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Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Console
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Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Console



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Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Console

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For sale is a fully tested and functional Nintendo Gameboy Pocket, in used, good condition. Included in the package are the console and rear battery cover only. It may have signs of usage or fine scratches, but this does not affect its functionality. Upgrade to include your choice of games!


One of the most recognizable devices, the Original Nintendo Gameboy Pocket revolutionized gaming, allowing players to take their favorite game wherever they went. The console has been praised for its extreme durability and battery life.


The console features a cartridge slot, a volume dial and a contrast dial, and its custom-made CPU and internal memory allow it ...
to display beautifully detailed graphics for its time.


The Nintendo Gameboy is Pocket known for being highly resistant to shocks. As it was originally aimed at children, its developers knew it needed to be durable, as the handheld was prone to being dropped.


There are over 1050 games released for the system, from Nintendo Original Titles to 3rd Party games. Several acclaimed Nintendo Franchises make their debut on the Gameboy Pocket, including Kirby, Pokemon and Super Mario Land.


One of the best-selling puzzle franchises, Doctor Mario tasks the player with stacking pills of different patterns on top of matching viruses to clear every level. As the player progresses through the game, the number of viruses increases and the pills drop faster, requiring an increase in skill to clear each stage.


Discover the game that launched the Kirby franchise. This side-scrolling action platformer showcases beautiful graphics for its time. You take the role of Kirby, who is tasked with recovering all the food and Sparkling Stars stolen by King Dedede.  If you manage to beat the game, an unlockable hard mode awaits you, with limited lives and reduced HP for additional, challenging fun!


The best-selling video game of all time, Tetris almost doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the most enjoyable and addicting puzzle game you’ll stumble upon and it will have you chasing that high score for hours on end. The Gameboy version even features multiplayer, allowing you to play with your friends via the Game Link Cable.


The other game responsible for the Craze is Pokemon Blue. It will task you with collecting all 151 Pokemon and beating the 8 Gyms in the Kanto region, after which it will take you on Victory Road to battle the Elite Four. Each town visited has its own story, unique music and events and collecting all Pokemon is bound to be a fun challenge. There are 11 Pokemon exclusive to each game, which players can gain only by trading with their friends. For Blue, these are Sandshrew, Sandslash, Vulpix, Ninetails, Meowth, Persian, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebel, Magmar and Pinsir.


The second game in the Donkey Kong franchise, DK Land retains all the fun gameplay elements of the first game, and tasks you to recover all the bananas stolen by King K. Rool. You can switch between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong using the select button, to adapt to different challenges in the game. Each level has one or two bonus stages, along with new enemies and bosses.


One of the best-selling games on the Gameboy Pocket, Super Mario Land tasks the beloved plumber with navigating through Sarasaland, to save Princess Daisy from the evil Tatanga. The game was praised at release for how well it kept the fun gameplay of the original Super Mario Bros. Its 12 levels are split between 4 worlds and unique bosses at the end of each one.


The fourth installment in The Legend of Zelda series, Link’s Awakening will take you to Koholint Island to search for 8 magical instruments that will wake awaken the Wind Fish, to help you escape from the land. The gameplay is similar to the other games in the series, with Link fighting monsters, exploring dungeons and solving puzzles, with difficulty increasing along the way, alongside new elements, such as fishing and playing magical songs on the Ocarina.

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