong bonds. Trying to beat your friends at Super Smash Bros might have stirred the pots back in the day, but now you look back upon those moments as valuable moments that shaped you into who you are today.

Turning on the console to be greeted by the cheerful jingle. And having an endless library of games to choose from made you feel like a child like you had the whole world at your feet. Let yourself be transported once more into a realm of fun. And choose what adventure you want to embark on once more. By yourself or along with your loved ones!

Nintendo GameCube Console – The Games

With over 600 games to play, Nintendo GameCube is your one-stop destination for every gaming genre!


The game takes place on the tropical Isle Delfino. Where Mario. Toadsworth. Princess Peach. And five Toads are taking a vacation. However, a villain resembling Mario known as Shadow Mario. Vandalizes the island with graffiti. And leaves Mario to be wrongfully convicted for the mess. So, help Mario clean up Isle Delfino and save Princess Peach from Shadow Mario.


Released in 2001, Luigi’s Mansion is the second game you can play as Luigi rather than his partner and explore a haunted mansion. Search for Mario and deal with ghosts that lie in the mansion with this spooky must-have in your GameCube library.


Choose this crossover fighting classic that unites game franchises such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon in one epic place to battle. This acclaimed game was a big hit due to its gameplay system, visuals, soundtrack, and more so why not plunge yourself into this nostalgic adventure?


Coming as a new and better version of the worldwide hit Mario Kart, Double Dash challenges Mario series player characters to race against each other on Mario-themed tracks. Not only did this game elevate itself with the use of 3D polygon graphics but it is also the first game in the Mario Kart series that you can play cooperatively, making this a perfect family experience!


Part of the beloved Legend of Zelda series. The Wind Walker is set on a group of islands in a vast sea. The player controls the series hero Link as he attempts to save his sister from the sorcerer Ganon. As a result becomes embroiled in a struggle for the Triforce. A sacred wish-granting relic

Moreover, aided by allies including pirate captain Tetra. An incarnation of Princess Zelda. And a talking boat named the King of Red Lions. Link sails the ocean explores islands. And traverses dungeons to acquire the power necessary to defeat Ganon.


A great game to play with friends and family as you can take advantage of many gameplay options for non-stop partying. However, in Mario Party 6, up to 4 players take turns moving onboard game-style stages. Often playing multiplayer mini-games to earn coins and stars. And the object of the game is to a mass the most coins. And stars before completing a set number of turns. Moreover, this is the first game to take out the coin bonus star. Replacing it with the Orb star. Which is awarded to the player that used the most Orbs.

GameCube Console – Fun Facts

  • GameCube is not actually a cube!
  • It comes with two special start-up sounds.
  • One of the GameCube variants also supports DVDs.
  • It was a more powerful console than PS2 in most features.
  • The weight of the GameCube console is around 2.4 kg.
  • Its random access memory (RAM) is 24 MB.
  • It can use a PlayStation DualShock 2 Controller.
  • The controllers can still be connected with modern Nintendo consoles.



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